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{Audiobooks} Where's My Cow?Author Terry Pratchett –

I was going to suggest that if you didn t like Discworld you wouldn t really appreciate this, but I think that s wrong Of course, any Discworld fan will undoubtedly find anything with Sam Vimes in it impossible to resist he s one of my personal favourites, though I tend to imagine him younger and better looking we re all allowed our little perks It definitely wasn t what I was expecting, either I was expecting a book wherein the cow was eventually found by whomsoever might have owned it, but it turns in to something much magical and probably deeply philosophical, and very, very Vimes.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy Mr Pratchett s childrens picture book, this book is mentioned in the Discworld series as it is read every night by one of the characters to his son If you are familiar with Terry Pratchett s work you will find all expected wit and cleverness in this book If you are familiar with books for small children you will almost certainly recognise the type of book that is gently sent up here If like me you are a Pratchett fan with a small person you will probably enjoy this than many of the books for little people you find yourself having to read over and over again as this achieves the holy grail of preschooler books, it entertains both the child and the adult reader My son loves joining in with the animal noises while I can enjoy the story on a whole different level Thank you Sir Terry The finest literary work of our time, Where s My Cow evokes emotions we didn t even know existed From the moment the cow vanishes to the main character s tearful reunion with his son, the reader finds themself gripped and at the edge of their seat I must have read this book a thousand times, every day at 5 PM sharp It wouldn t do to miss it you see HRUUUUGH A work of existentialist realism that surpasses criticism If there was one book I would have to have on a desert island, it is this one Whilst superficially targeted at children, who will not see this as anything other than the hunt for a missing bovine, every adult should take time to ponder the metaphysical message imparted on each page By what mechanism do we identify the things around us What is the next stage of the deductive process if there is mismatch between auditory input and memory In a few short pages with exquisite illustrations which would make Michaleangelo weep with jealousy Heisenberg can be certain, Zarathustra may remain silent and Proust can stay in bed Had this book been available at the time, it would had deflected Harold s arrow, given Cleopatra the strength to resist the asp s venom, or made Shakespeare realise that there was no point in trying to compete with perfection. It was fast and fun, but too short in my opinion. I don t think you need an understanding of the Discworld to enjoy this fable, but it does help My adult son enjoyed it with only a very superficial sense of Pratchettian fantasy The art is a true asset, gorgeous even when illustrating ugly elements, and funny entirely on its own Would have been a great gift for Father s Day. This book was so good it makes me sad that i lost it.Its suposta be a kiddies bedtime story but damn if i didnt enjoy it far to much.perhaps thats one of the reasons i cant get anyone to go out with me Anyway.This book has some beautiful illistrations I mean its really pretty Its lovly and has a beautiful soft feeling that i do not see in the other babys books i have.For instance someone would think a pink, red and white book would look soft and child friendly.But it dosnt.No my big french book for babys that i cant undertand a word for which cover is actually quite soft even if the colours dont want you to think so has nothing on this book.Also there is a story.What I learned from this bookWhere my cow was.He isnt there any 5 stars Beyond cute It started out like the typical kiddie books but quickly became something How very like Vimes to tell his young son that if he lost his cow it should be reported to the City Watch haha The part at the end when Vimes said I arrest you in the name of the law got me a bit misty eyed Excellent stuff Every Discworld fan will enjoy this. At Six O Clock Every Day, Without Fail, With No Excuses, Sam Vimes Must Go Home To Read Where S My Cow , With All The Right Farmyard Noises, To His Little Boy There Are Some Things You Have To Do It Isthe Most Loved And Chewed Book In The WorldBut His Father Wonders Why It Is Full Of Moo Cows And Baa Lambs When Young Sam Will Only Ever See Them Cooked On A Plate He Can Think Of A Useful Book For A Boy Who Lives In A CitySo Sam Vimes Starts Adapting The Story A Story With Streets, Not Fields A Book With Rogues And Villains A Book About The Place Where He Ll Grow Up Where s My Cow Discworld, 34.5 , Terry Pratchett