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Cruisin by Sarah Mlynowski Two girlfriends go on a 3 day cruise and hear through the tabloids that there are vampires killing people while one girl s trying to end her virginity Surprise ending Cute story.I Don t Like Your Girlfriend by Claudia Gray Cecily is going on her annual summer vacation with her mom s college witch friends Kathleen is the daughter of one of her mom s friend who has made Celicy s life miserable and bring her perfect for Celicy boyfriend to the trip Well Kathleen s really done it now and Celicy is going to prove it So so story.The Law of Suspects by Maureen Johnson Charlotte and Marylou go on vacation to France A neighbor tells them a story about the Law of Suspects and then everybody goes murder crazy Confusing story The Mirror House by Cassandra Clare Evan and Violet tag along on their parents honeymoon Evan meets a gorgeous neighbor, you know the rest of the story, kind of Satisfying ending.Nowhere is Safe by Libba Bray High school graduates go on a European vacation and fight the devil and his minions This was the best story in the bunch If this is a series, I ll read the ones that come next. Paranormal vacation stories that range from amusing to terrifying Vacations from Hell is bound to leave you giggling one minute and give you goosebumps the next Vacations from Hell is a collection of short stories by five talented paranormal authors Whether you are in the mood for a cute YA vampire tale, tropical terror, or a chilling tale of blood and curses Vacations from Hell will satisfy your hunger for the paranormal in bite size pieces A perfect companion for your Summer vacation I recommend Vacations from Hell to readers of paranormal, young adult, fantasy, urban fantasy and especially to fans of paranormal short stories This review originally posted on my blog Life S A Beach And Then You Re Undead In This Must Have Collection, Five Of Today S Hottest Writers Libba Bray A Great And Terrible Beauty , Cassandra Clare City Of Bones , Claudia Gray Evernight , Maureen Johnson Little Blue Envelopes , And Sarah Mlynowski Bras Broomsticks Tell Supernatural Tales Of Vacations Gone Awry Lost Luggage Is Only Mildly Unpleasant Compared To Bunking With A Witch Who Holds A Grudge And A Sunburn Might Be Embarrassing And Painful, But It Doesn T Last As Long As A Curse Of Course, Even In The Most Hellish Of Situations, Love Can Thrive From Light And Funny To Dark And Creepy, These Stories Have Something For Everyone You Definitely Won T Want To Leave This Collection At Home I liked this collection of short stories Some I thought were a little weaker than others, but overall I pretty much enjoyed them all Cruisin is short and clever, however a little too rushed I really enjoyed I Don t Like Your Girlfriend I would definitely love to revisit Cecily s world The Law of Suspects was interesting and creepy but a little confusing The Mirror House was my favorite, I loved the ending and felt Ms Clare did a fantastic job of creating such a rich world and a complete story with so little telling I wasn t sure about Nowhere is Safe at first, but ended up liking it While I didn t like this set of short stories as much as Love is Hell I think if you are into YA and enjoy a creepy tale you will probably find something to like about this group of stories They won t blow you away, but they will entertain you. Some I did see coming, others not The best thing about short stories is that you can finish one and then wait until you start a new one without forgetting about something vital from previous parts All of them are different, a book full of books My favourite must have been eitherCruisin by Sarah Mlynowski orNowhere is Safeby Libba Bray Cruisin felt like yet another teenager obsessed with popping the cherry and peer pressure all around them Even I hear friends whisper you can always get laid on a cruise, there are no rules and I felt for her, this major pressure but damn, I did not see this one coming What is better than a cruise VAMPIRES ON A CRUISE Nowhere is Safe is a major warning for all us naive foreigners looking for a fun travel through Eastern Europe with their silly superstitions and culture , well suck on that They are also majorly creepy and will not hesitate to go medieval on your ass The same goes for countryside people We got our pitchforks ready The most weird one was definitely theLaw of Suspects , all of it really view spoiler HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE SO CHILL ABOUT MURDER THERE S A DEAD BODY ON THE FLOOR, YOU THINK YOUR SISTER IS INSANE AND YOU LOCKED HER UP BECAUSE OF A KILLING CURSE, DO NOT MAKE OUT WITH THE PRETTY FRENCH BOY DAMN IT hide spoiler Really loved all the stories This book is five vacation stories by five authors Crusin by Sarah Mlynowski I really enjoyed this fun story It is about two friends, Kristin and Liz, who are on a cruise ship The point is for Kristin to lose her virginity They meet Hailey who tells them that a tabloid she reads says that people have been disappearing from cruise ships, and vampires are to blame Are any of the guys that Kristin is interested in a vampire I was completely surprised I Don t Like Your Girlfriend by Claudia Gray This story is about Cecily who is, along with her mother, a witch Every year she and her family go to a beach house to meet with a coven The fathers and sons don t, and can t, know about the women being witches I totally guessed the ending of this story.The Law of Suspects by Maureen Johnson Super weird and scary story about Charlie, who I didn t know for a while whether she was a boy or a girl, and her sister, Marylou, visiting France I had no idea what was going on and I thought