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Vampires Don T ExistDo They Inez Urso Is Beginning To Have Her Doubts Her Business Associate Thomas Argeneau Has Some Interesting Traits, Like An Allergic Reaction To The Sun, Excellent Night Vision, And Not Much Of An Appetite For Food And To Top It All Off, He Just Tried To Bite Her Neckbut Maybe That Was A Sign Of Passion If So, She D Be Happy To Experience , Despite Her Determination Not To Mix Business With Pleasure He S Been Waiting Forever For A Woman Like Her Well, If Not Forever, At Least Two Hundred Years Inez Is The Most Beautiful Woman He S Seen In Centuries Those Luscious Lips, Seductive Curves, And Her Elegant Neckhe Just Couldn T Resist The Temptation Of One Little Bite Now Thomas Will Do Anything To Convince Her That Only An Immortal Like Him Can Satisfy Her All Night Long

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    This book reminded me of the kid who is failing in school but everyone says he is really smart and has such potential It s a shame really In the South, we follow that up with Bless his heart Oh, and you d better believe that casserole will contain butter and meat We ll bless your heart and then clog it up with saturated fat It s tradition.Our hero is a character who has been around since the first book and has always been funny, charming, and cool We want him to have the best life mate ever, right Um yeah His life mate is kind of a bitch They start their relationship with her screaming at him and calling him names because he didn t know she was picking him up from the airport and took a taxi instead It s supposed to be cute and or funny because she is yelling in Portuguese, but that doesn t give a reason for her freaking out in the first place Also, she was pissed that she had to pick him up at all because he is not important enough in her eyes She is the vice president of a company, and he is just a nobody.Bless her heart Isn t she precious So the potential for a good romance was lost on a bad heroine.Next, we had the mystery They are searching for a couple of people who are missing and end up running all over Europe chasing the pings from a cell phone tower The problem here was that the cell phone calls between the hero and his relatives ended up taking the spotlight over any other interaction It was weird Every minute, he was answering the phone and all of these phone calls were written out for us to have the glorious joy of reading It was about as interesting as when someone insists on telling you their dream in detail. And then there was a bear But it wasn t a bear And then I was in the mall for some reason And, I was looking for something and couldn t find it, and the store was weird So, not only did this whole chasing around a cell phone suck, but they never actually found the people That s right, the book just fizzled out at the end without any resolution.Why What happened here It s like the author had an unfinished, unedited version of the book sitting on her coffee table and someone picked it up and published it What the hell Also, there was a bad guy, you know, trying to kill the girl, and they never found out who he worked for either Huh Am I wrong to think that maybe some of these loose ends should have been tied up since this book was, you know, NOT a two parter Is it wrong for me to want an actual I don t know ending to the story I mean, I don t want to be rude, but would it really be too much to ask But, the author didn t seem to feel like giving us a satisfying conclusion to the story Maybe she wanted to do one of those books where you have to use your imagination to end the story yourself You remember those in school And, how we all hated them Yeah It was like that How my two sons ended every one of those.So, in conclusion See it sucks when someone does that, right

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    I guess this is the point where some things started going downhill It s amazing how your perspective can change when re reading a whole series I kind of loved this one when I finished it 1st time I kind of love it now as well But I can see the flaws as well and they are bugging me What I don t understand is that why the author keeps changing tactics view spoiler There are books where she writes that ALL lifemates faints but almost no one does in the first books Then vampires scream trash go crazy while healing a major injury while Thomas can go on his business and feeling nothing I mean, come one Then the shared pleasure thing just popped up somewhere along the way as well because not all of them felt it Some do some not Crap hide spoiler

