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The Tigress of Forli Kindle Ä The Tigress PDF/EPUB

Wife mother leader warrior Caterina Riario Sforza was one of the most prominent women in Renaissance Italy and one of the most vilified In this glittering biography Elizabeth Lev re examines her extraordinary life and accomplishments     Raised in the court of Milan and wed at age ten to the Pope's corrupt nephew Caterina was ensnared in Italy's political intrigues early in life After turbulent years in Rome's papal court she moved to the Romagnol province of Forli Following her husband's assassination she ruled Italy's crossroads with iron will martial strength political savvy and an icon's fashion sense In finally losing her lands to the Borgia family she put up a resistance that inspired all of Europe and set the stage for her progeny including Cosimo de Medici to follow her example to greatness     A rich evocation of Renaissance life The Tigress of Forli reveals Caterina Riario Sforza as a brilliant and fearless ruler and a tragic but unbowed figure

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