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The Spirit of Intimacy Ancient African Teachings in the

Key Features And Benefits First book by one of the most prominent teachers of indigenous spirituality in the West Draws upon the ancient teachings of native Africa to give insights into the nature of intimate relationships Explains the necessary foundation for healthy lasting relationships spirit community and ritual Explores indigenous ideas of love sex marriage childbirth relationship renewal and conflict and applies their teachings to the modem world Powerful insights into the nature of attraction divorce and loss Presents specific rituals and group and private ceremonies to help nourish relationships Suggestions for improving intimate life are based on seminars and workshops given by the author to thousands of students in the US and Western Europe Explores such topics as how to find a partner how to maintain healthy intimate relationships and the meaning of conflict Applies profound teachings of an indigenous people to a complex contemporary world Offers specific rituals for intimate partners and the community which supports them Discusses the nature and role of gay and lesbian sexuality

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    Are your relationships guided by ego and control or are they guided by spirit? And what would that look like a relationship guided by spirit? Allow Sobonfu to offer the wisdom from pre colonial Bhurkino Faso — from the Dagara tribewhere remnants of whole relationships rooted in community and mutual trust and understanding still exist This book is a beautiful and easy to read collection of thoughts debunking the Western notions of ‘romance’ and ‘privacy’