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Koom Valley That Was Where The Trolls Ambushed The Dwarfs, Or The Dwarfs Ambushed The Trolls It Was Far Away It Was A Long Time AgoBut If He Doesn T Solve The Murder Of Just One Dwarf, Commander Sam Vimes Of Ankh Morpork City Watch Is Going To See It Fought Again, Right Outside His OfficeWith His Beloved Watch Crumbling Around Him And War Drums Sounding, He Must Unravel Every Clue, Outwit Every Assassin And Brave Any Darkness To Find The Solution And Darkness Is Following HimOh And At Six O Clock Every Day, Without Fail, With No Excuses, He Must Go Home To Read Where S My Cow , With All The Right Farmyard Noises, To His Little BoyThere Are Some Things You Have To Do

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    2016 edit On my reread 8 I still can t help but marvel at the heap of awesome this book is Undoubtedly the absolute high of Pratchett s writing This is the book that does not seem likely to lose its relevance in the world like ours, where, sadly, we see the thriving of the hatred and prejudice and insistence on fixating on what separates us from each other fueled by the waves of bigoted populism.Maybe it will get better one day What kind of creature defines itself by hatred That is the overarching theme of Terry Pratchett s Thud which is indisputably one of his best works in content and execution and the amount of serious thinking it makes me do after seeing the usual mundane things through the prism of Pratchett s writing.Like other Pratchett s later works, this book is a departure from the light hearted humorous comedic tone of earlier Discworld books which initially were just smart and witty parodies of fantasy genre conventions but have easily transcended that since Yes, the witty remarks, dry humor and the moments of pure comedic genius are still unquestionably there, but the overall tone has changed It s serious It gets angry It has sharp edges It s not afraid to bite It wants to make you think and maybe chuckle once in a while during it The comedy this time has met the tragedy.And no wonder, for the material it tackles is not light hearted at all.If I had just one word to sum it up the theme it would be Darkness Of course, the darkness of underground mines and caverns the obvious one The horrible darkness of bigotry and hatred and prejudice and ethnic conflicts The intolerant darkness of any sort of fundamentalism The oppressive darkness of political intrigues that plow right over the lives of ordinary persons The seductive darkness of mindless revenge And, of course, the hidden darkness that lurks inside each person Even inside Sam Vimes Especially Sam Vimes No excuses No excuses at all Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses Commander of Ankh Morpork City Watch and also the Duke of Ankh and former Blackboard Monitor , Sam Vimes is a straight as an arrow copper who may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer so they say, but they may not always be right but who is your go to man when manure hits the windmill After all, When people are trying to kill you, it means you re doing something right It was a rule Sam had lived by He has been through a lot since his days as a cynical disillusioned drunk in the once dysfunctional Ankh Morpork Watch As time went by, he gained a lot a city that miraculously functions and manages to remain stable, loyal colleagues who became dear friends, and family that provides him the blessing he is afraid he does not deserve But all things gained can be lost, and that s something that would worry him quite a bit Vimes had never got on with any game much complex than darts Chess in particular had always annoyed him It was the dumb way the pawns went off and slaughtered their fellow pawns while the kings lounged about doing nothing that always got to him if only the pawns united, maybe talked the rooks round, the whole board could ve been a republic in a dozen moves And this time Sam Vimes has enough to worry about Ankh Morpork is not a good place to be right now, with tensions from the centuries old ethnic conflicts in Discworld fashion, those are between the dwarfs and the trolls at the all time high as the anniversary of Koom Valley is nearing Koom Valley was a place where centuries ago the dwarfs ambushed the trolls Or perhaps the trolls ambushed the dwarfs Nobody knows What they do know is that they are supposed to hate each other because it s always been so For them, the battle of Koom Valley never ended, and Sam Vimes would do anything to prevent it from replaying in the streets of Ankh Morpork The no idea who ambushed whom Battle of Koom Valley seemed like a throwaway joke in the earlier Discworld books But here Pratchett takes full advantage of it, turning the funny on its head, making it serious and even tragic at times Because Koom Valley still lives on in the minds of people despite hundreds of miles and hundreds of years, and still claims its victims as the dead bodies pile up and hatred is sparked by those who think they see the light or rather, the darkness , and riots are about to tear the city apart and turn it into another battle of Koom Valley, and Sam Vimes is not having it, and not even ancient supernatural entities can stop him Given, then, a contest between an invisible and very powerful quasi demonic thing of pure vengeance on the one hand, and the commander on the other, where would you wager, say one dollar I wouldn t, sir That looks like one that would go to the judges Pratchett s Ankh Morpork world by the time of Thud has become incredibly complex and developed to the point where the portrait of the city in my mind is as vivid as though I have really lived there The characters are unbelievably alive, complex, multilayered, evolving, developing, growing, and very real yes, real despite this being a fantasy world, it s firmly grounded in sometimes whacky reality Pratchett excels at so seamlessly combining the comedy and suspense and drama and tragedy often within a single page that the effect is mesmerizing and undeniably incredibly memorable The important thing is not to shout at this point, Vimes told himself Do not what do they call it go postal Treat this as a learning exercise Find out why the world is not as you thought it was Assemble the facts, digest the information, consider the implications THEN go postal But with precision The little details from the father s unerring love for his child view spoiler Vimes semi delirious rendition of Where s My Cow amidst the destruction in the caves under Koom Valley and his chilling moment of realization that the assassin would easily target his small child hide spoiler

