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It s taken me forever to read one of these Mrs Pollifax books because I just didn t think a book could be entertaining enough for me with the heroin being an old lady But then my sister told me how much she loves these books and how wonderfully fun and charming they are she even lent me her entire collection to read thanks, Mandy and I have been so delighted with these fun books and this charming character, Mrs Pollifax I couldn t have beenwrong or narrow minded It s so fun getting to read about all her adventures and the laughs are plentiful I highly recommend these books. This is a charming mystery that may require two things of the reader to be thoroughly enjoyed a recognition that it was written over 50 years ago, and the ability to suspend disbelief and not take things too seriously It is a humorous, fun, old fashioned spy novel which takes place during the Cold War White haired Mrs Pollifax with her extravagant hat, resourcefulness, and her persistent optimism is such an endearing character and this particular adventure which takes place in Mexico City and then behind the Iron Curtain in Albania is very entertaining This light read is the first of Dorothy Gilman s Mrs Pollifax series and was so enjoyable that I will read the next one The audio version contains no profanity, violence or gore, and is fun to listen to. Mrs Virgil Emily Pollifax Of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Was A Widow With Grown Children She Was Tired Of Attending Her Garden Club Meetings She Wanted To Do Something Good For Her Country So, Naturally, She Became A CIA Agent This Time, The Assignment Sounds As Tasty As A Taco A Quick Trip To Mexico City Is On Her Agenda Unfortunately, Something Goes Wrong, And Our Dear Mrs Pollifax Finds Herself Embroiled In Quite A Hot Cold War And Her Country S Enemies Find Themselves Entangled With One Unbelievably Feisty Lady Review written May 17, 20164 Stars A solid good old fashioned spy mystery with an unforgettable grey haired lovely lady Impressed and surprised An oldie spy novel next to classical from 1970 Book 1 of a big bunch I downloaded the 8 16 hrs audiobook a 2010 edition narrated by Barbara Rosenblat and I LOVED itMrs Virgil Emily Pollifax of New Brunswick, New Jersey, was a widow with grown children She was tired of attending her Garden Club meetings She wanted to do something good for her country This first in the series sends Emily on her first case after she successfully persuades a skeptical CIA recruitment officer that she is the best person for the job It wasn t that she had so much character, thought Mrs Pollifax, but rather that always in her life she had found it difficult to submit Yes, of course you feel that it s been 45 years since The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax first was published, but this was excellent Truly enjoying audiobook entertainment in the old school spy thriller genre Not always believable but with heart Add a FANTASTIC narration from Mrs Rosenblat Gosh, so much fun Even old housewife ladies perform great deeds and surprise you in the case of national security I LIKE grannies with gunpowder I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books I have the whole series and have gotten both my mother, my MIL and my Auntie in law totally hooked on these books WE LOVE THEM Where else can you find an older woman, bored with her life, who goes and applies to be in the CIA Its amazing YES, some of the stories are far fetched, but to me, that just adds to the intrigue of these books This is the first one and I recommend them to ANYONE I first read these books in Readers Digest Condensed when I was a teen and lived with my grandparents I loved it when a new book would come and it would have a Mrs Pollifax book in it So it was with great pleasure when I was able to buy the series in paperback and have them all the time I know I have read themthan twice, but since I don t remember the date when I first started buying the in paperback and reading them as I bought them , we will have to be satisfied with just the two dates I have I had forgotten a lot of things that happened in this book I had had them happening in a later book It was so good to read this again and revisit the world of Emily Pollifax I highly recommend these books to anyone who loves a little mystery and a lot of adventure. I love all the Dorothy Gilman books, the Mrs Pollifax mystery series as well as her other books outside the famous series I m reading my way through a couple of dozen of them now, back to back.What fun.I adore her deep insights about all kinds of people and the spiritual phenomena we encounter in every day life.Her stories always reveal the value of various kinds of people society tends to ignore unmarried, middle aged, and elderly people as well as minorities, misfits, outcasts, . Who doesn t love Mrs Pollifax or the novels chronicling her preposterous but weirdly believable adventures For the uninitiated and rush out to initiate yourselves, already , this is