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    The basis of this challenge was to read about someone else s BBF Book Boyfriend , and I understand why Thomas would qualify Book 8 in the Argeneau Vampire series, and Marguerite, the matriarch of the family is still missing, believed to be in England As her only daughter was due to give birth and Marguerite hasn t checked in, all the family is very worried Thomas, her nephew, but raised by her is the only one immediately available to go to England and start the search, the others will come when they can Inez Urso, a VP in the English branch of the Argeneau family business is detailed to assist him I loved Thomas in the previous books and thought he was incredible in this one So sweet and caring and sexy I liked Inez s character For someone who has little or no self confidence herself However I loved how they still hadn t found Maugerite therefore leaving it open for books HOORAHH for that.Vampires Are Forever is the 8th book in the Argeneau series by the very talented Lynsay Sands I ve been reading this series for a while When I need a good light vampire romance book to read, I look for Sands If your familiar with this series, then you know you don t exactly have to read it in order Although not the same, it s similar enough, or causes a similar enough reaction in me for one to serve for both That s not to say these two novels are exactly formulaic I think that anyone who reads the one will enjoy the other without ever having the here we go again feeling rearing its ugly head In fact, I liked it and it s series mate enough that I may well go in search of the remainder of the series very unusual for me and romances So cheers to Ms Sands, and to anyone who wants an easy, enjoyable read and a new set of wings hunge on ye olde bat, the Argeneau series may be for you This was a light and fluffy vampire romance The book was well written and the characters relatable It was an easy read, and even a picky reader such as myself didn t spot any technical issues Argeneau isn t my favorite series, but I ve only read three books so far Very out of character for me, I know Three words Year Book Challenges But, I did enjoy this one better than the last I loved this book as well It has some twists to it that keep you on edge, and rooting for things to go a certain way It makes you feel like you are living in there with them I felt my heart start to beat faster with each of theirs as if we were one person Still loving this series I love how it s light hearted, funny and romanticce This one was my favorite and I enjjoyed it I m Canadian We re not responsible for Baywatch You can t blame that on us Just the Pamela Anderson part, Inez suggested with amusement Only partially, I m sure her implants are American, Thomas assured her Have you tried to talk to her What would you like me to say Bastien Oh, I m sorry, Inez I didn t mean to bite you, my fangs slipped

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    My local library is running a class aimed at teaching kids they cannot pick a book by its cover but isn t that what we all do I found some dozen paperbacks added to the bookcase in the upstairs hall at the beach house, and this was one of four that I elected to take to read, but I almost skipped this one, as its cover shows a lurid picture of two nearly naked people huddled in a hug, with the male having a tattoo showing a bat superimposed over the moon, while the lady in his arms, wearing a slip, has long light colored hair If I had known her hair actually was red, I would have been interested, but the tattoo turned me off however, I have been made aware that there is a spate of romance novels about vampires lately most likely as a spin off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I wanted to stay in touch, so I took it, even though I suspected the vampirism was going to turn out to be a bad vehicle for sex That was a good guess, as it turns out, but I suspect I am going to look for others in the Argeneau series, not because I find the sex exciting but because I am interested in the development of the plot The Argeneaus, it turns out, is one of several families of vampires, all of whom are descendants of a group of research subjects in Atlantis, where scientists wanted to experiment with nanoorganisms injected into the bloodstream to fight sickness The nanos fought sickness so well that the subjects did not die, even when Atlantis fell, and they or their descendants live among us, usually running family owned and managed businesses Apparently Lynsay Sands has written several novels about different members of the family This one features Thomas, who was born in 1794, and Inez Urso, born in 1979, who is Portugese but has been promoted to a vice president position in the British branch of the Argeneau s family business, which are you ready for this involves shipping blood to hospitals which is a great cover for shipping it to thirsty vampires all over the world Inez, by the way, does not have straight hair hanging down her back, as shown in the cover throughout the novel she is bedeviled by the fact that her hair is always tightly curled but sticks out in every which direction I have never understood why the cover illustrators don t actually read the books they illustrate or, even to the point, why the editors who do read the books do not raise some objection about cover art that clearly depicts something amiss The story line here is that Thomas s aunt, who raised him, decided to become a detective but has suddenly disappeared somewhere in Europe while on a case, and Thomas volunteers to go look for her His uncle, who is the CEO of the company, assigns Inez the task of meeting Thomas at the airport and helping him with the search but things change when Thomas dashes off to the hotel without her, because he was not told that anyone would be meeting him he apologizes for having been rude to her by ordering her breakfast and drawing a hot bath for her in the hotel suite so that she can relax while he rests from the night long journey see, the nanos are sensitive to sunlight, so the immortals try to avoid it but then he wakes up thirsty and bites her, only to discover that she apparently is his lifemate, since he cannot read her mind or control it The rest of the book is the continuing search for Aunt Marguerite, in London, Amsterdam, and York, while Inez fights off her growing feeling for Thomas and then the decision of whether she wants to be turned into a vampire herself, which is a scary decision, despite the fact that she finds immortal sex is rather wonderful.

