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Knjiga nastavlja ta mo tamo di je prethodna zavr ila sa skoro istim tempom od po etka do kraja Puno akcije, nadmudrivanja, pomalo ekspozicije a i upoznajemo par interesantnih novih likova.Na alost knjiga ima par problme bar za mene koji se provla e kroz ceo serijal Likovi bi trebalo da su prepuni iskustva, lukavi i izuzetno pametni tu mislim na besmrtnike ali na alost uop te ne dobijam ose aj da su genijalni Kroz celu knjigu itam kako je neko pametan, i mo e da uti e na tok istorije itd ali svu tu genijalnost uop te nevi am na delu Magijski sistem je o ajno obja njen Odnosno uop te nije obja njen i imam ose aj da se pravila konstantno menjaju Nemamo jasne naznake kako to sve funkcioni e pa kada neko i ne to uradi uop te nema ose aj odu evljenja ili zabezeknutosti a trebalo bi kada itamo reakcije ostalih likova Flamel bi trebalo da je alhemi ar Kolko znam to je vi e kao hemi ar, zna i rad za stolom ili kazanom ili ne to sli no dok ovde u knjigama on sve radi kao klasi an arobnjak itdSve je lepo napisano i tempo vu e da se ita, jedino kada zavr im sa knjigom i krenem da razmi ljam vidim kolko mi stvari bode o i.Al dobro, nekako sam se vezao za blizance tako da nastavljam dalje. Anyone among you a fan of Shakespeare Get ready for some entertaining reading as Scott raise the stakes with each installment I have to say, he is the master of his genre and continues the thrilling journey through history s myths and legends.The Sorceress is an adventure in its own and it is definitely worth following Michael Scott has created a perfect epic fantasy world filled with legendary characters.In order to to properly understand the plot, I would certainly reccomend you read the series in sequence starting with The Alchemyst, As you read through the series, I advise you to google the characters.Seriously, Who wouldn t love a novel with a little bit of history Here is one of many of my favorite lines in the novel I spend all my time trying to keep thoughts away and ignore them.But here you are, trying to remember your own life, writing your thoughts down so that you don t forget I suddenly realized what it would be like not to know, not to remember Michael Scott The Sorceress Muy buen libro Me gust m s que los anteriores Este no se me hizo para nada pesado, hay m s acci n y escenas que me encantaron Ya estoy ansioso por empezar el siguiente, del que no tengo dudas de que ser igual de bueno, o quiz mejor. Okay I know this has taken me forever, but this book really felt like a step up from the first two It looks like they stick with the same narrator from here on out though, which will be nice The thing I love most about these books is the interweaving of various historical figures if not for them I would say this was a straight rip off of PJO or HP or what have you Very entertaining. This series continues to frustrate me I m enjoying the books enough to keep reading, but my poor husband is sick of hearing me rant about plot holes and poor writing Major spoilers It frustrates me that information keeps being repeated over and over again I know I m reading the books with only a few days or week in between and they were originally written years apart and the reader had to be reminded But not constantly, and we don t need reminders of things that happened previously in the same book Yet we revisit basic facts over and over The books could easily have been a hundred pages less if the editing had been tighter At one point the characters talk about how Dee has been searching for centuries for Clarent Then later Dee is confident that he will be able to find Josh any time he wants because Josh has the sword and Excalibur always points towards its twin But if that s true then why didn t he find Clarent years ago I am also frustrated by the world building Distinctions keep being made between sorcery, magic, and alchemy, yet so far we have not seen any practical difference, other than that Perenelle can talk to ghosts All of these powers appear to be manipulating the aura And if they all involve aural manipulation, then what is the point of spells and cantrips and whatnot And if becoming an Elemental master is so incredibly easy that the knowledge can be transferred in a few minutes, why haven t the Flamels learned I m guessing this is a plot point in a later book, but I d expect one of the twins to bring it up They re remarkably willing to just go with the flow, though, unless it furthers the plot for them to be angry It also bugs me that the older characters speak every language ever And that the introduction of these languages always includes some variation of the phrase a language that had not been spoken for 3,000 years Yes, they are all very old, and they are very well traveled and well educated, but languages still take time to learn I can t remember now who it was that said how many languages they knew, but I do recall doing out the math such that they d have had to be learning a new language every two years or so That s not much time to become completely fluent, particularly in multiple dialects and in some dead languages that only a handful of people speak aloud.Also, it took Saint Germane less than five minutes to teach Sophie the Magic of Fire Granted the house has been destroyed and there is the press to deal with, but really Five minutes couldn t have been spared to teach Josh too After I finished the first book in the series the Alchemyst I decided that I should read the rest of the series before I gave a review But I find my self finishing the third book in the series and really have to reconsider reading the last three So I think I ll take a break and write a review and decide later whether or not I ll finish.I did not like this book, in fact I did not like the two before it The problem is that the idea or concept of the series is great and compelling But there are so many problems that take away from that idea or concept that it makes it hard to continue, so I ll start with what I like before going in to what I dislike.What I like The concept that some of our histories most influential characters are immortal and have been working in the shadows along side the characters of our myths fighting our nightmares is thrilling It is apparent that the author did extensive research of the characters so the reader if not sure about that character could simply pull up a search engine and read about them.That s just about the only saving grace of the series, and the only reason I continued to read after book one and maybe why I might read books four thru six.What I dislike Let us start with the characters because I do like them, for the main characters the author gives a good amount of detail about the appearance and mentality as they experience the following five days of the three books You begin trusting Nicholas Flamel from the start and slowly question that trust as the events revel of his past and the things he has done But he is a one note character, who never really tells us anything or has any growth in the story Maybe it s because he s over six hundred year old, but I feel it is because the author never really flushed out the character He just needed a mentor who could just do things and that is how the Flamel s are justified when things happen.The Twins are Fifteen and a Half as the continue to remind us through out the books and every chance they get they are either stating that they are not children or they are complaining about the events that are happening around them I realize that teenagers can act like that but it gets real tiresome after the first few pages The fact that they begin to understand what s happening around them and continually accept that they have a role to play in the battles and even want the power that they are training for, for them to constantly whine and complain about how they are no longer normal is so bothersome that I honestly hope they die in the series I know that s mean and it is a Young Adult book so that s not going to happen, but I do find myself wondering why I care about the main characters, the are not driving the plot, and everything the acquire is given to them with no real effort, it even seems like it not that big of a deal.Which brings me to the monsters that our characters are fighting against Think about all the evils in all the stories through myth that makes up the bad guys of the books Our main characters are suppose to be fighting against the most terrible and horrible things through out our myths and nightmares but the fights last no then a few minutes and are resolved with no then a flick of a finger at times It feels most times that the things that are suppose to terrify us and keep us rooting for the good guys are so simple to defeat that a child no older the three could defeat them and win the day How is this a struggle that could bring about the end of the world and how has this been raging on through all of history Not once do I feel like anyone is in moral danger, not when they fight the Creatures that have hunted and feed off humans from the beginnings of time or when they are fighting running from the Gods of myth It s silly really.Last there is the writing of the book that really pissed all over a great concept Not only does it feel like the author spends 7 8 of the book stroking of his English degree by restating the same facts over every chapter but he also puffs up the chapter count by ending one chapter and starting then next one right in the middle of a scene, staying in the same point of view and addressing the same idea One chapter will finish half way through a sentence and the very next will pick up finishing that sentence with out there really needing an interruption If you are teaching the teens about the magic of water and that is what you are doing in the chapter there is no need to cut it off half or a third way thru and pick it right back up on the following chapter s , just make it all one chapter You don t have to tell us that Nicholas Flamel was using the alias Nick Flemming