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download Reading Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present, and MyselfAuthor Sarah A. Chrisman –

great A True Story About Discovering Positive Selfhood, From A Woman Who Moved Beyond Stereotypes To Explore The World Of Corsetry Firsthand On Sarah A Chrisman S Th Birthday, Her Husband, Gabriel, Presented Her With A Corset The Material And The Design Were Breathtakingly Beautiful, But Her Mind Immediately Filled With Unwelcome Views Although She Had Been In Love With The Victorian Era All Her Life, She Had Specifically Asked Her Husband Not To Buy Her A Corset Ever She D Heard How Corsets Affected The Female Body And What They Represented, And She Wanted None Of It However, Chrisman Agreed To Try On The Garment And Found It Surprisingly Enjoyable The Corset, She Realized, Was A Tool Of Empowerment Not Oppression After A Year Of Wearing A Corset On A Daily Basis, Her Waist Had Gone From Thirty Two Inches To Twenty Two Inches, She Was Experiencing Fewer Migraines, And Her Posture Improved She Had Successfully Transformed Her Body, Her Dress, And Her Lifestyle Into That Of A Victorian Woman And Everyone Was Asking About It In Victorian Secrets, Chrisman Explains How A Garment From The Past Led To A Change In Not Only The Way She Viewed Herself, But Also The Ways She Understood The Major Differences Between The Cultures Of Twenty First Century And Nineteenth Century America The Desire To Delve Further Into The Victorian Lifestyle Provided Chrisman With New Insight Into Issues Of Body Image And How Women, Past And Present, Have Seen And Continue To See Themselves I learned so much from this and it was a really entertaining read. This is a fun, fascinating book that I ve read and re read, but the sheer snobbery that often falls off the page is so offputting She refers to people repeatedly as low class bleating in a very low class Southern accent, a modern, uneducated, low class person I get that Chrisman is obviously very small c conservative, but for someone who keeps on and on about how unfair it is for others to judge her, she badly needs to get that memo herself. I was really looking forward to reading this book but, sadly, it left me disappointed She dispels common myths, recounts dozens of disparaging comments people made to her about her corset and her witty replies, and goes into lots of detail about various Victorian outfits there s even a whole chapter devoted to her breaking her foot But although there are some interesting historical insights, there just wasn t enough depth or detail for me when it came to the corset wearing itself, which I thought was the whole point of the book.Also, throughout the book the author hammers home the message that people shouldn t judge her based on the way she looks, and everyone is entitled to look different etc But then in the same breath she describes a patchouli scented hippy with a garish Indian print on the loose and unseasonable skirt Seems a bit pot and kettle to me A really amazing book, I really enjoyed reading this beautiful, honest memoir Also being totally in love with the Victorian era, I could really relate to Sarah in many ways, and still loved reading the rest too.Oh, and it s helped me make a decision I was toying with already I ve finally ordered a corset Thank you Sarah for a delightful read. A fascinating example of the past being successfully invoked in today s world Read it you will be surprised The photographs are convincing evidence of what a corset could do for you even in bed