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[Leer] ➲ The Segovia Scales: Illustrated with Standard Notation, Tablature, and Fretboard Diagrams Autor Sean Thrower –

Really nice, good price Diatonic Major And Minor Scales By Andr S Segovia Was Published InAnd Consisted OfScales,Major AndMinor, For Which He Applied His Own Unique Fingerings Here In This Book, Those Scales Are Re Illustrated Using A Combination Of Standard Notation, Tablature, And Fretboard Diagrams This Makes Them Easier To Read, Quicker To Learn, And Accessible To People Also Included In The Material Is An Explanation Of How Segovia Organized The Scales, A Reference Page Displaying TheFinger Patterns Used To Play All Of The Scales, And Practice Tips For Increasing Speed And Accuracy Sean provides a guided introduction to the Segovia scales with clear and concise diagrams that help the student learn the root and shifting points both ascending and descending I highly recommend this book to any student of the guitar. I like this book I have the Segovia diatonic scales but never understood them really This is very helpful It shows basic scales covering the different keys and guides you through each one It includes diagrams of finger patterns up and down scales with shift points Includes circle of fifths Now, I just have to do the work. The author uses Segovia and but has patterns consistently going to the 19th fret This is just a bunch of repetitive musical claptrap for novice and electric guitar players I could write a farengaging book Try writing a c major scale on staff paper, pretty simple right Now try playing it in various positions on your guitar Now write an A melodic minor scale on staff paper just raise the 6th and 7th degrees so in this case you have an f sharp and g sharp Play this scale in various positions on your guitar In essence you have this book in a nutshell There is no mention of modes or other tonalities just the circle of 4ths which gives you a scheme for changing keys There has to be better material available than this Sooner or later you re going to have to learn how to think and this book is an impediment to that.