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Quick description about this book Love this book is a Fairy Tale about LOVENaef is a tortured soul and body Born with a disability and a repulsive body he don t know how to be kind He love his sister and his mother, and his world is his work, as a woodcraft When he is working with his knives and doing art with wood he can express all the beauty he would like to see in his life Only he will be the narrator, and don t fool yourself thinking that is a fairy tale where the narrator talk with pretty birds and sing songs each 5 minutes Nope he really hate the world and use a very colorful vocabulary to show that Aerie Smith is a cursed prince, and to Naef eyes a Lion God well, I saw him like that too He is kind, powerful and aristocratic the exact contrary of Naef.How and why their story will became a heartbreaking love story is up to you to know read it and then tell me if you agree that it s, like in my opinion, a wonderful love story.5 Stars 3.5 starsThis was a fantasy, erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast that I found both frustrating and lovely I needed details about Naef and Aerie Smith s relationship as such, I wasn t sure why either would fall in love with the other and why Naef was chosen to save the island in the first place Aerie Smith was a little too perfect, and Naef was a little too self loathing I understand he had a shit life, but the characterization of that fell mostly to him being bitter and hateful and swearing a whole lot The reason for Aerie Smith s island being enchanted was uber lame view spoiler I mean, come on, he kissed an elf There was no violence, no rape he was arrogant and young, yes, but, wow, did the punishment not fit the crime hide spoiler I Am Not Beautiful Knife S Entire Existence Has Been As Twisted As His Flesh And His Face The Only Thing Beautiful In His Life Is His Sister When Gwennie Is Obliged To Turn A Suitor Down Because She Fears To Leave Her Brother To The Brutality Of Their Village, Knife Is Desperate For Anything To Ensure Her HappinessHer Suitor S Cousin Offers Him A Way Out, But It Won T Be Easy Aerie Smith Has Been Cursed To Walk Upright In The Form Of A Beast, And His Beloved Village Suffers From The Same Spell Aerie Smith Offers Gwen A Trousseau And Some Hope, If Only Knife Will Keep Him Company On His Island For The Span Of A Year And Perform One Regrettable Task At Year S EndKnife Is Unprepared For The Form The Island S Curse Takes On His Own Misshapen Body In One Moment Of Magic, He Is Given The Body Of His Dreams And He Discovers That Where Flesh Meets Spirit And Appearance Meet Reality, Sometimes The Only Place To Find Truth Is In The Darkness Of A Lover S Arms Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw ReviewsIf anyone had learned that love was all the beauty the world needed, it was my lion hearted beloved and his imperfect loverI usually like Amy Lane s blend of sweetness and angst and was keen to read a re worked version of Beauty and the Beast, but this story just didn t work for me on so many levels The pace was excruciatingly slow, so slow that I feared not finishing it up in time to complete my reading challenge this month Many times I was tempted to skim or abandon it I was glad I held out, though, for the ending was realistic and satisfying Naef s physical and emotional pain was exquisitely rendered I hated being in his head, however His bitterness, self loathing, swearing, and constant correction of his namemy name is Knifebecame annoying The relationship between Naef and Aerie Smith happened way too fast and lacked spark Their sex was frequent, but unerotic Maybe it s just the thought of doing it with a lion, even if he stands on two legs and wears a high quality waistcoat, that was a complete turnoff for me While I felt Naef s character grew significantly, I wanted to feel that growth in his and Aerie Smith s relationship as well As a couple, they left me feeling unconvinced Aerie Smith was a rather flat character who was too perfect I really enjoyed Naef s passion for carving and how he used it to express himself Kudos for including interesting and likable female characters I wanted to like this story a lot There were some powerful turns of phrase, and sentences that had me scratching my head Sadly, it failed to move me Thanks to Eli from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me. 2.5 starsA very unusual take on one of my favourite fairytales Beauty and Beast sadly it didn t quite live up to expectations I struggled to feel a connection or affection for Knife or Aerie Despite being an emotional and highly charged story I was strangely unaffected for most of it, there were a few sad moments here and there but not enough for me to say this was brilliant I could go on but I won t as I seem to be in the minority with this one. This is a charming twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and a real tear jerker It s as if Lane took Robin McKinley s Beauty and combined it with The Song of Achilles There s an element of the Hunchback of Notre Dame thrown in there for good measure.If you re a fan of alternate fairy stories, true love at all costs, and the ultimate melodrama of self sacrifice than this book is for you Definitely destined to became a favorite of mine. Love isn t blind Love transforms.Respun Fairy Tales are not my usual fare, but I have to say that this one rocks From the vitriolic spewing to the cruelty and charm I was thoroughly engaged and vacillating between smirks and smiles It is a