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Goodreads Book give away winner The Pace by Shelena Shorts is a great read that s full of suspense and constant action The book does a great job of keeping the reader engaged because just when you think you ve figured out the details, the novel turns and brings to light a whole new angle to the story, which keeps you captivated the whole way through.I enjoyed this novel for several reasons One, the two main characters, Sophie and Wes, are well developed and extremely likeable As a reader, I was drawn into their lives immediately, and came to care for what happens to them from the onset and throughout the story Second, I liked the narrative and Point of View POV of the story, which was in Sophie s perspective She is considerate, smart, sincere, yet emotionally vulnerable Third, I like how the back story revealed itself slowly throughout the novel as the details became important in the storyline Overall, Shelena Shorts pulled together an intriguing plot and wrapped it around carefully created characters, a well chosen setting and angled it in a perspective that keeps the reader drawn to the events from beginning to end Sophie, age 18, is in her senior year in High School She s chosen to complete her final year through an online program, as her and her mom have moved around the states several times, which has made it difficult for Sophie to acclimate to the school setting Sophie and her mom meet every Thursday for lunch at Berkeley University, where her mom works as a medical technician One fateful day as Sophie is leaving the school, she crashes her car into a guy named Wes who is a 19 year old student at the university Wes is not your normal guy His past is filled with mysterious events that Sophie can t quite seem to figure out, but his gentle and caring ways has her falling head over heels for him none the less As they develop a love for one another, they realize that fate has played a hand in bringing them together, and it s not their first encounter They struggle to understand how they can come to grips with that past and the events that have changed Wes life forever.I enjoyed the book and the ending left me craving for I look forward to Shelena Shorts sequel to The Pace, The Broken Lake, as I can t wait to see how Wes and Sophie s journey continues. Hmmmmm, well I didn t know what to expect, but I didn t like it At one point I wanted to stop reading but I decided to keep going since the book wasn t that long It wasn t worth it.I just didn t think it was very interesting The first 4 5 of the book is them pining after each other I didn t get it Really, nothing happened I might as well have been reading her diary about Sam this, Edward that whoops I meant Wes Wes Speaking of Wes, I couldn t help compare him to Sam from Shiver He was kind of weak and boring I know that once or twice we get told kind of that he s strong but I think I was lied to He was just not what I look for in rich and handsome men There was no way I could read this without thinking about Twilight I couldn t help it When she described his cold and impenetrable skin I just couldn t stop picturing that brooding sparkly vamp Plus, he drove a nice car, was filthy rich, kind of antisocial, and had a funky shaped house that I still don t understand why he had it Little cozy log cabin too tiny for you Sigh and Sophie, I don t know what to do with her I didn t think that she suffered from low self esteem but I wanted to shake her and remind her that her life should not revolve around a dude Remind you of another character, too, huh I liked that she got mad, but it doesn t work if you re going to pine right after that.So, like I said, nothing happens They hang out, they talk, they make out, they talk, they go to the overlook, they talk I predicted nearly everything that happened I hope I am wrong about what will happen next Did anyone know the point of the party scene The only action in the book happens right near the end where you get hit with a cliffhanger and the title to the sequel Just great.Aside from all those complaints, it was a fairly clean book I liked her mom I liked that Sophie was willing to accept responsibility for her actions and take the steps necessary to correct her wrongs I also liked reading her struggle with what to do after the pier scene I also loved that Wes was a really good guy and was willing to make tough decisions to his detriment for the benefit of others I still think you should read it and form your own opinions Even though I didn t like it, I could see this will be a book that many others will enjoy obviously, we don t all use the same criteria to judge books t would be a sad, sad, world. The Original Review Here In a time where so many stories carry the mortal and immortal element, The Pace distinguishes itself by knotting two topics that have been debated and constantly separated science and X spiritual themes Who said both couldn t get along Certainly not Shorts, who has gotten them together in order to create a novel that involve elements like suspense, mystery and romance The story s narrated by Sophie after moving to California with her mother There she meets Weston and thanks to this her life and existence take a new meaning Sophie s character is molded in a delightful way since there is a truthful balance in her personality Unlike other heroines we are finding in this subdivision, she is decided, says what she thinks, not afraid to ask for explanations or giving ultimatums, but most surprisingly, she knows when to stop feeling sorry and move on On the other