the first Mrs Pollifax novel She is a widow living in New Jersey in the 1960s, feeling depressed not so much because she s a widow as because she feels useless. She was able to go along in life so long as people needed her, but now she s questioning the very basis of her existence I suspect many women in their sixties experience these feelings, and here they are handled briskly and without unnecessary sentiment Mrs Pollifax s situation is poignant enough, and it s what she does about it that matters.For she s not so lost in sadness that she has forgotten to dream and what she has always dreamed about is being a spy Whyever not It s the depths of the Cold War and she s as patriotic as the next widow from New Jersey She loves her geraniums but they simply aren t cutting it for her any So off she goes to offer herself up to the CIA.Through an amusing concatenation of coincidences, she s actually hired as a courier, and we re launched on a rollicking adventure, about which I shall tell you nothing because I wouldn t spoil it for you for the world These novels are light entertainment on the surface, but are in fact a much deeper emotional experience than that implies There is real danger and real evil, but what matters is how Mrs Pollifax is tested and how her character is honed by events The spy saga is just the fancy dress around a beautifully told tale of how life can challenge an ordinary person and that person can prove to be great Mrs Pollifax is great and she specializes in offering others their own opportunity for greatness She succeeds through grit and goodness, and it s impossible not to root for her. Mrs Pollifax..a pleasant sixty something widow from NJ who decides to ask the CIA if she can help her country as an inconspicuous spy Written in 1966 with lots of Cold War complications, this was a fun little book I m sure I ll come back to this series when I need a change from darker novels. Cold War spy thriller, written in 1966, that manages to be both cozy and steely For the uninitiated like me , this is the first book in a series of old fashioned Cold War spy novels, featuring one Mrs Pollifax She s a rather fluffy, quirky and kindhearted lady in her 60s, with an unexpected core of steel You have to like her Mrs Pollifax is a widow who lives alone, and her despair at the monotony and lack of excitement in her life leads her to take a trip to the CIA offices in Washington DC and offer herself up as a spy Surprisingly, they take her up on it More surprisingly at least for the CIA , her adventure in Mexico City she was supposed to do a simple courier job turns out to be a lotdangerous than anyone expected.It s a quick read, mixing seriousness and humor, and it s great to see Mrs Pollifax rise to the occasion when things get tense and deadly and difficult It s easy to see that this was written in the sixties it has some stereotype characters and definitely isn t woke, despite the female author and main character, so don t bother digging this book up if some dated social attitudes are going to grate On the plus side, though, Mrs Pollifax definitely pushes far beyond the expectations that people have for an older woman.My friend Hana s advice to me made me laugh You just have to be in the mood and try and forget that the people the CIA was actually hiring at the time werealong the lines of mobsters like Sam Giancana than little old ladies with flowered hats D If it s a first read and you treat the whole series as something akin to parallel history time travel you will love it Parallel history time travel works for me April 2019 buddy read with the Retro Reads group. I thought I should change my tone here a bit I ve recently reviewed some audio books, mysteries that I listened to mainly because, well, I was looking fora book I figured any book was better than no book My wife loved whatever series it might happen to be and I listened to them because we had them out of the library anyway I wasn t all that taken with many of them They were sometimes well written, others not Either I liked or didn t like the main character that much On the whole I ve listened to a lot of audio books I didn t care for much or liked only a little.That is not the case with Dorothy Gilman s Mrs PollifaxI m not ordinarily a mystery fan, but these are wonderful books and don t really fit neatly under the mystery heading Again I picked the first up for my wife to listen to, listened to it as I drove my job involved a lot of driving after she was finished with it, and found it fantastic I come very close to giving this a 5 star rating and would call it a 4.5 When Mrs Pollifax comes to the CIA and accidentally finds herself heading to Mexico then ends up in an Albanian prison 1966 Cold War era communist Albanian behind the Iron Curtain Albania then manages to save the day it cracks me up In a plot that should strain the ability to suspend disbelief good story telling and humor not only saves all but drives the novel forward I tracked several of these down for my wifeand myself These are good Highly recommended, enjoy.