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An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereCuriosity Just Might Be The Death Of Mrs Murphy And Her Human Companion, Mary Minor Harry Haristeen Small Towns Are Like Families Everyone Lives Very Close Togetherd Everyone Keeps Secrets Crozet, Virginia, Is A Typical Small Town Until Its Secrets Explode Into Murder Crozet S Thirty Something Postmistress, Mary Minor Harry Haristeen, Has A Tiger Cat Mrs Murphy And A Welsh Corgi Tucker , A Pending Divorce, And A Bad Habit Of Reading Postcards Not Addressed To Her When Crozet S Citizens Start Turning Up Murdered, Harry Remembers That Each Received A Card With A Tombstone On The Front And The Message Wish You Were Here On The Back Intent On Protecting Their Human Friend, Mrs Murphy And Tucker Begin To Scent Out Clues Meanwhile, Harry Is Conducting Her Own Investigation, Unaware Her Pets Are One Step Ahead Of Her If Only Mrs Murphy Could Alert Her Somehow, Harry Could Uncover The Culprit Before The Murder Occurs And Before Harry Finds Herself On The Killer S Mailing List

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    I picked this book out on a whimdidn t know what to expect at all Virginia Beach Public Library had it as one of the Staff Picks on their e book collections, so I thought, why not Most of the books in this series take place in Crozet, Virginia which also intrigued me, since I go by Crozet every time I go see my family in Ohio and West Virginia This first book in the series I found a little crude at first a lot of unnecessary swearing , but it gets better throughout the story Another thing that seems odd at first is that the animals talk to each other Sounds kind of childish, but these animals don t have childish thoughts They are very smart, and they help solve the murders that keep happening around them, with their keen senses that the humans don t possess I didn t find this book to be a favorite of mine in the series, but it did get me hooked, and I m up to the 17th book in the series now

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    I started reading the Mrs Murphy series years ago before I had kids and life got incredi busy Somewhere in the middle of the series I got so busy with life darn adulting and lost connection with this series I popped back in a year or so ago and reviewed a couple of the newer books This yearsince I declared 2018 to be a Read Whatever the Heck I Want To Year.I decided to re read some favorite books and series The Mrs Murphy series was right near the top of the list I loved these books.and I m happy to be re visiting Crozet, VA and its quirky residents once again There are 26 books in the series Wish You Were Here started it all back in 1990 Mary Minor Harry Harristeen is the postmistress of Crozet She s smack dab in the middle of a slightly messy divorce from her Veternarian husband, Fair And being a small VA town, locals are gossiping up a storm about her and the situation Harry tries to keep calm, enjoying the company of her fur babies Mrs Murphy a tiger striped tabby and Tee Tucker a Welsh Corgi Suddenly, a string of murders takes the town s attention off Harry s divorce Harry who has a habit of reading postcards while working in the post office knows that each of the victims received a post card before their demise with a strange cemetery picture on the front and Wish You Were Here written on the back Harry immediately starts a bit of amateur sleuthing to ferret out the killer s identity Mrs Murphy, Tucker and their furry friends try to help, but it s a bit difficult as humans are too stupid to understand what s being said to them Mrs Murphy s opinion.not mine ha ha Harry, unfortunately, doesn t think about the fact that her poking her nose in might turn the killer s attention to her Oops I love this series Rita Mae Brown interjects a lot of her personal beliefs about land use, politics, taxes, feminism and other subjects..but I don t care The characters are engaging and definitely give a peek into affluent, small town southern life Some of the side characters are a complete snooty turn off.but it all mixes well into the plot I like the mix of human and animal points of view Mrs Murphy and Tee Tucker are main characters just as much as Harry In later books, Brown interjected a bit too much of her personal thoughts and muddied up the stories too much with her rants.but the first few books are story less rant I listened to the audio book version of this story Narrated by Kate Forbes, the audio from Recorded Books, Inc is just over 8 hours long Forbes has a nice voice and does a good job with character voices I have partial hearing loss, but was easily able to hear and understand this entire book Very enjoyable listening experience I m going to enjoy re reading this series On to book 2, Rest in Pieces.

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    Rita Mae Brown s Mrs Murphy series has been on my radar for a long time but it hasn t been until now that I borrowed the first title from my library I wish I knew I would enjoy it so much I would have begun years ago Fortunately there are well over 20 books in the series and I look forward to reading each one chronologically I have already put the second Rest in Pieces on hold A postmistress with a Welsh Corgi and tiger cat are the stars of the series It has very charming and amusing banter and actions between the dog and cat who are opinionated about humans but love their owner companion despite the flaws from which all human suffer I recommend this to people who love cozies, dogs and cats.