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    Sam Vines is one of the greatest examples of leadership that can be found amongst any of the SF F protagonists in the past 50 years.Pratchett s main character of his City Watch sub series, Commander of the Watch Sam Vines, Duke of Ankh Morpork, who arose from the captain of the night watch, who used to give part of his monthly check to the widows and orphans of fallen watchmen, is again at center stage in this the 34th Discworld novel first published in 2006 and good enough to get a nomination for the Locus Award in the same year.Now happily married and wrapped around the little finger of his baby boy, little Sam, Vimes has quit drinking but is still very much the low pretense, practical man of the watch, at home walking the streets of his city than in the Patrician s office or gussied up for a court appearance Pratchett has drawn Vimes as an everyman of leadership, a copper s copper, able to knock some heads together and also fill out a overtime sheet for a shift.In this episode of Pratchett s wildly successful Discworld universe, Vimes finds himself trying to solve the murder of an influential and controversial Dwarf leader The murder comes on the eve of the Koom Valley battle anniversary, the epic and legendary struggle between Dwarves and Trolls The Dwarf and Troll communities in Ankh Morpork are bristling for a fight, as ancient animosities seethe and boil to the surface Vimes s leadership is put to the test mightily but Pratchett has drawn him from tougher stuff and this is one of Pratchett s best Discworld novels.Using the Troll Dwarf vendetta as an allegory for racism, ethnic strife and real life feuds, Pratchett also explores themes of loyalty, leadership, and extremism Not just for Discworld fans, this is a good book period.

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    January 2018 re read Watch Commander Sam Vimes has had about enough of Koom Valley It has always been a contentious subject with both dwarves and trolls, but these days the mere thought of it has become downright suicidal Add in a suspicious murder, and the Commander of the City Watch is rightly expecting a full blown reenactment of legendary battle to take place any moment.Lord Vetinari on the other hand, seems concerned about the lack of vampire coppers Wasn t the City Watch the most diverse employer in all of Ankh Morpork Oh and while he s at it, the Patrician also sees fit to throw one of his most trusted and boring financial inspectors in the mix Yet amidst all this chaos the most pressing question on the Commander s mind is how to fit in everything, before Little Sammy s 6 o clock story time Thud has been one of my least favorite Discworld novels, but reading Carol s review of Night Watch, I figured it deserved a second chance Sure enough, a reread of the books from the City Watch subseries, respecting the proper chronological order, made a significant difference I no longer pictured Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson as a perpetually mopey guy wearing a carrot costume I got all the funny references to previous books the political jokes actually hit their mark, this time around buuut, I didn t enjoy reading it nearly as much as I did Night Watch As I had only retained very vague memories from the first reread, I m fairly certain that the lack of surprise wasn t the reason for my lackluster enthusiasm The lack of Carrot x Angua romantic sub plot however, might have contributed While in Night Watch, this aspect was expected, in here I would ve wanted a bit tangible proof of Carrot s feelings, rather than just that one stray comment from Sally.Score 3.4 5 starsIt s definitely not as boring as I remembered, and for those of you who like to play the champion for the down trodden, quite a treat A 2nd reread, after catching up with the previous books of the sub series, improved things significantly, unfortunately not quite enough to deserve an additional star in rating I had rated it 2.7 5 back in 2012 Other books featuring the Night Watch Review of the 1st book Guards Guards Review of the 2nd book Men at ArmsReview of the 3rd book Feet of ClayReview of the 4th book JingoReview of the 5th book The Fifth ElephantReview of the 6th book Night WatchReview of the 8th book Snuff

