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What if goodreads doesn t adhere to half stars rating system We have always the option of providing us with one ourselves, don t we roughly the equivalent of 4.5 stars, but still remains higher than 5 Serves my propensity for loose rating very well We now know what 18 year old girls of yore, who didn t live their lives at the rate of 20 texts per minute, 50 cuss words per hour, 30 books per month, were doing when they had nothing important to do driving around the town in their convertibles solving mysteries and helping people in dire straits NANCY DREW , for example Why, you stole my pencil Why, you ate my share of the pumpkin pie Why, you are home early If that was the popular cry of surprise you grew up hearing everyday, then you probably lived in a household where Nancy Drew was a permanent occupant either you were the one smitten by the young sleuth or you spent several hours of the day wondering how your sister could be so engrossed in a girl who didn t have half the fan base that Sherlock Holmes commended Either way, you know Why was the most preferred way of beginning a sentence, if someone sneaked up on you or appropriated some thingummy that was rightfully yours, thanks to Carolyn Keene OVERVIEW Nancy Drew s is a family of three Carson Drew, Nancy s lawyer father, without whose help, Nancy s endeavours will go up in smoke and her detective dreams will remain plain will o the wisp Hannah Gruen, the affable housekeeper, who has come to take the place of Nancy s second mother her own mother passed away when she was still young and always pays attention to the littlest of things that Nancy has to say The Secret Of The Old Clock is Nancy s debut detective work and it has Nancy chasing the will made by the rich old man, Josiah Crowley, whose possessions were forcibly bequeathed to the churlish Tophams In a bid to help the deserving Hoovers and Turners and Williams, Nancy tries to recover the elusive later will from the Tophams, which might benefit the abovesaid families immensely And, in the process, she runs into a couple of burly thieves and comes close to a life threatening situation ANALYSIS CONS OF THE NANCY DREW EXPERIENCE You will find the insipid monologues very off putting You ll never see the end of I was almost certain I d find the notebook, she murmured in disappointment But a moment later she took heart again It must be here somewhere, she told herself kind of sentences and I will attribute it to the lack of a sidekick Nancy could certainly have afforded to have a lackey or a lover boy in her tow wouldn t have been bad either I am sure that we will get to see Nancy s partner in uncrimein the subsequent books Carolyn Keene is the executor who plays Nancy like a fiddle And, in the game, when Nancy hits a stumbling block, the author comes up with an ironical clue which is the answer itself imagine the scenario in which you play seek the object with a kid and tell him to look behind the door and leave the object itself in that place instead of the clue Stop complaining, this book is intended forkids PROS Nancy Drew Nancy Drew Nancy Drew Don t give me that look That girl is the height of awesomeness, you know VERDICT Nancy Drew is the kind of book that tells you get off your ass and make yourself useful rather than stick your ass on the couch and read all day It sends your adrenal rather than amygdala into overdrive You are locked up in a cupboard and left to suffocate, your launch goes kaput in the middle of the lake and you are left to starve and you survive all of this enough derring do for people to call you an adrenaline junky Nancy Drew is what you are looking for when you want respite from the saturnine, cynical and sardonic Holmes or Poirot and want a breezy, lighthearted and lilliputian alternative to the blood and gore that comes with the high profile sleuthing typical of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie and the like Ergo, if you are looking to re live your childhood well spent or make amends for all the time lost in everything but Nancy Drew, now is the time Get in the backseat of Nancy s blue convertible and set out for an adventure filled ride This was a reread for me and goes back to my childhood I use to love this series and have decided to reread this series It reminds me so much of my Grandma who always came over to visit me with a new Nancy Drew book and I was always so excited to read it I had to give it 5 stars because this is the mystery series that actually gave me the love of reading If I never of picked this book up I might not of ever of got into reading, which would of been very sad, because reading is just so much fun for me.In this book you have Nancy Drew who follows into her Dads footsteps and becomes a sleuth into a mystery of a Will that happened to be a mystery and Nancy has to find the new will before it is too late.I never have reread this series but I am happy that I finally plunged into them because all of the childhood memories came back to me I even remembered in one part of the story what happened because it meant so much as a child to me and remembered my first reading experience Overall I think this is an excellent book and starts out the series very well I can t wait to read the next one to remind meof my childhood memories Nancy, Unaided, Seeks To Find A Missing Will To The Surprise Of Many, The Topham Family Will Inherit Wealthy Josiah Crowley S Fortune, Instead Of Deserving Relatives And Friends Who Were Promised Inheritances Nancy Determines That A Clue To A Second Will Might Be Found In An Old Clock Mr Crowley Had Owned And She Seeks To Find The Timepiece Her Search Not Only Tests Her Keen Mind, But Also Leads Her Into A Thrilling Adventure A solid start to the series that got me started on not only mysteries, but also series reads Nancy Drew embodies everything a girl hopes to be smart, athletic, ingenious, brave, friendly, fun, pretty, adventurous well, I could go on and on, but you get the picture I love trying to solve the mystery along with Nancy, although it is easier now as an adult and after I have already read it before Recommended to children as a suspenseful, action packed mystery that they can work to solve alongside Nancy Recommended to adults for an easy, nostalgic mystery read. 