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Steve an attractive 29 year old New York City gym manager becomes involved with Jenny a slightly mysterious but stunningly beautiful client But during their first steamy encounter at her home it becomes clear that he is not the only man in Jenny’s lifeKnowing that his key to becoming the focus of her affection is to maximize her pleasure — whether her husband is watching or not — Steve sets about to give Jenny the best sex of her life And as Jenny takes her husband’s cuckolding fantasy farther than he’d ever dreamed she also uses her bull for than just just his impressive endowmentHer passion blazing and her hunger insatiable Jenny sways both her husband and her younger lover to her erotic will and both men discover unexpected fulfillment in sharing herA vividly retold story of consensual infidelity narrated by the dominant though sensitive bull in the relationship What She Wanted is a Stephen Blake’s first erotic novel

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    3 starsSmut pure and simple Discriptive sex scenes not much storyMFM