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➵ [Read] ➱ This Victorian Life: Modern Adventures in Nineteenth-Century Culture, Cooking, Fashion, and Technology By Sarah A. Chrisman ➿ –

We All Know That The Best Way To Study A Foreign Language Is To Go To A Country Where It S Spoken, But Can The Same Immersion Method Be Applied To History How Do Interactions With Antique Objects Influence Perceptions Of The Modern World From Victorian Beauty Regimes To Th Century Bicycles, Custard Recipes To Taxidermy Experiments, Oil Lamps To An Ice Box, Sarah And Gabriel Chrisman Decided To Explore Th Century Culture And Technologies From The Inside Out Even The Deepest Aspects Of Their Lives Became Affected, And The Immersed They Became In The Late Victorian Era, The Aware They Grew Of Its Legacies Permeating The St Century In Her First Book, Victorian Secrets, Chrisman Recalled The First Year She Spent Wearing A Victorian Corset In This Victorian Life, Chrisman Picks Up Where Secrets Left Off And Documents Her Complete Shift Into Living As Though She Were In The Th Century

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    I waded through a lot of unnecessary background on everything from fountain pen ink to the over abundance of deer in the USA, that got very tedious very quickly, and I love deer and fountain pens On the other hand there was a serious lack of detail about the author s day to day Victorian life Yes, she makes all her period clothes by hand and she explains why she chooses to ignore that great Victorian invention the sewing machine But what techniques does she use and why does it take her months or even years to finish a garment Other areas of domestic life, such as laundry and housework, aren t mentioned at all If that s because she doesn t them the modern way, then fine, but she might just as well own up The couple do have electricity and a land line telephone, as well as a car, all of which existed in the late Victorian period, and internet, which of course didn t Again fine, but please don t pretend that your Victorian experiment is something that it isn t I love the Victorian era, why else would I have paid well over the odds for a Kindle book by an unknown author but its darker side is unacknowledged in this rosy glasses exploration of the period.The style is also wordy and pretentious in places, and in the end I was left with the feeling that the author wanted to write a book about her chosen lifestyle without giving too much away Somehow that made for a very unsatisfying read, so I m afraid I gave up on the book before the end.If you want a good book about daily life in the Victorian era I d recommend Ruth Goodman s How to be a Victorian.

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    The idea of this book is lovely, and many other authors, TV shows etc have fulfilled the premise very well and entertainingly However, the word I d use to describe this book is not informative or entertaining it s smug The author actually calls people who make mistakes or are not poker faced and deferential when representing history bigots similar to racists or homophobes I can t see a way we can put these things on a level playing field somehow and then goes on to congratulate herself in great detail for various things that many modern people still do as hobbies.If you want to read about the era, get a book by a historian, not a niche hipster.

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    Excellent book Informative and a mine of information for an author researching this era Also great for the a history student and a gem for a teacher to rouse their pupils interest in Victoriana It also reads as an romance holding the readers attention. Highly recommend this.

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    Interesting book.

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    Bought this as a present Arrived very quickly.

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    I loved this book in so many ways It is a very personal memoir of a fascinating woman Sarah Chrisman combined her life long fascination with the Victorian Era with what she learned from cultural immersion as a student of International Studies Just as she lived in France and Japan so she learned about the Victorian period The difference between Chrisman and the TV reality shows with a similar premise is that Sarah has made a lifetime commitment to her passion This gives her many unique insights, particularly in how much work a home might be and debunking many misconceptions about corset wearing Unlike some reviewers, I was glad she included people s reactions to her lifestyle I am fortunate enough to live in a multi cultural city with people who wear traditional clothing from all over the world It is not strange to see women in long, weighty ankle length dresses here It is fascinating to hear that a hundred years can turn one form of living unacceptable even in a free country I love that this book celebrates our freedom to experiment and follow our passions I read it often to remind myself to take pleasure in life.