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The Quiche of Death is the first entry in M.C Beaton s Agatha Raisin mystery series Agatha Raisin, a woman in her early 50s, has retired from her high powered London career in public relations to a cottage in a small English village Agatha Raisin is a not very likable woman who struggles to understand why people don t like her, even as she bull dozes her way through life I found her both touching and hilarious In her pursuit of popularity, Agatha enters a local cooking contest Unfortunately, her culinary skills are limited to the microwave, a problem she solves by purchasing a quiche in a very upscale London store.Of course, the quiche is poisoned, killing the contest s judge.Agatha clumsily hunts down the murderer and, miraculously in light of her lack of skill or even aptitude for detection, solves the mystery.But not before providing lots of laughs.I loved Agatha as well as the rest of the entertaining cast of characters almost as much as I enjoy M.C Beaton s other cozy series, set in a small village in Scotland and featuring Hamish Macbeth, another flawed thoughlikable hero.The Quiche of Death is a mystery for people looking for offbeat, quirky, and personality challenged characters.I loved it. This is the coziest and funniest mystery I have read in recent months I just loved the quirky 52 year old amateur detective, femme fatale Agatha I loved the old, droll village and the villagers I loved the repeated mentions of Agatha Christie Some of the funny incidents had me laughing out loud I was listening to audio book while jogging making other joggers vary of me I could not help it I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I am a bit reluctant to start on the next in the series, for the fear that it will disappoint me The gist of the story is middle aged Agatha, a self made PR executive retiring to a quaint cottage in a quaint village, entering the village quiche baking competition, cheating by putting down a store bought quiche as her own, and facing consequences when the judge, a never do well middle aged Lothario die of cowbane poisoning There is a cute chinese policeman and a romantic interest for Agatha to boot. Putting All Her Eggs In One Basket, Agatha Raisin Gives Up Her Successful PR Firm, Sells Her London Flat, And Samples A Taste Of Early Retirement In The Quiet Village Of Carsely Bored, Lonely And Used To Getting Her Way, She Enters A Local Baking Contest Surely A Blue Ribbon For The Best Quiche Will Make Her The Toast Of The Town But Her Recipe For Social Advancement Sours When Judge Cummings Browne Not Only Snubs Her Entry But Falls Over Dead After Her Quiche S Secret Ingredient Turns Out To Be Poison, She Must Reveal The Unsavory Truth Agatha Has Never Baked A Thing In Her Life In Fact, She Bought Her Entry Ready Made From An Upper Crust London Quicherie Grating On The Nerves Of Several Carsely Residents, She Is Soon Receiving Sinister Notes Has Her Cheating And Meddling Landed Her In Hot Water, Or Are The Threats Related To The Suspicious Death It May Mean The Difference Between Egg On Her Face And A Coroner S Tag On Her Toe A complete delight I always thought these books looked cheesy, especially the mass market editions, but I was totally wrong I loved the writing, the characters, the pacing I was hooked from the first page So happy it is a long series. I ve heard quite a bit about Agatha Raisin, here and there Everyone loves her, from what I ve seen, and I ve read a little bit of M.C Beaton s other series, so I paperbackswapped the first Agatha.Hm.It always irritates me when the blurb on the back reveals the first victim, and often details of the murder I understand the need to pull a reader in, but especially in this case it seems to obviate the need to read the first seventy five pages or so.The idea is that Agatha Raisin, socially inept public relations mogul, sells her company and fulfills a childhood dream of moving to the Cotswolds because it s so pretty there , but finds that her high powered tight focus personality is much less comfortable there than it was in London her alienation from other people is muchobvious to her now that she has removed herself from the hectic lifestyle she s always been used to She has no friends, and doesn t know how to make them, as any social skills she ever had have atrophied Her first efforts to start to break into the society include entering a ringer into a village cooking contest hearing that Mrs always wins, and not quite grasping the implication behind the fact that Mrs is the judge s mistress, she returns to London, buys a quiche from a shop renowned for same, rewraps it, and enters it in her own name.The gist of all