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4.5 stars This is a very emotional book that demands that you accept two premises First, that love can take root in a guy at first sight of his beloved, in the middle of what was meant to be a random hook up, and be immediately strong enough to change the habits of years Second, that a man mourning his lover might accept and use sex, not just once but repeatedly, as antidote for his pain and a way to connect with an otherwise empty world Because that describes the situation for Matt, who has spent ten years in one night stands, and Darian, who has lost his lover to suicide If you can accept this, or at least suspend your disbelief, then this book will be a gripping and emotional read.These two men meet for the first time outside the funeral of Jamie, who was Matt s best friend and Darian s lover Jamie committed suicide, and the men both try to assuage their pain in a bout of random sex, which immediately turns into an emotional relationship The book explores how Jamie had related to them both since they were teenagers, and the events and emotions that brought them to this point, one dead, two wounded.This was a well written book with interesting characters who have their share of flaws There were two factors which kept it from being a full five star read for me The first was the structure, which is built around a large number of flashbacks and diary entries There were a few times when I was not sure where a scene was placed in time, relative to the ones I d already read The second was the revelation of Jamie s thoughts before his death despite the difficulties of his situation, the drop into despair and resolute suicide seemed abrupt I felt like Jamie wasn t depressed enough or invested enough for that precipitating event to tip him over I was expecting But suicide is a tricky thing, and often seems to come out of nowhere and catch us by surprise Perhaps this was true to life In any case, I was caught up in this book, able to suspend my issues with love at first sight and enjoy it, and moved by the emotions I look forward to this author s next book. This is a beautifully written story that has a very sad beginning I struggled with connecting with any of the characters at first but that soon changed and everything fell into place I normally don t like stories that move from future to past told by what s in Jaime s journal to present, but in this case the author did a brilliant job I was never confused nor bored and I never got frustrated with the story moving around The only constant for me was my love for sweet, sweet Darian There is nothing I can say about Darian except he is beautiful inside and out.I think I had the most trouble with Jaime, too many things about him I couldn t understand He confused me, how can you be best friends with someone all your life and keep the relationship he had with Darian a secret for so long That s the part that was the hardest to comprehend, six years really, how is that even possible He had a wonderfully loving father that wanted him yet he chose to stay with his crazy mother, it would have made sense if she was going to be alone if he left but that wasn t the case The only part of Jaime I could relate too is what happens at the end Matt, I didn t really think about him very much, for most of the story all you know about him is that he is a man whore It isn t until he meets Darian that you see a different side of him, a very loving gentle man I understood them connecting at Jaime s funeral but I didn t understand why it was necessary to have them fall in love so fast It would have been better to end the story with them becoming friends then continue their story in a sequel where they fall in love.It is a book I would recommend and I m hoping there is a second book with Matt and Darian story. A Six Year Downward Spiral Into A World Of Lies And Deception Leads To The End Of One Man S Life When Self Discovery Crosses The Line Between Being The Perfect Son Or Following His Heart Jimmy Miller Never Intended To Lead A Double Life Starting The Day He Fell In Love With Darian, But His Parents Divorce, Fighting In School, And Constantly Keeping Secrets For His Closeted Best Friend And Protector, Matt, Force His Hand Jimmy Finds The Demands Too Great To Withstand And Ends It All Prematurely, Leaving Behind An Angry Best Friend And A Shattered Lover Matt And Darian Cling To One Another In The Aftermath Of Their Loss, Forging A New Friendship Immediately Tested By The Truths Of Their Relationships With Jimmy That Are Hidden In The Pages Of Jimmy S Journals Will Matt And Darian Discover What Truly Happened To Their Friend And Will This Tragedy Birth Something Beautiful Between Them As They Learn The Balance Between Life, Family, And Friendship When Love Is Simply Not Enough A Bittersweet Dreams Title It S An Unfortunate Truth Love Doesn T Always Conquer All Regardless Of Its Strength, Sometimes Fate Intervenes, Tragedy Strikes, Or Forces Conspire Against It These Stories Of Romance Do Not Offer A Traditional Happy Ending, But The Strong And Enduring Love Will Still Touch Your Heart And Maybe Move You To Tears Okay now I m done, and I honestly don t know what to think of this, let alone how to rate it I d like to be able to give 2.5 stars This book was worth reading, but quite exhausting, and not only for its subject matter This was an exceptional book in many ways Starting with the narrative with three different narrators, diary entries, flashbacks, and the present this might sound confusing but it actually wasn t The three voices were different enough