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    I really wanted to love this one because of the Corgi dog in the story However sadly I did not I am not a huge fan of cat s so I really didn t care too much for Mrs Murphy Although I do have to admit the interactions between the animals were so cute There were several things however that I didn t like about the book 1 The very first thing that was very annoying to me in the beginning was all the characters thrown in the first chapters so soon It was kind of hard for me to keep up with who was who and I found myself constantly having to go back to the list of characters.2 The character names were very weird Boom Boom I wonder where the author came up with them.3 I was looking for mystery and action in this book Sadly it fell short on that aspect.My favorite character was Tucker the Welsh Corgi He was so cute I am just a huge dog lover Harry lacked development I think She really didn t stand strong to me as a main character Since I do like the concept of Mrs Murphy the cat, and Tucker the dog, solving mysteries, I will be reading books in the series I have read that the books after this first one get better.

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    2.5 Two gruesome murders mutilations have the residents of Crozet, Virginia in a tizzy Postmistress Mary Minor Harry Haristeen has the only clue a day or two before they were killed, each of the victims received a postcard of a famous cemetery or tomb with a Wish you were here inscription This book introduces the Mrs Murphy mystery series Mrs Murphy is a tiger cat, whose mommy is Harry Along with her Welsh corgi companion, Tee Tucker, the animals help Harry find the killer When it comes to the central murder mystery, there really are very few clues other than the postcards and the use of cyanide More of the book is spent on dissecting Harry s failing marriage and her soon to be ex husband s affair with an old high school flame And then we have the animals and their role in the case As if anthropomorphizing the animals weren t enough, Brown also goes off on tangents about the environment, politics, feminism, racism, etc And some of these tangents are voiced by the animals PUH LEEZE The final solution is rushed set up and resolved in the last ten pages On the plus side, it s a fairly fast read and Harry is an interesting character While she s suffering the hurts of a broken relationship, she is generally a strong, independent woman and I appreciate that But it IS supposed to be a murder mystery, so I d like mystery and less social commentary.

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    YIKES what a stinker I read this for the mystery written by LGBT author bit of the Read Harder challenge and I regret it deeply Part of this is that I ve never read cozy mysteries so I now know I am super not a fan But also, the characters were so vapid and weak that I found myself rushing to the sections where the corgi and his cat friend solve the mystery, which is probably not how the book was supposed to be read Also, was super not a fan of the weird casual racism in certain parts of the book, or the general bodyshaming comments that played an oddly significant role throughout which, of course, was only targeted at women I get it One of the characters is overweight And honestly the character development was so bad that that was the only thing I knew about her Another thing THERE IS A CHARACTER NAMED BOOMBOOM AND NO ONE ADDRESSES IT.So, yeah Don t read this unless you can find a supercut of the animals solving the mystery, and even then, they have some really toxic views on mental health and just life in general that feels like Brown turned them into some kind of furry Ayn Randian mouthpiece.

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    I absolutely love this series of books I started the series with the first book Wish You Were Here in week 39 of my pregnancy I needed something light and fluffy and fun to read and, most importantly, something that would be easy to pick back up were I to suddenly calve Love you Judy Wish You Were Here takes place is beautiful, tranquil Crozet, VA not too terribly far from where I am typing this review who s tranquility is shattered by a string of murders The Postmistress and Smith graduate Harry Haristeen begins to get clues to who might be murdered next by intercepting postcards sent from exotic locales with the greeting, wish you were here With the help of her cat Mrs Murphy and her Corgi Tee Tucker, she gets involvedIt s not exactly Shakespeare, but it s a good, fun read Definitely recommended for cat and dog lovers and those who like a good if somewhat predictable mystery.

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    These books clearly have a number of devoted followers, but I barely made it through this first one This is largely due to expectations of tone when a cat and dog are trying to solve crimes, I would expect a fairly light read However, I found most of this book pretty depressing The characters are largely unlikeable, the main character s divorce drags down both the speed of the narrative and the overall mood, and the animals spend most of the time philosophizing about the horrors of the human condition as regards nature, family, and the mentally ill There is a mystery in there, but the lack of communication between the extremely erudite animals and their human owner is strange and frustrating If you re expecting a light tone, try another series However, as there are many people who enjoy these books, it s definitely worth a try I ll just bemoving on to something else

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    A solid 3 stars I would ve given it for the animals, who were charming and funny and smarter than most of the humans in the story, but some of the humans really annoyed me So did the social commentary being thrown around byyou guessed it.the animals Plot development was a little slow after a good start and I found myself impatiently skimming to find out who did it I realize this was a first so I may try one since the reviews said the series gets better, but I m mainly curious to see what Mrs M and Tucker get up to next.

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    I honestly can t decide if I want to continue with this series I m not a prude, I m a high school librarian for crying out loud, but the crassness of the language in this book is very out of character for the setting that is portrayed It just doesn t mesh for me nor does it make it a pleasant cozy read It became better in the second part of the book but I wondered if the author had a curse word quota she was trying to fill in the first 25 pages of the book.