of this is included in the blurb Also included The quiche that Agatha enters is snubbed, and then the judge dies, poisoned by the losing dish.There has to be some amount of information about the case in the blurb there has to be some reason for someone to pick up the book and start reading This seemed excessive, though there s a fine, fine line between intriguing and thanks, I don t need to read it now I think this is part of why I nearly put the book down several times in the first 75 pages.That, and I just don t like Agatha Raisin.I m not supposed to, obviously she s horrid, and is written that way I tend to be impatient with main characters like that I don t ask that every protagonist be warm and cuddly, but there has to be some attractive or interesting trait to keep me involved I have an obscene number of books on my TBR list, and why should I spend time with someone I don t like If Agatha was a bitch on wheels but bitchily funny, I think I d be happy If there was just some redeeming quality, it would be better instead, though, she decides to pull a tacky, petty cheap trick, and is angry when it doesn t work and grouses about it.Yech.I get it she s supposed to be socially inept, and this was the way she s learned over the years to deal with situations in her job in London she has made her way through life and business forcing her will upon others And the idea is that her retirement and new environment work changes on her, as she decides how to go about the rest of her life Got it By the end of the book I in fact didn t dislike her nearly so much, so well done, both Agatha and M.C Beaton But still.If this is an example of the sort of mystery the series will feature, that would be another reason I won t make strenuous effort to expand the Agatha Raisin section of my library It was muddled and confused it s standard operating procedure in a mystery story for one suspect after another to come to the fore and be discounted see any episode of almost any tv show featuring a cop But this was a meandering sort of is it isn t it hit or miss investigation which I suppose it was intended to be given that Agatha wasn t supposed to be and didn t intend to be investigating with one vital piece of information withheld until nearly the end I usually read mysteriesfor character than the puzzle, but in this case I enjoyed neither.I really should be happy I didn t love it I have enough books on my to be read list now, I didn t need to add this whole series to it Right after finishing, I posted the following on Goodreads I disliked the first half I didn t expect to rate it as high as three stars, but it picked up in the second I m still not a fan, though the writing isn t what I had expected if Roy had shrieked or shrieked with laughter or his friend Steve had said something ponderously onetime I would have shrieked I will say that the eminently unlikeable Agatha is redeemed a bit by the end, by natural degrees and not completely, which is to say rather realistically which is good, because I wanted to stuff several poisoned quiches down her throat at the beginning Actually, with the possible exception of Bill Wong and the kitten I think I would have happily poisoned everyone in the book It was curiosity and a great apathy for the other book I was reading that kept me going to the end, and I have a feeling those are the circumstances under which I ll pick up another M.C Beaton. I dropped it like a hot potato after the first chapter Why An example Back in her cottage, she found a basket of pseudo logs by the fire, little round things made out of pressed sawdust She piled some up in the grate and set fire to them and soon had a blaze roaring up the chimney She removed the lace antimacassar which the decorator had cutely draped over the television screen and switched it on There was some war going on, as there usually was, and it was getting the usual coverage that is, the anchorman and the reporter were having a cosy talk Over to you, John What is the situation now Well, Peter By the time they moved on to the inevitable expert in the studioThis was the most boring first chapter I ve ever read Maybe it improves, but maybe not, and I don t want to waste my time. Easy read A bit boring I just was reading it slowly and taking my time It could be better anddetailed But it s an okay start of a series of cozy mysteries Andaba buscando un t tulo largo, despu s uno con fruta, y luego algo de cocina, y me encontr con este librito que despu s ca en cuenta tiene su propia serie de tv, aunque no la he visto m s que al pasar haciendo zapping Y por dem s la prota vaya sorpresa no se parece para nada a como se describe en el libro que para m es lo mejor La protagonista es una mujer