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Watersheds: A Practical Handbook for Healthy Water Epub ´ PDF pandora

Water is our most vital resource Yet few understand even the basics of watershed ecologyWatersheds A Practical Handbook for Healthy Water provides a fascinating overview of the fundamentals of ecology from the simple concept of a watershed to the biological intricacies of a wetland ecosystem and its implications on the environmentMore than 100 illustrations especially done for this book help explain the numerous environmental issues and the intricate web of life that connect each of us to all other life on the planet through out involvement in the watershed cycleWatersheds includes information on water and nutrient cycles bioregions and auatic habitats exotic species invasions water and air pollution ecological restoration habitat lossSpecial How Can I Help? sections throughout the book provide practical and meaningful ways in which individuals can make a difference to the health of watersheds by reducing water and air pollution preserving native forests and helping restore the health of streams and rivers

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    I received this book back when I was in the Nevada Naturalist program It is a good introduction to the life cycle of water and the pictures are beautifully done in watercolors

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    Clive Dobson's lovely watercolor illustrations are worth 45 stars easily But someone owes me an apology for the text Either the Hennepin County Library System mistakenly filed a mid grade nonfiction book in the adult nonfiction section or Gregor Gilpin Beck thinks his adult readers have the intellectual sophistication of fifth graders The line between introductory and grossly oversimplified wavers and Gilpin Beck too often places his text on the grossly oversimplified side to say nothing of the fact that only the first half of the book is directly about watersheds

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    A good all round introduction to watersheds how they are defined how we use and abuse them the effect of pollutants and excessive nutrients on auatic ecosystems lake eutrophication and damsA uick easy read obviously written for school students but still interesting The beautiful watercolour illustrations are probably the best part of this book; I'll be referring back to this book just for artistic inspiration