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[BOOKS] ✮ The Wrath of Truth (The Wages Of Sin #2) By L.E. Parker –

As The Earth Grows In Knowledge And Hell Begins To Tighten Its Hold, The Night Starts To Invade And Take Over At First The Crow Was Not A Concern For David It Was Expected However, As His Mind Begins To Disintegrate It Is Following Him Everywhere, Even In His Nightmares As Terror Becomes Him And Hell Presents In His Waking Hours And Yet Amongst The Creatures Of Evil One Begins To Confront An Ugly Truth Of Existence And With It Invites An Unholy Anger At Its Discovery, An Anger That Could Destabilise The Devil And Rip The Earth In Two When Hell Is To Unite To Ensure The Future Of Darkness, Fragile Alliances Begin To Fracture And With Wrath Blinding The Devil To Rationality, The Question Comes Whether It Will Be The Earth Or Hell That Will Break First The Second In APart Story Which Continues Your Journey To Become One With The Dark I look forward to the third volume. The series just gets better better loving how the characters are forming clearly some interesting twists to come