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Time Is A Resource Everyone Knows It Has To Be ManagedAnd On Discworld That Is The Job Of The Monks Of History, Who Store It And Pump It From The Places Where It S Wasted Like Underwater How Much Time Does A Codfish Need To Places Like Cities, Where There S Never Enough TimeBut The Construction Of The World S First Truly Accurate Clock Starts A Race Against, Well, Time, For Lu Tze And His Apprentice Lobsang Ludd Because It Will Stop Time And That Will Only Be The Start Of Everyone S ProblemsThief Of Time Comes Complete With A Full Supporting Cast Of Heroes And Villains, Yetis, Martial Artists And Ronnie, The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse Who Left Before They Became Famous

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    I could repeat what all the other reviews have said about this book, but I m not You should read it for a total of five reasons.1 Susan one of the best characters ever 2 Pratchett s character of Death rules.3 The wonderful use of chocolate in the novel.4 Mrs War5 One of the best descriptions of a school room ever.

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    Well, I did not love Lu Tze, or the History Monks, or the Glass Clock plotBUT, this being a Pratchett book, it was easy to find plenty of other things to go gaga over This exchange between Susan and her grandfather They re going to do something to time I thought they weren t allowed to do things like that NO BUT HUMANS CAN IT HAS BEEN DONE ONCE BEFORE No one would be that stu Susan stopped Of course someone would be that stupid Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying End of the World Switch PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH, the paint wouldn t even have time to dry. The monks visit to Qu to see the new toys exploding mandalas and prayer drum garottes Death s hilarious attempts to rally the other Horsemen for the Apocalypse Susan s unusual teaching techniques What precisely was it you wanted, Madam she said It s only that I ve left the class doing algebra, and they get restless when they ve finished Algebra said Madam Frout, perforce staring at her own bosom, which no one else had ever done But that s far too difficult for seven year olds Yes, but I didn t tell them that and so far they haven t found out, said Susan. There was a raven named Quoth.That s one good thing about the Discworld series even if you don t like the book as a whole, parts of it are sure to make you smile.

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    This was my first exposure to the work of Terry Pratchett As a long time Douglas Adams fan, I had heard Pratchett s name many times, but never took the time to actually read one of his books I grabbed this one because the plot sounded interesting, and when I read the jacket at home, I noticed it was part of the Discworld series Curious about how to properly start the series, a lump formed in my throat as I discovered that there are thirty two Discworld novels, and that s not counting four young adult novels, several graphic novels, multiple short stories, and a few science novels In fact, there s even a flowchart displaying the proper reading order for eight different sub plots within the Discworld series Though this book is near the end of a reading order, I noticed that it was only loosely connected to the other books, so I went ahead and started reading I could tell that I d be reading Pratchett and Discworld books in the future shortly after I started The Discworld is a mythology very similar to what you find in Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, but much irreverent A very fun read so much so that I decided to start at the beginning of this sub plot reading order Death Novels and read Pratchett.

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    Kwai Chang Caine and Master Kan sit meditating, sipping tea and discussing Terry Pratchett s 2001 Discworld novel Thief of Time.Master Kan Please tell me, young Caine, what was your favorite part of Sir Pratchett s book.Caine I liked it all, master, but I suppose I most liked the character Lobsang Ludd.Master Kan Why is that grasshopper Caine Master, he was an apprentice to the great Lu Tze, who was only a sweeper, and yet he was so much , he traded his deserved greatness for a lowly position amongst the History Monks.Master Kan And why, young student, does this interest you Caine His humility and cleverness stood in contrast to his Lobsang s talents Lobsang was much than he appeared as well.Master Kan Indeed, young one And what of the recurring Discworld character of Death, what did you think of Pratchett s portrayal of death in this his 26th novel of the series Caine He is a wise and powerful anthropomorphic personification of Death He is also one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Sir Terry introduced us to a fifth horseman Master Kan Indeed he did Did this presentation give you enjoyment Caine Oh yes, master, I smiled frequently throughout my reading and laughed out loud several times.Master Kan Time, this is a major element of the book as well Tell me, young Caine, how did you like this aspect of Pratchett s work.Caine I liked it, master It was not as confusing as many time travel books, and it was not really like a time travel book, but about time itself and how time affects the Discworld.Master Kan Well said young one, and what of Susan, Death s granddaughter Caine Yes, master, she was in the book as well, and I think that I would like to read Discworld books featuring her, she is a remarkable person.Master Kan We know that where there is no contention, there is neither defeat nor victory The supple willow does not contend against the storm, yet it survivesCaine Um master, I do not understand how this saying is connected with a discussion of Thief of Time or of Susan.Master Kan Master Kan In one lifetime a man knows many pleasures a mother s smile in waking hours, a young woman s intimate, searing touch, and the laughter of grandchildren in the twilight years To deny these in ourselves is to deny that which makes us one with nature.Caine Oooo Kay I m just going to go find Master Po.Master Kan By knowing that when we truly love it is never lost It is only after death that the depth of the bond is truly felt and our loved one becomes a part of us than was possible in life.Caine Master Po Master Kan is stuck again

