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Susan Wittig Albert S Novels Featuring Ex Lawyer And Herb Shop Proprietor China Bayles Have Won Acclaim For Their Rich Characterization And Witty, Suspenseful Stories Of Crime And Passion In Small Town Texas Now, When China S Friend Jo Dies Of An Apparent Suicide, China Looks Behind The Quaint Facade Of Pecan Springs Though She Finds A Lot Of Friendly Faces, China Is Sure That One Of Them Hides The Heart Of A Killer

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    This is the first book in a series featuring China Bayles, our first person narrator, who quit her high powered job as a criminal defense attorney to become the owner of a herbal store in small town Pecan Springs, Texas Next door is one of her best friends, Ruby, who owns a New Age store Their friend, Jo, is found dead an apparent suicide but things aren t as they seem, and soon there are several suspects for her murder The style was smooth enough, but not distinctive, nor was there enough wit, humor or charm to distinguish this book I ll give it points for keeping me turning the pages and keeping me guessing Nevertheless, I won t be picking up another book in the series This just didn t have anything that makes me feel I ll remember this months later the characters and setting were too generic, too stereotyped, the lines of good and bad too off the shelf liberal progressive rich developer evil environmentalist feminist good , and the legal and herbal angles weren t absorbing enough to make me feel I had a peek into a different world So, good enough if you ve picked this up to divert for a few hours for me, not enough to invest time in this world.

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    Oh, I should have listened to my friend Terri and started reading these in 1992 when this first one was published There are now 16 books in the series so far and I guess I aim to read them all, plus any that Susan Wittig Albert writes.I found a couple of weird claims 1 barbiturates referred to as over the counter sleeping pills this taking place in the U.S circa 1992 , and 2 a road that s referred to as 80 miles long that stretches 60 miles to the south and 35 miles to the north But I quibble.I really enjoyed this mystery book the main protagonist s voice reminded me somewhat of Sue Grafton s Kinsey Millhone, and that s a compliment from me I m particularly hoping to learn about herbs in the other books in this series The main character owns a herb business and grows herbs in her garden.

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    It was okay Nothing spectacular, but not boring either China is a former lawyer who now runs an herb shop Her friend has died of a suicide, but no one believes that Then stuff and people begin spiralling after that I found China to be a flat character Not really an emotional person at all With everything that is happening, her character seems to be on an even keel with no variation at all She was a bit stiff and it just seemed to kill the excitement of the story The side characters had emotions and reactions than she did I m hoping in the next books, she grows and becomes of a full character.

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    Former Texas Lawyer turned herb shop owner China Bayles is not having a good week It started out ok but it went straight downhill First her good friend Jo Gilbert dies and it looks like suicide But China and her friend Ruby donot buy it Yea Jo was sick but she was a fighter and would not have given up Then during the one night that week she might get to spend some good quality time with Mike McQuaid, Roz Kotner returns to town and wants to stay in China s guest cottage After that someone breaks into Jo s house Then 2 bodies are found Definetly a bad week But what is really going on in this quite little Texas town and what does it have to do with Jo s death Lydia was right I really enjoyed this book China Bayles is offically one of my favorite ameatuer dectives China is a fun slightly complicated and flawed character that is a joy to read Throw in her freespirted, newage best friend and a cute excop turned professor and your in for a good time.

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    I liked this book, very easy to read and kept my interest However, saying that, I found that if I put it down, I wasn t very anxious to pick it up again, but once I did, I enjoyed reading it The beginning of the book felt a bit dated with reference to the fashions of the time and some of the slang, plus it seemed like all the people in town had worn something green at one time or other in the book The author pulled a few unfair punches toward the end of the book by giving information that only China knew and shared with the reader only when she was explaining how she figured who the killer was The climax of the book presented a really huge, unbelievable coincidence and had me saying to myself really I may or may not read further books in this series.

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    I don t know how many times I ve checked this book out from my local library, but until this week I d never read it I m sorry to say that I was missing out I enjoyed this mystery enough to look for the second book.I liked China, she was a strong, intelligent character, but yet I didn t click with her character, I don t know what it was but I just couldn t seem to relate with her at all At times she was also arrogant However, I immediately clicked with the rest of the characters, from Ruby to Meredith, to Mike.The mystery was excellent, it was really the highlight of this story It not only had a well thought out ending but it had enough clues and fake clues to throw me for a loop I really enjoyed it The setting was also excellent, I loved the herb shop and China s home in it, it was all very well described and I could picture it easily.This was a decent book that I enjoyed, however it was on the line between cozy and non cozy to me, a few scenes didn t follow the cozy mystery definition of very little sex and or blood and gore Not that the book was bad in any way, but I just expected it to be a little bit different.Overall a very good book with a few small things I didn t like I ll be looking for the next one soon.

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    Early nineties feminismyowch guys I sort of missed this era, since I was very young as it happened and we didn t exactly address it as such in college too recent I suppose , but if this book encapsulates a common view of nineties feminists then I can see why feminists and feminism got such a bad name in there with so many people Selfish bitches getting divorces doing what they want being secret lesbians wearing stirrup pants using men for sex withholding evidence cussing hating their mothers hating their fathers hating the dead weight of children keeping them down The mystery was ok I guess The way it describes this cultural moment is nothing short of painful however.

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    Super start to this cozy series Love learning something new as I read Nice thing is this is than a cozy cozy No fuzzy little tugs of the heart This is real life Good and bad and in between.

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    This is first in the China Bayles series I absolutely loved it I couldn t put it down until I finished Easy reading but lots of fun from beginning to end.

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    This series of books are about an herbalist that has interesting adventures based in the Austin area Lots of great information about herbs and recipes with herbs in them.