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    Opening Line This is as close as I can get love , the taxi driver announced apologetically VAMPIRES ARE FOREVER ON THE PHONE This is another instalment in the Argeneau vampire series with Thomas Argeneau as our hero this time He s one of the younger immortals at 200 years old and when his aunt Marguerite goes missing Thomas is the only one in the family able to go to London and find her Meeting him at the airport is Inez a corporate type from the family s U.K Company She s been teamed with Thomas to help in the search because she knows London unfortunately she doesn t know anything about Vampires Inez quickly begins to suspect though Thomas is allergic to the sun, never seems to eat and has excellent night vision she s also pretty sure he just bit her neck Thomas and Inez s search soon takes them to Amsterdam, which was a different and fun setting as they receive immeasurable phone tips, wonder the red light district and stop in several cafes and bars The romance between our couple builds rather quickly as Thomas realizes Inez is his life mate Inez in turn is uncertain about spending eternity with a guy she just met and doesn t relish the idea of drinking blood although the she gets to know Thomas the she likes him After several annoying phone calls Aunt Marguerite s trail takes them back to England where they again go to restaurants, bars and coffee shops and receive cell phone tips After Thomas is injured Inez follows up on a lead by herself and briefly goes missing, when she returns she has no memory of where she was or who she was meeting It seems that another immortal has taken control of her mind and erased the night s events Now Thomas really has his hands full he has to find Marguerite, figure out who s controlling Inez and then convince his lifemate to spend eternity with him I ve now read a couple of Lynsay Sands popular Argeneau series and they are generally quick reads with amusing stories This instalment however just seemed to go nowhere with characters I couldn t get invested in The romance was okay but I never really felt the love I enjoyed the scenes in Amsterdam especially a funny sub plot where Thomas accidentally drinks ecstasy laced blood and there are also some spirited conversations as Inez comes to terms with Thomas s true nature but as a whole this story dragged The vampire lore while original as in past books annoyed me with the continual popping into bags of blood My biggest frustration though would have to be the amount of cell phone use It was almost as if the cell was a character of its own with Thomas s cousin Bastien checking in every 5 minutes, someone else tracing calls and reporting back and Tomas and Inez calling each other and assorted family members Its no wonder the story never went anywhere, I mean the first time the phone rang interrupting their kiss or conversation it was cute but by the fifteenth ring it was just frustrating Cheers

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    Thomas deserved someone better than stick in the mud Inez I thought this book was ok, but a lazy effort The author took very little time to explore who Inez and Thomas were The big reveal about what he really did fizzled out with little interest He never even discussed it with Inez I did not feel that they were in a good place going forward Not having worked out any logistics I thought his family totally did them wrong and he let it go way too easily.The author has lost the romance in the last couple of books in favor of the overarching suspense plot Not a winner for me.The audio narration sucked That did not help at all.

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    Another book in this series falling into my good, but not great category I enjoyed that Thomas and Inez were out and about in Europe rather than Canada in this one It made for fun settings they tried to figure out why Marguerite has disappeared and not been in contact with any of her children Everyone is worried about her so Thomas is dispatched to find her trail and Inez is told to drop everything and meet up with Thomas at the airport in London Only one problem, while Inez may be a VP in Argeneau Enterprises, she knows nothing about them being vampires Of course this is a recipe for things going wrong right away, but since she and Thomas are life mates, it can t be all bad This book was fun and left a lot of unanswered questions that will clearly be answered in the next book as I believe it s Marguerite s story.

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    Vampires Are Forever is the 8th book in the Argeneau series by the very talented Lynsay Sands I ve been reading this series for a while When I need a good light vampire romance book to read, I look for Sands If your familiar with this series, then you know you don t exactly have to read it in order They all star a different couple, that is based around the Argeneau family I always was a fan of Thomas Argeneau from the first joke he cracked He is the younger of the Argeneau family, and isn t really taken as serious as he should be But he starts to prove his seriousness when he meets a feisty woman who yells at him in Portuguese How could this little woman fit all that voice inside her The woman in question is Inez Urso A business associate of Thomas her boss being the stern Baisen Argeneau She s an excellent worker and loyal to the business, but can she still be loyal to a business of vampires One of which being her to be life mate She s worked so hard to get where she is now in the company she won t give up so easy Another good read from Lynsay Sands I ve enjoyed this whole series, but I found this novel to lack the magnetic attraction process between Inez and Thomas Maybe it s because they were mostly worried about Thoma s missing aunt, but I found knowing they were to be each others life mate so early on, lost some of the excitement That s just me though I still found the book a fun read, and well written as always I found could have been a great novella so than a book though It felt like a middle story in the series But I was glad to finally read Thomas s story If your a fan of this series, it s worth the read.

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    So I grabbed this book from a grocery store because I judged a book by its cover and didn t realize it was a whole series LOVED IT THE BEST OF THE SERIES It gives a fabulous and realistic backstory to the origin of THESE vampires and how the work internally The love story was sweet too I read the whole series after this book I discovered that you don t have to read any of them in any real order and THIS book gives the BEST and most detailed story of where the vampires come from, etc If you only read 1 of these books, I would pick this one.

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    Funny, sexy, and will keep you guessing until the last pages I ve never laughed out loud as much as I do reading this series The heat between the characters will also make you blush This is my 2nd time reading this series, and I love it even than I did before You won t be disappointed