to keep them apart even without the dates at the head of the paragraphs, offering insights into the heads of all three main characters, Jamie, Matt and Darian, and thus making them come alive nicely All three were flawed and tortured, and still each one likeable in his own way Even Matt, who started out as some kind of grunting, self centered caveman but redeemed himself nicely enough by the end.Then there was the plot proper Jamie died, and the two men who were closest to him in life seek solace with each other, finding than they were looking for This is a beautiful premise it was comforting for me as reader to know this beforehand as the book opened with Jamie s funeral The actual getting together of Matt and Darian was moving, if somewhat far fetched, and those two had great chemistry together I could only wish them the best of luck Buuuuuut here s also where my problems started Remember, one has just lost his lover, the other has been commitment shy for all his life to a point where he never hooked up with anyone within fifty miles of his home town from fear of having to meet them again I can totally relate to them seeking and finding solace with each other over the loss of Jamie But love Over the course of a few hours, no less One eighty nuff said.Then, all the issues those three had to face All in all, our three heroes went through almost any torture known to man Anger issues, drug addiction, emotional and physical abuse, rape for those who need to know not onpage , bullying, homophobia, hatred it was nearly overwhelming Painful to watch, and at times, so well written I could feel it for myself, particularly Jamie And then, when he JUST seemed to overcome it wham, came the trigger that pushed him over the edge and I was just like Wait, WHAT He d gone through so much worse, how could this, of all things, throw him into that kind of desperation especially at this point of his life As much as I pitied Jamie, his reaction was just immature, childish, and that felt totally out of character for him Ultimately, though, this book unfortunately fell flat for me for the two major issues I had During the second half of the book, one character read to the other The entire passage, the book s blurb and even a goodreads review of this book were quoted word for word I didn t know what to do with that I can only say that it was another wait, what moment for me and threw me totally out of the story My second issue was the book s propensity to get preachy While the proverbial moral forefinger peeked out discretly enough several times, it turned into a big flashing neon sign by the end Moving as it was, Matt s sermon I could ve done without I felt hit over the head with it So all in all, I guess I still don t really know what to think of it This book is not off the mill stuff, it s ambitious and yes, it reads honest and heartfelt too, but perhaps a bit overachieving is this a word at all Certainly not light and fluffy entertainment, that s for sure Consider yourself warned, and maybe, find out for yourself. Philosopher Immanuel Kant stated By a lie, a man annihilates his dignity as a man Jimmy of When Love is not Enough by Wade Kelly learns a tragic lesson in being untruthful.Jimmy begins to lie to his best friend, Matt, when he doesn t confide in him about his new friend, Darian His honesty with Matt is the last link between all he is and all he hopes to be When he severs that tie, he begins to lose his self respect His fear of being inferior overwhelms him and, as we know, if you don t believe in yourself, nothing else matters Jimmy didn t believe in himself and all of the good things in his life became irrelevant In that moment of despair, he convinces himself that ending his life is the only way to stop the excruciating pain that engulfs him.At first I wasn t impressed with Matt s promiscuity and cocky attitude, but after a while, I actually began to feel sorry for him Anonymous sex is Matt s way of dealing with his sexuality while preserving the relative normalcy of his life There s a lot of good in it, especially his friendship with Jimmy but Matt feels that if he came out, he stands to lose that Nevertheless, at some level, he craves the intimacy he s denying, until he meets Darian who not only ignites a fire of passion, but also an all consuming desire for intimacy For the first time in his life, Matt feels what Jimmy tried so hard to convey to him about the subject and is able to open his heart to Darian.Darian is a fragile, yet enduring soul He doesn t try to hide who he is He s a beautiful person, capable of a great deal of devotion He loves Jimmy so much that he s willing to let him take the lead, and, as well as he can, weathers the ensuing storms Darian is completely committed to Jimmy, but unfortunately, Jimmy is too confused, too unsure of himself to be able to commit to Darian at that level When he meets Matt, he feels a bond stronger, inexplicable than he s ever felt before He soon realizes, as does Matt, that their intimate connections with Jimmy and ensuing grief are the factors that draw them together and offer the possibility of making them whole once again When Love is not Enough is raw and intense definitely not a typical love story Wade s characters are well conceptualized and his style of writing is solid Personally, I found following through the flashbacks and journals a little confusing, and in places the dialog drags on a bit nevertheless, the overall impact of the story makes up for it in spades If you appreciate a story that challenges you to think harder and feel deeper, one that leaves your mind buzzing even after you ve closed the cover, then you ll appreciate this story Thanks, Wade for a stimulating experience.