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Der Staat im dritten Jahrtausend ePUB ✓ Der Staat

Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein is able to look at the modern nation state from many different angles as a head of state as a politician who had to win popular votes in a direct democracy as a businessman active in different continents and as an historian who has studied the influence of military technology transportation and the economy on the workings of the state The State in the Third Millennium analyzes the forces that have shaped human history in the past and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future These include religions ideologies military technology and economics Prince Hans Adam explores ways to make the traditional democratic constitutional state both democratic and efficient He also discusses strategies on how to realise worldwide the modern democratic constitutional state in the third millennium He observes that citizens should no longer be viewed as servants of the state but rather that states be converted into benevolent service companies which serve the people as their customersThis is an elegant original and lucidly argued work which will attract all students and observers of modern statecraft

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