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[ Best ] The New Penguin Book of English Folk SongsAuthor Julia Bishop –

One Of The Spectators Books Of The YearFarewell And Adieu To You Fair Spanish LadiesFarewell And Adieu To You Ladies Of SpainFor We Ve Received Orders For To Sail For Old EnglandBut We Hope In A Short While To See You Again One Of The Great English Popular Art Forms, The Folk Song Can Be Painful, Satirical, Erotic, Dramatic, Rueful Or Funny They Have Thrived When Sung On A Whim To A Handful Of Friends In A Pub They Have Bewitched Generations Of English Composers Who Have Set Them For Everything From Solo Violin To Full Orchestra They Are Sung In Concerts, Festivals, Weddings, Funerals And With Nobody To Hear But The SingerThis Magical New Collection Brings Together All The Classic Folk Songs As Well As Many Lesser Known Discoveries, Complete With Music And Annotations On Their Original Sources And Meaning Published In Cooperation With The English Folk Dance And Song Society, It Is A Worthy Successor To Ralph Vaughan Williams And ALLloyd S Original Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs Her Keen Eye Did Glitter Like The Bright Stars By NightThe Robe She Was Wearing Was Costly And WhiteHer Bare Neck Was Shaded With Her Long Raven HairAnd They Called Her Pretty Susan, The Pride Of Kildare In Association With EFDSS, The English Folk Dance And Song Society

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    This is a marvelous book for the songs themselves as you d imagine , especially with the melodies printed, too, but the real joy here are the notes You ll learn where the songs were collected, what the context historically and socially is, which earlier songs they may have been based upon, whether the songs were sung by women or men, and where, geographically, the songs originated and flourished.Only the Kindle edition is easily available in the US or was when I bought it I would have preferred a paper copy and my only real complaint is that skipping back from the notes to the songs is a simple prospect, but getting to the notes from the songs is not I found myself reading the notes at the end, getting the history and the context, then clicking over to the song then back to the notes A little unwieldy, but doable.

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    This book is, of course, indispensable for the academic study of English folk songs If you have in mind a book to sing from, you might well look elsewhere The tune and one verse are printed on the first page of each song, with the text of additional verses filling that page and as many subsequent pages as follows This is particularly unhandy to use on a screen.

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    There is no significant collection of English folk songs than the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, which was edited by Ralph Vaughan Williams himself This book honors the earlier RVW collection and the Malcolm Douglas update, and adds to it admirably If you want to know English folk songs, you need to have this book.

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    Needed for my community choir

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    Very useful