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. This is a multi layered, contemporary romantic tragedy, but don t let the Bitter Sweet tag scare you It has an HEA HFN ending and a sequel on the horizon One Reviewer said Wade Kelly has set a new benchmark for the writing of emotions So be warned It just might tear your heart out and make you scream at the pages you can go to Dreamspinner press and read and excerpt Prologue September 25, 2010I NEVER thought life could fuck me in the ass this hard What a shitty week I never expected to feel so much pain Not at the age of twenty one I wanted to shove my fist through the wall I was frozen to the spot as every muscle went limp when I heard the words he s dead, but as I clenched my fists I discovered all my strength was draining right out of my fingers and the strength drained out of me I couldn t breathe.I couldn t breathe The glass of water I was holding slipped from my fingers seconds before I hurled all over my mother s pink carpet Harsh reality seized all logical thinking, pushing my mind beyond its capacity to grasp the truth I sank to my knees and stared at the wooden floorboards, wondering why the fuck there was a small piece of blue shag carpet still sticking out from the shoe molding My dad tore that carpet out years ago when he refinished the hardwood Nothing made sense My hands shook my hands never shake and I tried in vain to block the images flashing before my eyes images of Jamie.My hands shook as I swatted the images in front of my face I know Darian must have been feeling the same horror and disbelief I was trying desperately to rid my mind of what I saw before me images of Jamie, dead Somehow, I know Matt shared what I was feeling right then It had to be.It had to be Of course, I didn t know about Darian then.I d never met Matt before, not before the viewing It s so fucking odd, sitting in Jamie s room The air s stale, and the bed s made up like a hotel suite Darian should be here with me, but he lacks the balls I don t blame him His pain is worse than mine, in so many ways I feel like he knew a different person than I did, and in a sense that was true Darian knew a side of Jamie I will never know.I can t bear being away from Matt, but I can t face Jamie s empty room I have to trust Matt knows what he s doing by going in there I have to trust he ll find the answers we re all looking for EVERYONE stared at me before the funeral Whether they were conscious of the fact or not, their eyes darted in my direction with a certain loathing As if I d known he was going to do this and I had the power to stop him How could I know I d known him my entire life, but I never knew Jamie was contemplating suicide The wake, if you call it that, was at my mom s after the mourners visited the gravesite Everyone sat around gossiping about how shocking it was to hear the news They whispered things like, How could Jimmy Miller possibly have been so depressed He was such a nice boy He was such a pleasant boy It must have been the strange friends he had It must have been the music he listened to It must have been the pressure he was under to succeed where his father failed in life It must have been blah, blah, blah.No one really knew the answer Not even me.. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire This book was absolutely amazing The story tore me up emotionally but it was well worth the roller coaster ride The story revolves around three young men from when they were in their late teens up to the present at twenty two Jamie and Matt have been best friends for most of their lives Jamie s parents divorced when he was 15 and the bullies in school were always making fun of his Dad Jamie got into so many fights that the school counselor finally had Jamie keep a journal to express his feelings Matt was deeply closeted and from a very religious family He had a long string of one night stands and never allowed himself to get emotionally close to his tricks Jamie met Darian one day on a weekend visit to his Dad s house They soon became friends even though Jamie was only allowed to visit his father one weekend per month Jamie s mother was a psycho bitch ho was both abusive and hateful Unknown to anyone, Jamie kept his journal writing up even after graduating from high school Jamie was what you could call a late bloomer sexually and grudgingly accepted the fact that he was gay until he embraced it fully Jamie had two big problems, he desperately wanted his mother s approval and he was in love with both Matt and Darian All three men were damaged in their own way either by abuse, neglect or homophobia Mr Kelly created three very well fleshed out and different main characters in Jamie, Matt and Darian and wove them together masterfully The book begins at Jamie s funeral then flashes back to dated journal entries and then back to the present Many people would be turned off by this style of story telling but Mr Kelly made it work perfectly and the story read quite easily I liked the way Jamie kept Darian a secret from Matt making Darian solely his own Jamie s Dad was a very loving and personable secondary character who accepted Jamie totally and loved him for the person he was He was pretty much the polar opposite of Jamie s mother The sex in the book was well written and fitted each man s different personality Jamie was the sensual romantic, Darian the hungry affection starved and Matt the scared biff bam slut which made for interesting changes in perspective I did not see the