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    The war between the dwarfs and the trolls was a battle of natural forces, like the war between the wind and the waves It had a momentum of its own It s origins are hidden in the mists surrounding the mythical Koom Valley, a place where each side is accusing the other of treacherous ambush, but its recent manifestation has moved to Ankh Morpork, courtesy of the city s new policies of welcoming immigrants Pretty soon some people will be saying Who let all these dwarfs in here They undermine our city and they don t obey our laws And the trolls We used to chain em up like guard dogs, and now they re allowed to walk around threatening real people Recent events Dallas Police killings 2016, Brexit make this Discworld book published in 2005 almost prescient Ankh Morpork is a city about to explode into racial violence after the murder of a dwarf fundamentalist leader by an alleged troll intruder All of this taking place on the eve of the Battle of Koom Valley anniversary Young dwarfs listened to him, because he talked of history and destiny and all the other words that always got trotted out to put a gloss on slaughter It was heady stuff, except that brains weren t involved Malign idiots like him were the reason you saw dwarfs walking around now not just with the cultural battle axes but heavy mail, chains, morning stars, broadswords all the dumb, in your face swaggering that was known as clang.Trolls listened, too You saw lichen, clan graffiti, body carving, and much, much bigger clubs being dragged around Malign idiots Trump are pushing the street gangs of trolls and dwarfs towards open violence but Ankh Morpork has something that we in the real world are sorely missing a real hero, a man of principle and integrity, a man of common sense and common decency who would not stand back and allow his city to crumble into dust around him, a man even the leaders of the crime underwold in Ankh Morpork are turning to when the going gets rough Here is Chrysophrase the troll drug dealer in a scene reminiscent of The Godfather An den I hear my ol friend Mister Vimes is on der case and I am thinkin , dat Mister Vimes, he may be very insensitive to de nu unces of troll culture sometimes, but der man is straight as a arrow and der are on him no flies But der name Vimes dat name means a lot Can t be bribed, he once arrested the Patrician, not der sharpest knife in the drawer but honest like anything and he don t stop digging Sam Vimes is rapidly becoming my favorite character in the whole Discworld series and I would vote for him for President in an eye blink Sam wouldn t want the job though He belongs to the City Watch, has dedicated his life to Law and Order and he believes politics stinks.Politics, courtesy of the Lord Vetinary, is saddling Vimes with a new positive action recruit representing a hated minority and with an internal audit of the Watch expense accounts To complicate matters even , Sam Vimes has to comply with Lady Sybill s request that he sits to have his portrait painted and has to learn to deal with new technology in the form of his Dis Organizer Mark Five, the Gooseberry TM It makes for a busy daily schedule that somehow has to leave a window for the most important thing of all Sam s six o clock sharp meeting with his son Young Sam was standing up in his cot, watching the door Vimes s day went soft and pink Thud is at its most basic a crime story, with Sam Vimes cast in a Sam Spade type of role and the theme of ethnic war fueled by xenophobia and demagoguery make it a bone chilling experience Sir Terry Pratchett though manages to find the humorous side of even the darkest corners of our social conscience, and old characters mix with the new recruits to produce yet another memorable Discworld journey Everyone starts on the street And on the Night Watch, too Good training The best there is A week of rainy nights with the mists coming up and the water trickling down your neck and odd noises in the shadows well, that s when we find out if we ve got a real copper Salacia Deloresista Amanita Trigestatra Zeldana Malifee von Humpeding is one of these new recruits She s a vampire, and a girl, and the traditional racial enemy of werewolves, but Vimes must include her in his team Sally, as she likes to be known, will ultimately prove to be a valuable member of the City Watch, especially after she makes a guarded pact with her shapechanging Sergeant Angua and with Cheery, the bearded dwarf lady at the Watch reception desk Their girls night out in the company of Tawneee, the six foot exotic dancer from the Girls, Giggles and Garters night club the new flame of Corporal Nobby , is as wild as you can expect from this interracial mix We ve struck a blow for womanhood, Sally declared loudly Shoes, men, coffins never accept the first one you see Similar hidden depths are revealed also by Mr Pessimal, the mousy auditor nitpicking the receipts of Guard expenses, and by Willikins, the butler at Lady Sybill and Sam s mansion, a useful man to have around if view spoiler you are at the receiving end of a dwarf terrorist cell attack hide spoiler

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    And yet we say this Here is the cave at the end of the world, peace is made between dwarf and troll, and we will march beyond the hand of Death together For the enemy is not Troll, nor is it Dwarf, but it is the baleful, the malign, the cowardly, the vessels of hatred, those who do a bad thing and call it good So here we have another City Watch Discworld book with a poignant story full of humour, bile, tension, excitement and full of SAM VIMES, who is., but you probably know by now about the literary love story going on between him and me, so I will spare you I love pretty much everything about this book and did I mention Sam Vimes OK, so I did, just so you know I love the fact that Sir Terry manages to give him new dimensions again, when you d pretty much think it s impossible.And Death having a near Vimes experience is practically perfect A VERY ACCURATE ONE YOU SEE, YOU ARE HAVING A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, WHICH INESCAPABLY MEANS THAT I MUST UNDERGO A NEAR VIMES EXPERIENCE DON T MIND ME CARRY ON WITH WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING I HAVE A BOOK.

