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    awesome I had read several Lansdale novels, but had never delved into the short stories These are great There s only one total miss in this collection The Diaper , but several very very strong stories that have been sticking in my head Pilots , Incident On and Off a Mountain Road , In The Cold, Dark Time , Steppin Out, Summer, 68 , Bubba Ho Tep , a pretty hilarious piece about Godzilla being in a twelve step program, and a rad nonfiction piece about Lansdale s hard on for horror Highly recommended if you like his style.

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    Joe R Lansdale is a writer who can t resist a gimmick In reading his novel Freezer Burn I was initially captivated by his folksy style, his strong dialog and deft hand at characterization, but a third of the way into the book things take a turn for the uninspired, with characters and plot proceedings not cribbed from real life or his own fertile imagination but appropriated from beloved b movies Lansdale seemed not to have anywhere to take his story, and rather than wrapping it up and making it a killer short story, he plods on toward a novel s length and a nonsensical wrap up.His short stories are a better at balancing out the gimmickry For one thing, it allows him the space to spin gimmicks, and at the length of 20 or so pages even his sillier flights of fancy are less likely to wear out their welcome Take for instance Godzilla s Twelve Step Program , in which our beloved kaiju tries to find steady employment and leave bad habits like stomping cities in the past This is as silly a concept as you could have for a story, but in Lansdale s hands its fun and funny, when all s said and done not a bad way to waste the time The Man With Two Lives postulates that Bill Hickok faked his death and lived to a dull old age in Texas, and though I didn t care for it one way or the other, that may be because I don t share Lansdale s fannish passion for tales of the west And if the gimmick is just awful, like in The Diaper , in which an alien signal from the tv zaps a toddler and his diaper with super intelligence, well, at least it didn t waste much of your time The Diaper is the only story here that isn t worth a read There are a number of superb genre exercises Pilots , is an exciting harrowing tale of survival type yarn, a high octane horror story as I might say if I wrote the blurbs on paperback covers the mininalist In the Cold Dark Time gives us a tiny, chilling glimpse into a war torn future and Incident On and Off a Mountain Road , which is a little familiar woman in peril, game of cat and mouse but has a really great ending and some thrilling moments besides Love Doll a Fable is a surreal mediation on how two people in a relationship will dehumanize each other.Most of the stories are peculiar to the author than those described above They are cut from a gleeful vein of Southern gothic, black comic and stranger than what we can safely call fiction Steppin Out, Summer 68 follows three high school aged boys out for a night on the town, in which things soon take a hilarious, morbid turn Mister Weed Eater is an absurdist trailer park spin on the Book of Job Drive In Date is a humanizing but chilling look at two hard bitten sad sacks based on Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole Sometimes the pathetic characters seem like safe targets for our comfortable derision this may be why I didn t much care for Everybody Plays the Fool , a story that just didn t sit with me but usually not, and this feeling of mine was put to rest by the excellent The Phone Woman in which our mild seeming, erudite narrator turns out to be quite a creepy fucker.I would be remiss if I didn t mention that a play based on Lansdale s excellent story By Bizarre Hands is included, as well as the famous Bubba Ho Tep , which I was shocked to find I didn t care too much about I guess I just couldn t get invested in Elvis Presley as a character In Don Coscarelli s enjoyable movie based on this story, I guess I could pretend that the guy who thought we was Elvis was just another crazy old fart, but the effect of seeing text that says Evis did this or Elvis said that was uninvolving, as it was in the story about Bill Hickok There are fun moments in the story, and lots of quotable dialog that could ve been in the movie, as well as some of the most scatological metaphors ever put to paper, something of a trademark for Lansdale.

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    Face it, folks Joe Lansdale is a cool cat, and this collection of short stories is a great way to spend an evening or two It s a book of weird, weird shit, and if the title Godzilla s Twelve Step Program gets you off, then you ve come to the right place.

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    If By Bizarre Hands was Joe at his scariest and best , Bestsellers Guaranteed his weirdest, then I m going to have to say Writers of the Purple Rage is Joe at his funniest Steppin Out, Summer, 68 , The Phone Woman , Mister Weed Eater , Everybody Plays the Fool and of course the famous Bubba Ho Tep the longer, almost novella story included this time out are all laugh out loud hilarious The other, darker stories also frequently make me chuckle like the pitch black humour of the deeply disturbing Drive in Date Also included of note is the action packed b movie thriller Pilots , which would be an excellent highway horror chase movie, In the Cold, Dark Time which does in a handful of pages than most do with a novel, and Incident On and Off a Mountain Road , possibly the best, most excellent illustration of Joe R Lansdale s strengths as a suspense writer The story is a little over familiar to me since I ve read it three times now it s also in High Cotton and watched Don Coscarelli s rather good adaptation as part of the Masters of Horror TV show a few times to boot.While I still prefer By Bizarre Hands for sure , this one might be the most consistant It also has an excellent flow the book starts with Mister Weedeater which manages to be nightmarish and, as I said, hilarious at the same time and follows the lengthy Bubba Ho Tep , which is of course about an icon who traded in his identity, with the very short The Man with Two Lives , which is also the same thing, but done serious.

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    Joe Lansdale it the most unique, quirky, interesting, eccentric talent you will ever have the pleasure to read You ll love him

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    At turns bizarre, surreal, hilarious, demented, terrifying and disturbing, this is an awe inspiring collection of Joe R Lansdale s short fiction His imagination is amazing and knows no boundaries Highest recommendation possible, just be warned, some of these stories are very intense.

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    Grab any of Lansdale s short story collections and you ll have a good time Again, Lansdale is one of the pros that new writers can learn much from Voice, setting, and plot Lansdale s stories show you how it s done.

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    Pretty good short story book Worth reading just to read Bubba Ho Tep classic.

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    the writing is just as powerful in this collection of stories, but it is very raw language and action.

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    Absolutely awesome in every way and it was a great read from front to back.