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Airhead PDF ☆ Hardcover

As anchor for the BBC's key political news programme Newsnight Emily Maitlis has interviewed some of the most powerful and controversial figures on the political scene She plans each interview meticulously knowing what she wants to ask and where she wants it to go but as one of the most experienced journalists in her field she knows that no interview will ever go to plan Anything can throw it from the atmosphere in the room to her own feelings at the time to the mood of the subject Often she leaves the interview with an entirely different perception of the interviewee while sometimes it is all too sadly re confirmed Airhead explores just these moments All we normally see are the interviews but what were the conversations that preceded them or the shouting matches that ended them? From her interviews with US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton and the last five British Prime Ministers to Hollywood film directors and powerful internet and entertainment moguls like Sheryl Sandberg and Simon Cowell Emily Maitlis explores how these powerful personalities came across In the process she throws an illuminating torch on them not just for what they represent but as individuals in their own right with all their flaws and charms

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    Well clearly Emily Maitliss presenter of the BBC's flagship Newsnight programme is no Airhead but the consummate professional interrogator and interviewer This is not really an autobiography and there is little in the way of any meaningful spotlight on her personal and private life Instead this is a commentary on the nature of the news business where so often the best laid plans go awry looking at our contemporary world with its political and social realities and the collection of often memorable interviews conducted by the ambitious Maitlis Written in an easy reading style there are an array of anecdotes the back stories soundbites and compromises integral to TV news and interviews giving us a well observed and insightful glimpse coverage into the behind scenes world that is Maitlis's everyday life The interviews cover leading global figures from politics such as US presidents the arts like Emma Thompson and religion like the Dalai Lamai alongside a raft of other celebritiesI can't say that I thought every interview she has conducted has been a success but there have been some excellent ones She is confident hard nosed skilful and effective often witty and humorous and even compassionate on occasion This is a light well written and entertaining read that throws some light on the complex perceptive and intelligent personality that is Emily Maitless with brief coverage of her personal troubles with a stalker Maitlis has since added an additional bow to her stellar career with her recent groundbreaking interview with Prince Andrew that made headlines around the world I rcommend this to all those who are interested in the world of TV news portrayed through the life of one of the leading talented BBC news presenters Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph