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The Sorcerer's Soul The Second Supplement for Sorcerer

Bring your Sorcerer game into the most terrible realm of all the human heartThe basic game asks How far will you go to get what you want? This supplement is all about the answers and about role playing to make them matterRules expansions and guidelines for Understanding customizing and making the most of the central game mechanic Humanity Possessor and Parasite demons human demon transformations human demon hybrids and all manner of other confusions Angels You thought the demons were scary?Innovative role playing methodsEver wonder how to generate powerful stories through role playing? Does it ever seem like what characters do and what stories are about just never get together? The relationship map method of scenario preparation offers a solutionThree scenario examples illustrate the relationship map technique and how to apply it to a wide range of Humanity definitions and settings The Forbidden Tome modern California The Day of Dupes 17th century Paris and The Enchanted Pool fairy tale medieval Europe

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