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    Re read 7 29 19Cheese and Chaos, time and death, the grand auditors of the universe, and every kung fu movie ever made.Does this sum up this novel Yep, pretty much Some parts in the middle dragged a bit, but getting all the horsemen together and Ronnie sped it up a great deal And is it just me, or do Ronnie and Gaspode need their own novels An epic team up, perhaps Maybe it s just me And, oh, the end this novel actually brought a tear to my eye.

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    Welcome to Discworld As we all know, things work a little different on Discworld though Susan does not approve.This goes for Time as well Thus, only the experts can manage time thes eexperts are called the Venerable Monks of History and they store it and pump it from where it s wasted like underwater how much time does a codfish really need after all to places like cities where people lament Oh, where does the time go.After discovering a remarkable thief in Ankh Morpork s Guild of Thieves, the monks take in young Lobsang and he is trained by the legendary Lu Tze At the same time, young Jeremy, member of the Guild of Watchmakers, is tasked with building a very special clock indeed, one known only from the Book of Grim Tales This, it would seem, is a very bad idea, however Why Well, because the Auditors are back again with a new plan to end humanity as we are chaos than they can stomach.Since this means the end of the world, we also get a certain number of Horsemen of the Apocalypse That is, if they can be persuaded to ride once The assortment of characters in this was truly fantastic from the newbies Jeremy, Lobsang and Lu Tze as well as all the other monks , to the familiar ones like Nanny Ogg, Death, Susan and an Igor They were a wonderful mix that tried to figure out what was going on and how to stop it Or they were just there for the eyeballs Time People s perception of and what we do with it, every trope from every martial arts movie ever made incl The Matrix , myths about Tibet and tropes from Wushu Chinese stories of chivalry and Zen, even robotics logic and quantum mechanics Since this is about stolen time, it s also a nod to a German children s book classic called Momo which I find really cool I wasn t expecting half as much from this book as from other volumes in the series and so, naturally, got one of the best books in the series, of course lol Death s uncanny look at humanity that his granddaughter makes even poignant, the Auditors and how the whole mess teaches us so much about ourselves as humans, Lu Tze s teachings that aren t quite as ridiculous as they seem at first glance, the look at children s education thanks to Susan and her workplace, Nanny s take on well, everything there is almost no end to topics this master storyteller interwove perfectly here.The Disc is my home but some books shine than others and this is one of those underrated books in my opinion Terry Pratchett had a way of making you suspect nothing, only to jump out from behind you and whack you over the head with profound observations and just a pinch of advice A brilliant entry in an even brilliant series that made me enjoy every second of my time spent the puns you can use after reading this book are innumerable.

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    3 26 20046 27 2014I don t know why I didn t review this one before Death is featured, but once again, play is given to granddaughter Susan, who, in the ongoing move to Discworld modernity, is now an elementary school teacher There is an impending apocalypse caused by the Auditors again We also get a few new characters one a very talented clockmaker, another a novice under Lo Tze the time monk Marvelous fun along the way as Pratchett explores what time means to humans Such fun There s a yeti.I should note that reading the Death novels in order has really made me love them At the moment Susan is my favorite character, although that could change as I read the other sequences.7 20 2016Veronica could not be swayed by my suggestion that she read Pratchett, but a reputable someone at Summer Ventures recommended one Now she believes.Library copy.