book having a HEA ending but was pleasantly surprised The scene in the church was the wake up call to the so called Christian hypocrites This has become one of my favorite books of all time and I s give it 6 stars if I was allowed I could go on for pages praising this book but just pick it up for yourself and experience it. I m torn as to what exactly I feel after finishing this one.Spoilers abound below, so beware view spoiler 1 For Jimmy aka, Jamie and Matt to have been such close, lifelong friends, there was a lot that they wanted to keep from one another.2 For Jamie to have been so in love with Darian, he kept him at such an arm s length that it made Darian come across as a needy, helpless soul who would take any scraps thrown his way and be happy with significantly less than what he very obviously deserved from Jamie.3 The constant flash back flash to the present did work for the story, but it didn t leave me feeling like there were that many high s and low s You know Jamie was going to kill himself, so a lot of the book just felt rote to me In other words, the emotional zero to 60 felt a bit like the book was putting along at around 20 mph straight through.4 The Sex at Jamie s funeral really squicked me the hell out Even if Jamie sort of treated Darian like a toy you occasionally take down off a shelf, when it s convenient for you, they were supposed to get married only a few days before the day of the funeral Matt, yes, he a a bonafide man whore But Darian No, getting f cked by a stranger AT your finance s funeral is way over the top for even the sluttiest of sluts in my eyes Pain or no pain.5 Matt aka, Sir Cums a Lot just confused me One minute he s habitually random hookups and no repeats, then the next he s instantly in love with Darian and wants them to get an apartment together.6 The screw fest that was Matt and Darian felt really gratuitous when placed in with the rest of the story I really don t like spoiling a good story with page filler sex scenes It s less that s hot and God, here we go again hide spoiler Beautiful, Beautiful story an emotional rollercoaster, Jamie I wanted to grab him, shake him and yell just LEAVE, why.why did he not move out sooner to go and live with his dad if only everyone could have such a father The mental torture and continuous pain he went through trying to please his psychotic mother, she deserved to suffer lots I had nothing but contempt and hatred for her Then the lies he told Matt his best friend they started off small then escalated so much.that it all became too much, with no way out I felt his anguish and absolute despair and cried along with him, so very sad that he thought he was worthless and everyone would be better off without him No one should have to suffer so much Sweet, lovable Darian such a sensitive soul I loved him, he was so fragile I was scared he would not make it but with Matt s wonderful caring attitude he pulled through, they needed each other and deserved some happiness Matt I struggled to like him at first with his careless and blas attitude towards his safety, in the end though he redeemed himself when it really mattered.Yes this is a Bittersweet Dreams title but don t let this dissuade you from reading this remarkable story there is a happy ending or HFN Wonderful writing and a fantastic story that everyone should read, Wade you have written a deeply moving book that has touched me deeply I am so happy that you have sequels planned I want to know about Darian and Matt. I really don t think I can review this with any hope of sounding as eloquent as others, so I think I ll just say what I thought lol.At first I was very nervous about reading, and in fact put it off slightly I really don t like bittersweet, especially if a death is involved But thanks to a good friend I took the plunge view spoiler From the beginning I was reading to find out just what pushed Jaime over the edge At first I assumed it was a sadly typical teenage suicide, but then I realised Jamie was past that and a working adult He had a boyfriend who idolised him, a best friend that was always there for him and a supportive loving father and yet it wasn t enough I m sure there are plenty of people out there that can understand, but I cant I m still sitting here thinking why why why.I do understand, that Jamie needed his mothers love, but to throw away everything else because of her That I will never understand I m sorry but as much as I liked Jamie I still think he was selfish and I cant help that I don t like him as much I loved Matt and Darian as a couple but I did have moments of, questioning their actions People grieve in many ways, and I could understand the sex as a relief and a way of getting past certain things, and even the affection they were feeling But I had major issues with Darian already thinking he wanted when his fiance wasn t even buried Then we find out that they should of been married, and yet Darian is already looking towards a future with Matt Sorry but I felt a little mad on Jamie s behalf, and also a little disappointed that Darian was coming across as fickle in some places As for The Incubator, sorry but no way she deserves the title of mother, I really wanted to meet her face to face It amazes me that people like her really exist in the world The whole religious aspect had me gritting my teeth at all her hypocrisy In fact this lost a star due to the fact that no one smacked her one lol.I did find myself wondering at times about the step father We heard of him but never really met him I was curious as to his thoughts and feelings, especially towards Jamie hide spoiler