en los cincuenta y tres a os que se acaba de jubilar de su propia peque a empresa publicista, es una mujer dura , divorciada, sin amigos, que siempre luch por todo y que ahora espera disfrutar de este paisaje de villa que una vez le trajo buenos recuerdos de ni a en Carsely Pero despu s de Londres y su trabajo se enfrenta a la soledad por primera vez Decidida a hacerse conocida por la fuerza , como es su costumbre, se le ocurre entrar a un concurso de quiche a pesar de que no tiene idea de cocina , compra uno para pasarle por uno hecho por ella y el juez termina envenenado Como ven, no la mejor de las impresiones, jajaja Bueno, luego uno de los mejores personajes es el polic a joven Y es entonces que Agatha decide en el fondo porque no puede estar sin hacer nada averiguar qui n es el asesino Cosas suceden, mientras va contando cosas del pueblo, los habitantes y de como fue su vida de publicista En el negocio de las relaciones p blicas conviene tener cierto encanto, y Agatha carec a por completo de l Consegu a resultados por ser una especie de mujer polifac tica que combinaba al poli bueno y al poli malo, alternando el acoso y el engatusamiento en nombre de sus clientes Los periodistas a menudo conced an espacio a sus clientes s lo para quit rsela de encima Tambi n era una experta en chantaje emocional y cualquiera lo bastante insensato para aceptar un regalo o una invitaci n a comer de Agatha ser a perseguido descaradamente hasta que la compensara en especie Lo que m s me gust es que se sale del com n de personaje, una persona mayor y gorda, con ojos peqe os, y antip tica Y que no sabe en realidad hacer amigos La hace m s real.Me leer a el siguiente.Ah, no hay romance , por ahora. It helps in public relations to have a certain amount of charm and Agatha had none I m not sure how to classify this one I suppose it s a cozy hybrid with a golden age type It defies common cozy rules such as no swearing, a sweet main character, and a suitable feel good vibe Instead Agatha is moody, surly and rebellious there s plenty of drinking, unhealthy eating, and a morbid humor that totally raises the bar for this mystery.Agatha certainly wasn t what I was envisioning by her name and knowing this was a cozy going in I pictured an elderly sweet lady who bakes Instead I get a middle aged woman who is lonely, doesn t fit in, has no idea how to cook, and steals her neighbors maid because she hates to clean A refreshing change The mystery part is good to as it incorporates the humor instead of baking a quiche, Agatha buys one but this doesn t help when the judge is murdered via poisoning It wasn t easy to solve the crime as Agatha first dives in with enthusiasm and out of boredom for sleuthing, but she cautiously keeps stepping back when it hands her in hot water There s different leads that go to the road of false suspects, so the ending is a nice surprise on who it ended up being and exactly how I like how the author laid down clues to find as the mystery revealed, and not all at the end to where it would finally be revealed for the reader to guess.The writing style is good for this type, not too personalized and distant with some of the emotions, but the characters come across genuine enough in an amusing way, reminding meof a golden age style.As a small side note, that Agatha got into reading big time was a joy not adding to the plot, but adds to the fun of reading about a character reading How bookworm is that There are 27 books in this series wow I only have the first, but I ll keep my eye out for others. .This is a light, cozy mystery, set in the Cotswolds of England This is the first book in the series and introduces the reader to Agatha Raisin, a newcomer with an acerbic personality She sold her PR firm in London and opted to settle in a small village Although she is brash, vain, and used to getting her way, she also craves a sense of belonging and will go to any length to achieve this desire When a murder occurs in connection with her entry in a baking contest, she straightens up her spine and decides to investigate the murder o avoid being found responsible, with some assistance from a friend on the police force Her efforts resemble a bumbling comedy of errors, yet she takes credit forthan her due.It is a clean read and is able to stand on its own If you find you enjoy this type of entertainment, there are 29books in the series to enjoy It may not be an in depth or intense plotline, but the characters are quirky enough to garnish some attention and once you get used to them, you may be ready to read on looking formysteries and maybe even a chuckle or two This was a solid 3.5, but I feel I have been grading too harshly recently, so I am bumping it up to 4.00.