side, we have Weston, a handsome boy, intelligent, adorable and does not keep a single secret, but several As a vivid reader, I could appreciate that a pattern I have been observing in this category is broken and the author creates something new, interesting and captivating For instance, the couple gets to know themselves in a peculiar situation, not on scholastic environment since each attend different academic grades Sophie studies with an online program and Weston goes to college not Biology class Yes Readers will have the opportunity to see the relationship blossom, and by this I mean Shorts does not exclude the couple s dating process and does not limit it to the main character s room Thank You The complexity of Weston s emotions towards Sophie is much emotionally deep, tender and loving than just attempting to eat her, sacrifice her or kill her This is the character s charm and bright These factors, instead of making the story less interesting, can be outstanding and involve readers in its mystery that will be unveiled further on In order to know who Weston is, how can he be an immortal and what role Sophie plays in this complex situation, make sure you read The Pace, a novel where science, love, destiny and time pace are tied in a magnificent way. What a wonderful book The beginning of The Pace sets a nicely paced setting of the world we are about to enter, which truly becomes a page turner after the first chapter Honestly, I carried this book around the house with me I didn t want to stop reading it even for a second I became so absorbed in the world Shelena created The story of Sophie and Wes unravels in a well written collage of secrets, tender moments, journals and memories allowing the attraction and developing relationship between Sophie and Wes to mean so much than they ever dreamed of Without giving away the plot and to steer away from spoilers, I must say that Wes is an absolute original and man do I wish he were real The development of who Wes is and what role Sophie plays in his life is well thought out and beautifully written without overwhelming the reader Absolutely looking forward to The Broken Lake Heel erg leuk boek Recensie binnenkort op My Perfect Book Life Sophie ist mit ihrer Mutter gerade frisch nach Kalifornien gezogen Um nicht schon wieder die Neue zu sein, hat Sophie sich bei einer Online Highschool angemeldet, die sie von zuhause aus absolvieren kann Damit sie nicht vollends im Haus vereinsamt, trifft sie sich einmal in der Woche mit ihrer Mutter zum Lunch an der Uni Nach einem dieser Treffen baut Sophie versehentlich einen Unfall sie rammt beim Ausparken das Auto des mysteri sen und perfekten Weston Diese Begegnung und Westons Weigerung, Sophie den Schaden am Auto bezahlen zu lassen, reichen bereits aus, um das M dchen davon zu berzeugen, der gr ten und bisher einzigen Liebe ihres Lebens begegnet zu sein Und so nimmt die Geschichte Kurs auf das Unausweichliche n mlich unendliche Langeweile Die Autorin hat die Hauptfiguren Sophie und Wes nicht nur v llig nichtssagend gestaltet, sie hat sich in Bezug auf Wes leider auch sehr stark von einem gewissen Edward inspirieren lassen Habe ich eigentlich schon erw hnt, wie perfekt Wes aussieht, l uft, isst, l chelt und atmet Nein Seine ganze Erscheinung, allein seine Anwesenheit ist perfekt Gott hat sich bei seiner Erschaffung offenbar besonders viel Zeit genommen Und dann hat er ja auch noch besondere F higkeiten Z B stalkt er Sophie mindestens genauso romantisch wie sein vampirisches Ebenbild und kann auch genauso sexy Nein, kein Sex Liebling, ich kann mich nicht beherrschen sagen Wow Was F r Ein Mann Schon bald ist Wes neben der Schule Sophies einziger Lebensinhalt Ist es nicht furchtbar praktisch, dass sie gerade erst in die Stadt gezogen ist, sie ihre Schulaufgaben von zuhause erledigen kann und ihre einzige Freundin nur bers Telefon mit ihr kommuniziert Wenn man sozial so vereinsamt ist, kommt ein fester Freund, der jeden Tag Zeit hat, nat rlich gerade recht Ich habe allerdings in der Realit t schon beobachten d rfen, dass diese Fixierung aufeinander und das Ausblenden der restlichen Welt nicht gut gehen kann Egal Wes ist ja perfekt, da klappt das schon.Um noch etwas Dramatik in die Geschichte zu bringen denn zwei klettende Teenager sind ja doch auf Dauer etwas langweilig , gibt es dann noch die mysteri sen Enth llungen aus Westons Vergangenheit, die irgendwie mit Sophie zusammenh ngen und f r tr nenreiche, vor bergehende Abschiede sorgen Und die t dliche Gefahr darf auch nicht fehlen Die ist allerdings so derma en an den Haaren herbeigezogen, dass ich mir selbige gerne ausgerissen h tte Ich m chte nicht zu viel verraten, aber die Rachegel ste, die da jemand versp rt, sind ziemlich bescheuert, nicht nachvollziehbar und h tten bei einem normalen Menschen l ngst verraucht sein m ssen.Ich denke man kann ungef hr erkennen, wie ich das Buch fand Zeitverschwendung Wie man sich die DREI Nachfolgeb nde deren Inhaltsangaben mich fast schon eingeschl fert haben freiwillig antun kann, wird mir ein R tsel bleiben. Weston Wilson Is Not Immortal And He Is Of This World But, Aging Is Not Part Of His Existence, And Eighteen Year Old Sophie Slone Is Determined To Find Out Why In Doing So, She Could Also Uncover Something About Her Own Life Expectancy That She May Not Want To Know Suddenly, Immortality Will Mean Everything And Nothing All At The Same Time Living in Canada, this book as not been released here and Shelena the sweetheart that she is kindly sent me a copy of this Amazing novel Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story THE PACE