every time you reference the character after the initial reveal We get, we can under stand that he was using an alias and you don t have to remind us every time.What these books need is a editor to go through them and condense the first three into what could be half a novel and I will go ahead and assume that the remaining three could be edited down to the last half of the novel making one complete and ok book Then the editor should take those six books and Slap the crap out of the author for a good hour for each book and tell him to do it better because this would make a great novel if you can wade through all the shit and piss to pull out the good parts.End of Line 4 Stars Holy buckets don t miss that epilogueThe two that are one, he mumbled, the one that is allI thought that phrase was used WAY too much, but now I m on board again About the time my eyes gloss over, I am reminded why I love this series It has absolutely nothing to do with the magic system which btw, is explained away with at the heart of all magic is imagination I also don t care for the twins, Josh or Sophie So, I can t put my finger on exactly why I really like this series, but that doesn t bother me because I do have fun with it It s one of those series that I love, then put down for way too long, and then wonder why I didn t just finish it already I still absolutely LOVE Perenelle and I hope there is a lot coming from her as the series continues She s cunning, but I m holding out for her spectacular moment that has been given a lot of foreshadowing Audiobook Performance Baca bareng Naga..Pernah membayangkan tiba tiba nih kita sedang asik duduk di dalam Trans Jakarta, bus umum atau transportasi umum lainnya atau bahkan saat kita sedang ditengah keramaian Di hadapan kita ada sosok lelaki tinggi besar dengan raut tegas, yang ternyata adalah Gajah Mada Atau melihat seorang wanita dengan muka yang ramah dan keibuan, yang ternyata RA Kartini Apa yang akan kalian lakukan Di buku ke tiga ini Scott perlahan mulai memasang puzzle untuk keseluruhan ceritanya yah walaupun belum terbentuk secara keseluruhan setidaknya mulai tergambar Tetap memasukan segala macam mitos, legenda ke dalam cerita mencampur aduk menjadi satu mebuat terasa seperti segelas fruit punch Secara judul The Sorceress sudah pasti buku ini menceritakan sesosok bernama Perenelle Flamel Memang porsi Perry dibuku ini tidak banyak Tetapi karena porsi yang sedikit ini membuat ceritanya jadi keren Ibarat bumbu di masakan kalau kebanyakan garam pan jadi tidak enak Sejak buku pertama memang sosok Perry sudah memikat hati, sosoknya mengagumkan serta penuh misteri Yang selalu bertindak dibelakang layar ini lha yang patut diwaspadai.Lalu siapa Si Kembar dalam Legenda yang sejak di The ALchemyst selalu disebut Benarkah Sophie dan Josh Pertanyaan itu timbul saat saya menutup buku ini Dua yang menjadi satu Satu yang mencakup semuanya Setelah menyelesaikan buku ini, jadi merhatiin covernya dengan seksama dan langsung mengangguk paham kenapa semua edisi dari buku ini bercover sama Semua clue dari cerita ada di cover hahaha Simbol simbol yang tertera di cover secara tersirat menggambarkan cerita akan seperti apa.Mr Scott kau memang pakarnya legenda dan mitos, selama ini kau memakai mitos dari daratan Eropa Amerika Saya tantang kau untuk memasukan mitos dari daratan Asia Dan kalau dilihat dari cover Buku ke 4 The Necromancer ada simbol tulisan Asia, mitos negara mana yang akan kau ambil untuk petualangan Si Kembar Asia Timur tebakan saya. Scott stays consistent with his storytelling I love the inclusion of Shakespeare and Billy the Kid in this one It was a fun read, but not too different than the rest There s no big surprises any, only a fun storyline I do have to say that Scott over uses the phrase takes a deep breath All his characters seem to be doing yoga lol I get it though and fault him little We all have our crutches I love all the places we visit as the reader and the battle scenes never disappoint This is a good series that delivers a fun fantasy for young readers I will keep on reading on. Book Three In The New York Times Bestselling SeriesNicholas Flamel S Heart Almost Broke As He Watched His Beloved Paris Crumble Before Him The City Was Destroyed By Dee And Machiavelli, But Flamel Played His Own Role In The Destruction Sophie And Josh Newman Show Every Sign Of Being The Twins Of Prophecy, And Flamel Had To Protect Them And The Pages From The Dark EldersBut Nicholas Grows Weaker With Each Passing Day Perenelle Is Still Trapped In Alcatraz, And Now That Scatty Has Gone Missing, The Group Is Without Protection Except For Clarent The Twin Sword To Excalibur But Clarent S Power Is Unthinkable, Its Evil Making It Nearly Impossible To Use Without Its Darkness Seeping Into The Soul Of Whoever Wields ItIf He Hopes To Defeat Dee, Nicholas Must Find An Elder Who Can Teach Josh And Sophie The Third Elemental Magic Water Magic The Problem The Only One Who Can Do That Is Gilgamesh, And He Is Quite, Quite Insane From The Hardcover Edition