it was stupid how hearing or reading a story could make someone act a certain way And only one person at a time The Mirror House by Cassandra Clare Interesting story about Violet and her new step brother tagging along to their parents honeymoon on a deserted island Mrs Palmer may not be all that she seems.Nowhere Is Safe by Libba Bray Freaky story about four teens that travel Europe after graduation They go to a small, superstitious village that might not be there next year due to a power plant being built there Told from the POV of Poe who is recording a YouTube video about their European adventure Great possibility for a continuing series I would love to read 3.5 stars The Law of Suspects by Maureen Johnson 4 stars To my great surprise, this was my favorite of the short stories I ve always liked stories where people are trapped in a place with a crazy person a la The Shining, and this one was a great YA horror version It captured the feeling of intense horror and was a bit twisted all at once I haven t read anything by this author before, but I m looking forward to doing so now I liked the writing style and the feel of the French countryside as well.Cassandra Clare s The Glass House 4 stars This is a lovely, haunting, gothic sort of a story, and a close second favorite The writing is moody and evocative, and I liked the framework of the story as well as the resolution I Don t Like Your Girlfriend by Claudia Gray was pretty cute 3 stars Crusin by Sarah Mlynowski maybe 3 stars Pretty predictable and fairly shallow, with ordinary writing, but a decent read Nowhere is Safe by Libba Bray 2 stars, maybe less This story was far too busy with unimportant details and stuffed with characters and meaningless events for a short story There s definitely an art to the short story, and I m afraid this one didn t do it for me I actually didn t even read the last 20 pages or so due to lack of interest, I just skimmed the ending to see what happened.Overall, a quick, entertaining read for spooky nightsespecially if you happen to be vacationing somewhere desolate. This was an enjoyable and easy reading I think my review is gonna be serious than the stories themselves, but here I go anyway CruisinThe worst story in the book It seems to be written by a YA instead of being addressed to them The main character was flat and prepubertal, except for the sex talk, she could have well been 12 years old Not even the shocking ending can save the story, basically because 1 it came too late, I d been hating the story for too many pages already, 2 it creates inconsistencies to the text I Don t Like Your Girlfriend It was light and simple, but well fun and lovely I liked the characters her mum was lovely and the lists The ending was not shocking, like all of the others, but it was satisfactory The Law of Suspects This one was creeeeepy I thought the horror story was smart and scary, and I really loved the end and the intention behind it The problem for me was that the beginning didn t make any sense Surely there are belieavable ways of planting two teenage girls alone in a country house It was all to farfetched who would not want to spend August in Paris wtf They came all the way from USA to NOT see Paris Are you serious Maybe it could ve been set in the States It s not like you need to be French to talk about the French Revolution, anyway it s not like it s a recurrent topic nowadays in France I really think that if it weren t for that the story would be great Gerard was lovely, and the fact they made out in the darkness with a dead body at their feet and an injured sister in the basement just makes it better.I just can t seem to stop saying lovely and well The Mirror House I enjoyed parts of it, I am not sure about the whole The setting was really cool and the villain wait for it well scary I was not comfortable with the abusive stepfather situation It is not something to be comfortable about, obviously, I m just not sure I like how it was handled The fact either Evan or Violet never interceded was uncomprensible for me, and made me like them less The ending was great, but rushed Although I see the appeal on finishing with this sinistre vibe, I think an epilogue or some weeks after would ve been nice To see what happened with Evan and her mother and which cause of death invented for Philip Nowhere is Safe THAT WAS GREAT I wanna marry Libba Bray I loved every bit on it it was scary as hell yes I m being serious , funny, adorable, or less believable you know what I mean I loved the structure a YouTube video and the characters Poe and Izie and Baz were amaaazing, and I feel I would read a series of novels with them hunting demons and things In this case, I did like how she handled serious issues racism and the WWII, so great to show the not so heroic side of the Americans and I thought the people talked like real people, unlike in CruisinAnyway, I d recommend this story to paranormal fans, even if you re not YA. Here are my ratings for the individual stories from this anthology1 Cruisin by Sarah Mlynowski 3 stars The story was funny, cute and had a weirdly surprising ending.2 I Don t Like Your Girlfriend by Claudia Gray 3 stars I liked the story but the ending was sort of Meh.3 The Law of Suspects by Maureen Johnson 4 stars This story is my second favorite in the book I loved this psychological mad man thriller 4 The Mirror House by Cassandra Clare 3 stars Since it s Cassandra Clare the author of Mortal Instruments series I expected a little , but this story was nice enough 5 Nowhere Is Safe by Libba Bray 5 stars I Loved it Freaking Awesome Seriously, it was freaky It had this whole Edgar Allen Poe vibe the MC s name is Poe, btw and there was no way I couldnot love it.