worthwhile retelling of Beauty and the Beast.Naef is a tormented soul in a twisted body His physical pain is only exceeded by the psychological I tried very hard not to ponder the horrible irony that I was too ugly to love, and too ugly not to violate When given a chance to escape his present circumstances he does so only to free his loyal protector and sister, Gwen I looked around at my little corner, my niggling, festering hovel of misanthropy It was ugly hell, it was rabid, but it was all I had Aerie Smith, the sensitive Beast comes with an offer for Naef The leonine features have not diminished his humanity If only Naef could learn the self acceptance that Aerie Smith has There is a lovely flip in this story and the reveal at the end takes this book from a 4 star to a 5 star read Again, I ve had to footnote my previous statements about Lane s writing In my defense, no naive men or misplaced melodrama it is a fairy tale and thus the twists and extremes are de rigueur And a big thanks to my friend Don who urged me to give it chance with the promise I could exact violence on his person if I didn t like it cheeky bastard I want one of the chess sets.Favorite quote I was terrified that this moment, my chance to live in happiness for however short a time we may have had, would be ruined because I was simply not carved out of the same wood as happiness, and that my grain was too twisted to ever take its form. I m not a fan of fairy tales in general, so I hesitated a lot before I read it What a shame I should really stop doing this, I often let a book hang in my TBR for stupid reasons The dialogues are captivating, the story is moving to tears, very funny sometimes Naef is endearing in his self pity, but my preference goes to Aerie Smith a really weird name lol whom I found very noble That s what Nael needed and he found it.Thank you Amy Lane for making me spend such a good time. I m going to go right out and say it This is my favorite Amy Lane book Hands down It is the work of a master I got chills while reading it, honest to goodness chills running up and down my arms I started this book right before going to the gym tonight and worked out half heartedly in a daze My mind was fully entranced in the world that Amy Lane created After working out maybe , I read this book in my freezing cold car, not wanting to put it down to drive the three blocks to my house, knowing that I would try to read as I drove and not wishing to die just then.The story was just that beautiful Honestly, I was expecting this to be great I love Amy Lane when she writes her fairytale like stories and I knew that this was going to work for me right from the start What I didn t expect was it to be so amusingly snarky Naef was such a beautiful character for me Damaged, snarly, and untrusting, Naef protects himself with an arsenal of metaphorical and actual mini knives that he caries in his pocket His isn t afraid to throw his knives at anyone who he deems threatening To see his relationship with Aerie Smith develop slowly and tentatively was magical They had this deep connection that felt so real it was palpable for me I refuse, refuse, to give away any spoilers about this book I was so contained when I read this story, so amazed that I made it through this emotional journey without crying that I was completely blindsided near the end by one of the sweetest and most tender scenes that I have ever read Then the tears started This book shined above and beyond all of the books that I have read recently. As a story model for romance, Eros and Psyche is hard to beat There s a reason that Beauty the Beast succeeds so completely when it s presented in a new incarnation whether its Cocteau or Disney.First things first, Amy Lane is a haunting, subtle, skilled writer who refuses to settle for easy solutions Every book she s written carries pain and secrecy thumping inside its ribs like a dark heart Faced with the update a fairytale challenge, she s not going to settle for a facile approach.Knife, the protagionist, is the direct converse of what most writers would tackle He is literally deformed, arguably ugly, but fiercely appealing for reasons that aren t easy to explain Aerie Smith is beastly in stark, upsetting ways if he is sexy and commanding, those things are handicaps as much as strengths There are no quick fixes on offer here Yet it IS a fairytale, and Lane walks her Knife s edge to wring delicious sweetness and sadness out of a very old story.Lane also digs right at the core of the original Myth She knows her Apuleius and I d imagine many many versions of this story as well What she has used to built her plot, the curse, the romance IS the hub of the myth itself the act of seeing, the power and peril of secrecy and sight, the trust it takes to expose ugliness in yourself and others, the painful struggle between Truth and Darkness I don t like spoilers in reviews, so I won t ruin any of the witty twists she puts on her kingdoms or their quirky inhabitants I m not going to crow about her dynamic prose and her singular characterizations and her knack for odd emotion from unexpected sources, because you ll either see them instantly or think I m an ass for raising your hopes And I will only hint at the slivers of heartbreak and hope that she plants at strange moments I will assure you that it is a fairytale with a happy ending, but one that comes with a keen sense of the cost of happiness and endings I loved this retelling, and I m even of a fan of Amy Lane than I was going in, which is saying something She is a treasure.