is a gorgeously written story about a couple who s lives intertwined through out time.Not only is this story about immortality, it s about reincarnation and how true love can never die I can t say I ve read to many books about immorality but I never expected this mind boggling plot I was beyond shocked by the brilliance of this concept It starts off as we met Sophie, your typical soon to be 18 year old Sophie is a wonderful character and while some might think that walking her life in the first few chapters was nothing special, I grasped on quickly that she was meant to be written to show some key points to her personality She is very independent, goodhearted and a caring person who stand up for what she wants and believes in And later we find out whyAs the story goes on, one fateful day, she crashes into a car in the parking lot on campus and when she gets out to see the damage and beg forgiveness to the guy she hit, it was plain on his face that he never dreamed he would see her againonly she has no idea who he is.Enter Weston Ahhh Weston Wes He is a dreamy gorgeous creature that had my heart from minute one He has a very a mysterious way about him that was subtle and yet very defined at the same time and all I knew at that point is that it had seemed to have everything to do with Sophie.I just loved his old soul way of speaking and the way he handled Sophie with such gentleness and warmth that made chivalrousdelicious The story unfolds in a smooth way that has you turning the pages as fast as you can to make smooth become now So I read this in one sitting The intriguing plot line had me memorized as I tried to connect the dots and figure out what the twist could be And let me tell ya, what a twist The greatest part and what I love most about this story, was the fact that this was and foremost, is a love story It didn t have nor need other characters to fill the void Wes and Sophie carried the novel from minute one There love story is so very unique There romance can only be described as endearing and timeless This was such an amazingly wonderful book It put a goofy smile on my face just at the thought of that kind of love A Glorious and Excellent read I didn t want it to end It only made me want to drop down on my knees and beg for Can t wait to read of Wes and Sophie s incredible story Congrats Shelena on a fantastic debut It was wonderful girl De cover met daarop een zandloper in de handen van een vrouw, van wie je niet haar gezicht ziet, en de donkere korsetjurk die ze aanheeft trekken mijn aandacht naar dit boek Het doet mysterieus aan, maakt nieuwsgierig naar wie deze persoon is en waarom de zandloper zo prominent stralend blauw in beeld is De achterflaptekst waarvan de eerste zin Als je onsterfelijke bent, wat is het leven je dan waard geeft mij dat extra zetje om het boek te willen lezen Want is dat niet iets wat iedereen zich weleens afvraagt Toen ik begon met lezen viel mij gelijk op dat elke hoofdstuk begint met een kleine zandloper als illustratie Dit kleine terugkerende detail is een leuke toevoeging Elk hoofdstuk heeft ook een korte ondertitel wat steeds een verwijzing blijkt te zijn naar de gebeurtenissen Die ondertitels zorgden er bij mij dan ook meerdere malen voor dat ik graag verder wilde lezen De hoofdstukken lopen soepel in elkaar over en het gehele verhaal blijft in een rustige vaart voortlezen De schrijfstijl leest gemakkelijk, zonder haperingen en de toon past bij het YA genre, de karakters van het verhaal en de setting waarin het zich afspeelt Ik wist niet wat hij dacht, maar mijn gedachten gingen van frustratie naar hoe het zou voelen als hij me vast zou pakken en me zou zoenen De personages hebben over het algemeen een prettig karakter waardoor ik me als lezer gemakkelijk met hen kon verbinden, de keuzes begrijpen en met hen meeleven Ook had de buitenlandse omgeving hier geen negatieve invloed op De manier waarop zij leven komt realistischer over doordat het geheel zich in San Francisco afspeelt dan wanneer het zich in Nederland had afgespeeld Het was een heerlijk rustige plek, gelegen aan de rand van een kronkelige weg en uitkijkend over een rivier, heuvels en de stad Alle lezers die houden van het Twilight sfeertje zullen veel plezier beleven aan dit boek, ook al heeft het inhoudelijke verhaal vooralsnog niks te maken met vampiers of weerwolven Het is de sfeersetting die mij deed denken aan die serie Als ik het probeer uit te leggen komt het neer op een soort hyperfocus op twee hoofdpersonages en een leger aanvoelende ruimte , met een paar opvallende elementen, eromheen De meeste jongen mensen zijn tegenwoordig zo druk bezig met technologische snufjes dat ze geen tijd hebben voor een hobby waarbij ze na moeten denken Het verhaal blijft interessant tot aan de laatste letter en maakt direct nieuwsgierig naar het vervolg Dus Dutch Venture Publishing, kom maar door met het tweede deel in de Momentum serie. Momentum is zeker een boek dat mij zal bijblijven Het leest erg vlot, het had verschillende plottwisten en niet te vergeten een cliffhanger om u tegen te zeggen Ondanks de opvallende Twilight vergelijkenis heb ik erg van dit boek genoten Ik zie het absoluut niet als een obstakel om dit boek te lezen Ik ben gewoon een te trotse Twihard om deze zaken onmogelijk niet op te merken.Momentum is spannend, mysterieus, intrigerend, Het heeft het totaalpakket om een succesvolle trilogie te worden Daarnaast is er, in dit eerste deel, geen sprake van een liefdesdriehoek dus pluspunten voor Shelena Ik kijk alvast uit naar het volgende deel in deze serie Volledige review lees je via volgende link