3.5 starsThis was fun to revisit I read the whole Nancy Drew series as a kid and reading this again brought lots of great memories back.The Secret of the Old Clock is the definition of a cozy mystery and likely started the trend in the first place It was really enjoyable to read again I hope to continue reading this series off and on over the next few years It s nostalgic to revisit books that you ve read as a child. I see this edition is actually a postcard book, but I wanted to review The Secret of the Old Clock with its proper cover.This was the first chapter book I ever read I have a very clear memory of my mom giving it to me in the car on the way back from Palo Alto, which can t possibly be correct because she wouldn t have handed me a book while driving on the freeway Maybe she gave it to me before we started driving, and I was reading it in the car It s kind of a mystery.Anyway, these books taught me how to read Up until that point, I remember my mom being a bit pushy or so it seemed to me giving me books all the time, but as soon as I read this, the first tale of intrepid, strawberry blonde sleuth Nancy and her friends Stupid Bess and George the Lesbian, I basically became a little drug addict My substance of choice was these glorious yellow spined anachronisms, which I sat around my basement bedroom devouring, to the detriment of socialization, math homework, and other important developmental activitives.I have a personal theory about learning to read, based only in my own experience and nothing else, which is that formulaic, redundant series books play a huge role in mastering this skill Really little kids love to read books they re memorized from hearing them, and I think there s a similar process in slightly older kids who ve learned to read words but not to enjoy them Series like the Nancy Drew books are great, because they all begin exactly the same, and skimming through that familiar formula makes the kid feel smart, safe, on top of things, and eager to push forward through a plot which seems both highly suspenseful and completely predictable I was lucky enough to read some really fabulous children s literature in my day, but honestly, it wasn t the Newberry Award winners that taught me the habit it was books written on assembly lines, in committee, by ghosts, or however it is that they produced these things see Sweet Valley High.That said, I m not trying to take away any glory from Nancy Drew, girl detective She was always so clever and brave and determined I hope girls still read these books, and I hope one day to hand my own daughter The Secret of the Old Clock, though probably not on the freeway. So I was watching the BDSM episode of Our America, and this one chick said that she first discovered her fascination with being tied up when Nancy was being tied up by the bad guysI TOTALLY DIDN T GET THE MEMO THAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN GETTING EXCITED.Anyway, I loved this series as a child I intend to revisit it someday Nancy was my girland apparently these books are a gateway drug to a kinkier life. Although Trixie Belden was my favorite teen sleuth, I also enjoyed Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mysteries growing up I think I liked Trixie better as she was closer to my age andof a tom boy country girl like I was I devoured books from all three series as fast as I could get my hands on them, so the differences in characters didn t hamper my enjoyment of the mysteries I am making an effort to re visit favorite series and authors I ve been re reading the Trixie Belden booksso finally came calling at the Drew home as well I did a bit of research on the series before starting the first book Just like the Trixie series, Nancy Drew was written by various ghostwriters all under the pen name Carolyn Keene The first authors were paid 125 per book and were required to relinquish all claims to the books The original four Nancy Drew books were first published in 1930 actually written by Mildred Wirt Benson , but were re written and updated in 1959 by Harriet Adams I have never read the original version of this story, but have a copy of the re worked book With a bit of research, I learned what changes were made The character was softened up a little and outdated stereotypes were removed opinions about nouveau riche were removed, upper class views were toned down, bad depictions of lower class were removed, etc Some changes werefundamentalaction and suspense was added into the plot, and the housekeeper was depicted as a valued member of the family rather than treated like a servant as in the original work I think these changes kept the books in circulation through the decades, rather than them fading as the plots grew severely outdated and even a bit offensive I listened to an unabridged audio book version of this story Penguin Random House audio 2002 Narrated by Laura Linney, the audio is just over 3 hours long Linney gives a great performance as usual I always enjoy her narrations The audio book also adds in some music and sound effects at suspenseful moments Very enjoyable listening experience I have hearing loss but was still able to hear and understand the entire book I enjoyed listening to Nancy s case unfold as she searched for a missing will Even though the book is short, the mystery is not rushed There is plenty of action and interesting twists and turns Great story I enjoyed this re visit just as much as I enjoyed reading Nancy s first mystery as a young teen back in the early 1980s I m glad they re wrote and updated these books I don t think I would have liked Nancy if she was portrayed as an upper class, privileged snoot I have 20 matching hardback copies of this series on my keeper shelf that I found at a thriftshop for 1 per book Best purchase ever My copies are the older versions with no slipcover, 1950s artwork on the front, and the traditional yellow spine with a small picture of Nancy I hope to findto round out my collection There are 35 books in the original series with 43added from 1959 1985 Then there are severalmodern spin off series as well Lots of reading to do I m so curious to find out if the newer books are as good as the originals Revisiting this story also makes me want to find episodes of the old 1970s television show I wonder if it is available