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There S Been A Murder Allegedly William De Worde Is The Discworld S First Investigative Journalist He Didn T Mean To Be It Was Just An Accident But, As William Fills His Pages With Reports Of Local Club Meetings And Pictures Of Humorously Shaped Vegetables, Dark Forces High Up In Ankh Morpork S Society Are Plotting To Overthrow The City S Ruler, Lord Vetinari

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    I think I ve only read this Pratchett novel once before, and on the re read, I enjoyed it than I expected to Don t get me wrong The worst Terry Pratchett novel is still wonderfully enjoyable And while I don t think this one is the best, it s among the best Definitely on his A list As a bonus, I think this book would be accessible to new readers, as most of the main characters are new, and the older characters are mostly there for support As I re read all the Discworld novels, one of the things that I appreciate and is their optimism After reading one of his books I get the feeling that the world is a good place There may be good people and bad people, but if you re one of the good folks, things will work out okay if you do your best and catch a little good luck I need to feel that way sometimes.

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    The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret.So it says on the cover of the Ankh Morpork Times Printer s error Maybe Maybe Terry Pratchett is up to his old tricks and this is a monster truck rally of Have At You intended to satirize journalism, government, free speech, and whatever else might get in the way.In 1980 Sting, lead singer, songwriter and bass player for The Police sang this Poets priests and politiciansHave words to thank for their positionsWords that scream for your submissionAnd no one s jamming their transmission Cos when their eloquence escapes youTheir logic ties you up and rapes youDe do do do de da da daIs all I want to say to you In 2000, Terry Pratchett first published his 25th Discworld novel The Truth It s about words It s about a free press, the first of it s kind in Ankh Morpork, and about the social, cultural and economic forces that weigh upon us and all of our decisions It s also about relationships and family and internal elements of our nature that keep us moving forward.Like most of Pratchett s work, there are ubiquitous and entertaining references and allusions to pop culture, history, art and whatever else strikes the fancy of this extraordinary writer my favorite here being numerous Watergate references.Just as in Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere, two criminals make an attempt to steal the show and damn near do Mr Pin and Mr Tulip are the Vincent and Jules of the Discworld dangerous loose cannons with good lines.Another excellent entry into the Discworld universe Because nothing has to be true forever Just for long enough, to tell you the truth.

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    The truth shall make ye free fret Despite their fear of that newfangled movable type, Ankh Morpork has FINALLY gotten a newspaper Young William de Worde is quite surprised when his page full of things written down is suddenly incredibly popular with the citizenry, and publishing a newspaper becomes a rather terrifying, learn as you go experience Should he listen to the advice of others or go with his gut Be careful People like to be told what they already know Remember that They get uncomfortable when you tell them new things New thingswell, new things aren t what they expect They like to know that, say, a dog will bite a man That is what dogs do They don t want to know that a man bites a dog because the world is not supposed to happen like that In short, what people think they want is news, but what they really crave is olds One thing William discovers early on is that people LIKE seeing their names and ages, for some reason in the paper, and soon he is overwhelmed with potential news items like which was the coldest winter ever and vegetables that resemble body parts Before long, he s got some competition in the form of THE INQUIRER, a tabloid that features headlines like Elves Stole My Husband This inexplicably popular, lying fish wrapper may even put HIS little paper out of business.And then there s that matter of William and his staff helping the Watch solve a mystery involving Lord VetinariWe meet some great new characters in this book, including Harry King, a combination night soil man recycling czar, and Otto, a vampire who s trying REALLY HARD NOT to be such a bloodsucker.This is a terrifically funny outing One of my favorite moments was when the search for a missing dog leads to a parking garage horse stable encounter with an informant named Deep Bone And this priceless story from The Ankh Morpork Times A miscreant stole 200 worth of silver from H Hogland and Son, Jewllrs., of Nonesuch Street yesterday p.m Mr Hogland, 32 who was threatened at knifepoint, told the Times I shall recognize the man if I should see him again because not many people have a stocking on their head Remember A lie can run around the world before the truth has got it s boots on.

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    I was astonished just now to read the following passage from a recent Time article about Donald Trump Ask him about these struggles and the braggadocio fades to fatalism All I can do is tell the truth, he says If that does it, that s great And if that doesn t do it, that s fine too Mr Trump, please call me as soon as possible I have an idea And I think you ll like it.

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    Pra et mi je ulep ao ovih par dana Sita sam se ismejala

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    I have a favorable bias toward the story of someone stumbling into the business of printed news This story isn t exactly analogous to my own I decided to start a magazine when the concept of magazines already existed William de Worde managed to invent the newspaper without even trying Terry Pratchett does a wonderful job of showing the form evolve in fast motion He also gives ample stage time here to two of my favorite Discworld characters Lord Vetinari and Commander Vimes And of course, as always, he manages to make every page humorous without making light of serious issues which he grapples with on, well, pretty much every page This was also terrific read aloud fare thanks to the character of Mr Tulip, who swears a lot Sort of Specifically, he says, ing all the time Pratchett makes it clear that he isn t doing the old fashioned removal of profanity with a dash left behind to show where the bad word was his character s dialogue is self cleaning, which leaves a lot of the other characters mystified It s a lot of fun to read Tulip s dialogue aloud with a solid working class British accent and lean on that dash before pronouncing the ing part Seriously Try it It sounds fantastic In fact, I might just use this as a replacement habit to give up swearing, since my son s been begging me to Kind of a nicotine patch for potty mouths Anyway Pratchett is such a skilled writer that you can jump into the Discworld books anywhere and enjoy them just fine, but I think this one is even better than usual in that regard If you haven t read him before, this novel is a great place to start If you have read him and haven t read The Truth yet, what on earth are you ing waiting for

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    Re ReadAhhh, the start of the industrial revolution, as seen through the eyes of The News, Discworld style, and it s Ing fun Ing right, I say Ing stuff keeps bleeding through from our universe to Discworld and some might say the folk there JUST AREN T READY for change and crap like this, but ING THAT.Dibbler has his finger on the pulse of the time all right even if it s bleeding cause he cut it And Word He s all right The truth is, he s just getting caught up in the spirit of the Ing times.Maybe not my favorite Industrial novel in Ing Discworld, but it serves its journalistic bleeding satirical Ing edge.

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