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    The fighting doesn t start until Koom Valley Day That s tomorrow Damn, I lost track Will it affect us down here Bashfullsson coughed politely I don t think so, Commander This area is too dangerous to fight in Well, yes, I can see it would be terrible if anyone got hurt, said Vimes, climbing over a long heap of rotting timber That would spoil the day for everyone While the main mystery of this one a dwarf is apparently murdered by a troll didn t interest me much, there are plenty of other shenanigans to make this Discworld adventure a fun read I really enjoyed the heck out of Angua and Cheery s Girl s Night Out with a vampire and a stripper, and then there was the memorable road trip to Koom Valley Even in Discworld, historical reenactments blow.

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    Volela bih da postoji Fakultet okultnih nauka, Odsek za nekromantiju, Smer za prizivanje mrtvih pisaca, pa da ga zavr im, dobijem diplomu uz odbranjen rad na temu Empirijski utvr ene razlike u ritualima prizivanja pisaca preminulih pre i nakon 1950 te godine , pa da mogu da otvorim SZUNR i legalno summonujem Terija Pra eta samo da ga pitam Brate za to Samostalna zanatsko ugostiteljska nekromantska radnja

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    8 10Another sterling effort by Sir Pratchett and a solid entry into the Watch sub series I feel like I m being a bit like a broken record when reviewing these books they re all well written, filled with humour some than others , great characters and overall a great character development arc again, some than others Has Nobby really changed since the first novel, not really But the repetition doesn t impact the overall enjoyment, I ve found this series filled with great moments throughout and only one of the novels hasn t worked for me and the majority rated at 4 s.So, rather than talk about the overall plot of the novel which didn t impact me all that much after seeing similar avenues in the series already explored i.e a murder which means further implications between fractious communities I thought I would mention two stand out moments things I took from the book which closely relate to each other in a way.The first is a scene where Sam is defending his home from intruders but the fear that his wife and son are in the home at the same time as these intruders and may be in trouble led to some of the most edge of the seat moments I ve read Not just in this series, in general I doff my hat to an author who can put a scene like that in to a comedy book and make it work so well.The other is the determination and stubbornness of Vimes spending time at 6pm every night to read to Young Sam, not wanting to let down his son for any reason whatsoever as it would then become something of an easier appointment to break in the future after the first time and later in the book when it becomes harder and harder to keep that promise.This is all from a man who is introduced in the first novel passing out in the street as a drunken alcoholic can you be a sober alcoholic The way his character has developed over the last 7 books has been quite remarkable, quite a lot can be learnt from him and his actions morals Hopefully I ll be half the dad he is when the time comes These are fun reads but to call them just that does quite a disservice to them and the author Pick them up and enjoy them for what they are if you wish, peel back a couple of layers for a funnier look at what s on offer, peel back even layers to be truly in awe of a great talent at work with a satirical view on life, politics and the world in general Only one in the sub series to go, quite sad times.If you enjoy this try Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

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    Samuel Vimes, to me, is the most fascinating character in the discworld series to watch his growth from a disillusioned drunkard in Guards Guards up till the current book fatherhood I enjoyed it tremendously I also enjoyed the idea of having the next generation with young Sam and Tiffany Aching, and trying to imagine little half werewolf half human brought up as half dwarf babies i truly want to get a peek into the future and see what lies in store for the discworld and ankh morpork At the same time, i m not sure if i m ready to see the end of my favourite characters quite yet i m thinking of the way raymond feist handled the jump into the future.I did have some problems with this book, mainly in terms of pacing and plot devices but on the whole it was what you d expect from a typical watch book, with the fascinating addition of a vampire in the watch , a character i look forward to seeing in the future books Didn t quite stand up to Nightwatch, but still had moments i especially liked the way Vimes reacted to having his family threatened.

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    Taking off my Granny Weatherwax hat this has to be one of the best Discworld novels ever written even though during my first read throughs as a younger person the Watch series didn t resonate with me the way it does now The I read Discworld, the my perspectives on each of the characters changed There s a scene in this book that had my heart pounding with the AMAZING trek Sam does through the underworld of the Dwarves Holy, shit If you ve read a few discworld books and you re not impressed, read this book This is why Brandon Sanderson compared him to Shakespeare This is why Patrick Rothfuss looked up to him as an inspiring writer This is why the Queen of England KNIGHTED this man This book is the culmination of many books which are developing Sam Vimes, from loser drunk alcoholic in a dead end job where the Night Watch is a failing profession He goes from the lowest of the low to a position of power and leadership but it s earned You re rooting for him the whole way and when he makes it it s so satisfying This book encompasses that aspect of his character and it s one of the best payoff arcs of the series.