online somewhere On to the next book The Hidden Staircase My February month of reading mysteries is finally ending I am excited for March as I have previously mentioned, a little too excited To end an otherwise dreary and depressing month on a positive note, I decided to squeeze in onemystery, this one a buddy read This was no ordinary buddy read in a group, but one with my seven year old daughter She is in first grade and is reading with ease Lately she has enjoyed the newer, and probably easy for her, Nancy Drew Notebooks Mysteries I decided to both challenge her and expose her to the original series, and offered to read the original mysteries with her We happen to own a copy of The Secret of the Old Clock, and I checked out a second copy of this classic from the library so we could read Nancy Drew s debut case together Did you know that Nancy Drew has solved over 500 cases in her career That is a lot of mysteries Secret of the Old Clock takes readers back over eighty years ago to where it all began for Nancy in River Heights, a fictional town that is supposed to resemble Iowa City, Iowa Nancy has finished with high school and still lives in the home of her widower father Carson Drew, a prominent River Heights lawyer It is summer vacation, and while Nancy is ready to begin the next chapter of her life, a mystery happens to fall into her lap Josiah Crowley has passed away and unless a recent will turns up, his entire estate will fall into the hands of the greedy Topham family of River Heights Not only are the Tophams well to do, but they are also snobby and view Nancy Drew and her kind as a pest Yet, word is that Josiah Crowley wrote a second will, and Nancy is determined to find it She has been solving mysteries with her father in his office for her entire life, and now she is ready to solve a case on her own.Along the way, Nancy meets the Turners, the Hoovers, the Mathews, and Mrs Rowen, all of whom stand to benefit if Crowley s second will turns up One notes immediately that these relations of Mr Crowley s deserve the moneyso than the Crowleys, and hope beyond hope that Nancy pieces together enough clues to uncover the missing document Other than the Tophams and a band of robbers, the rest of the characters all assisted Nancy in her quest or were otherwise sympathetic Unlike mysteries and thrillers geared toward adult audiences, there was little intrigue for me as I knew that in the end, Nancy Drew would come out on top The prose was dated, yet refreshing to read, and I enjoyed turning back the clock to this wholesome book that is still a guessing game for children as to whodunit My daughter enjoyed reading about Nancy as well, and she has already checked out her next few cases from the library.February is over, woohoo Where to now March is Women s History Month and I have a diverse lineup plan, including two historical mysteries and one buddy read I enjoy reading about women and cultures from around the world so this isn t much of a stretch for me, but exciting nonetheless In the meantime, my daughter is getting hooked on mysteries herself and wants to continue with the Nancy Drew series I am glad that I used my February month of reading mysteries to expose her to this classic series We both enjoyed the bonding time reading it, and I am sure there will beNancy Drew buddy reads in both of our future.4 bright stars The Girl Detective begins This is the very first book, introducing the popular character of Nancy Drew This edition is the revised one, changing the age of Nancy Drew from 16 to 18 years old But since in later series, her age is changed back to 16, that s an irrelevant modification. THE HEROINE Nancy Drew is the only daughter of Carson Drew, prestigious lawyer of the town of River Heights a fictional town, by the way Her mother died when Nancy was 3 years old original edition stated that she was 10 years old and no, it wasn t a bloody mugging in a dark alley where Nancy was witness of the killing and swore revenge against criminals, nope, nothing of the sort that dramatic, but due an illness.She s not exactly rich, but it s obvious that she isn t in need of a steady day job, since she only do some minor errands for her dad s legal office She has her own car that definitely it s essential to be able to travel fast during the cases.She is a kind person, trying to help anybody in need, willing to do anything even risking her physical safety She is a social person who is liked by everybody and if not, it s pretty obvious that those are some varmints, up to something not good She is clever, tireless and daring.Beware villains Here comes Nancy Drew NOT THE TITLE I D CHOOSE This first book in the series has the title of The Secret of the Old Clock.It s not a misleading title, quite the opposite, it s a too spoiling one.Since the case is about finding a will that nobody know where it could be, sooooo you don t have to be goshdang Batman to figure out since quite early in the reading, that in the very moment that a clock would appear in scene, hey, hey, hey, you ll be hot In my humble opinion, I d think that a better title could be Nancy Drew and the Missing Will yes, I know, Harry Potter is my veins, I can t help it so in that way, you d be as clueless as Nancy when the mystery is just beginning BY ASKING YOU LL GET TO SOLVE THE CASE While the reading style is quite engaging and the rhythm of the story is really good.Well, I was kinda disappointed that Nancy Drew didn t face a challenge to show her deductive skills or needing to solve a riddle.I won t spoil you don t worry the book s title already do that , since I won t get into details I ll just say that asking the same question to all available characters in the novel you eventually will solve the case Geez.However, still Nancy will need to face some villains things couldn t be that easy, fellows.And what I liked was that she isn t suddenly Kung Fu Nancy handing out Kapows all around, but she deals with the menaces according to her status quo of a young girl, in her very first amateur detective case, which never has dealt with real criminals, so far, in her previous easy life So, while I can t deny that I d enjoy achallenging mystery, still it was a fine reading experience and I plan to readNancy Drew s mysteries in the future.The chase for clues is just beginning