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    A small disclaimer for this review I read this book mostly while I had a fever, so I can t be held accountable for accuracy.This is the second Pratchett book I ve read and though I enjoy him, it s hard for me to shake the thought that I m reading Douglas Adams light, set in a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy land instead of sci fi outer space That s not altogether a bad thing though b c I Adams is one of my very favorite authors and he did not leave this world with too many books Thief of Time, appropriately, had some really interesting observations on the nature of time How we spend it, waste it, kill it, etc These observations made the book for me It is generally funny, the characters enjoyable and quirky enough, but it s kind of run of the mill stuff you ve seen before But the peppering of genius dissections made it rise above It was one of those books you just tear through, sucking down the story, but then out of nowhere you re struck by this quick, sentence long kernel of knowledge that he nonchalantly threw in there and you re stopped dead in your tracks You read it 5 times over, marveling at it s ingenuity and simplicity And that s what I liked best about this book and in general what I love most about reading I live for those simple little observational nuggets Those things that the author, for the first time ever, took to a new level or in a new direction, that no one has ever taken it before Somewhere that makes perfect, elegant sense Written in a way that no one had ever been able to distill down it quite so purely before You know, that kind of boiled down perfection that I m not achieving in anyway in this review Unfortunately towards the end of this book, Pratchett gets a little caught up in the mystical mood and forgets he s writing a comedy, but the fact that he can distill at all makes him worth reading And it doesn t hurt that there s a grim reaper rat.

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    Thief of Time is the fifth and final book in the Death subseries of Discworld I ve always been a little iffy on this subseries, but I think this was my favorite of the five books The general story is that an Auditor has commissioned a clockmaker, Jeremy, to make a special clock What the Auditor doesn t tell Jeremy is that this clock will supposedly have the power to stop time, bringing an end, or at least a permanent pause, to the Discworld Death didn t actually get that much page time in this book Maybe that s partly why I enjoyed it I like Death in small doses, when he s being funny or clever or profound, but he starts to grate on my nerves in larger doses This was especially true in the first three books where he essentially shirked his responsibilities and let other people take up the slack for him Meanwhile, he went off and had what would be considered a mid life crisis if he were a human Happily, Death has seemed better grounded in these last two books, so I ve started enjoying his character .In this book, we finally get a chance to learn about the Auditors Unsurprisingly, Susan shows up again I enjoyed most of her sections, especially the ones at the beginning I also really liked the characters of Lu Tze and Lobsang who take up a large portion of the story They re mostly just your stereotypical well respected and mysterious monk with his exceptionally clever but impatient apprentice, at least at first, but they were fun characters The master apprentice portrayal is a common plot device in fantasy, but it s one that I tend to enjoy I expected this book to earn 4 stars up until maybe the last 25% or so, at which point I started to lose interest in the story Somehow the climatic events were the most boring parts to me, I think because it went too far into random chaos territory at times In the end, I decided on a rating of 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 on Goodreads.

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    There wasn t enough Death in this, but then again, he s done all his growing already in other books, so that was probably the smart choice I still really enjoyed it The actual main characters of this book are Death s granddaughter, Susan, who has reached the ultimate peak of her badassdom a history monk named Lu Tze and his apprentice, Lobsang The history monks are cool They live in this place where Time doesn t really exist, and their job is to basically monitor history, and in a sense Time, and protect both when and where they can When Death learns that once again someone is attempting to build the world s first truly accurate clock, he knows that only bad things will follow, and Susan, and Lu Tze and Lobsang get dragged in The bad guys in this one were actually really great They re called The Auditors, and they are these non corporeal beings who hate the physical universe because everything in it is so messy and antithetical to order and rules, which is basically what they are made of Only, to try and stop the physical universe from existing and get it under control, dammit, they decide to take on physical form, and well, things go badly for them after that.This book was very funny and I liked it a lot, but I will admit I don t actually understand what happened at the end there I just decided to go with it, though Still a little upset Death wasn t in this , but apparently there s one short story with him at the center, so at least I have that to look forward to And of course, he always makes cameos in the other Discworld books so it s not like I ll be saying goodbye forever yet After all just last book I was upset it was the last of the witches, and then Nanny Ogg went and showed up here in a pretty important role.