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[Read Textbooks] The Mummy's Curse: 101 Of the World's Strangest Mysteries Author Daniel Cohen –

A very old school book me and my brother had since we were kids. It deals not only with the curse of King Tutankhamen as well the different mysteries from across the globe such as the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis,Ancient Astronauts, doppelgangers, and secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati as well as UFO's and other interesting mysteries.

The book we have is all beat up now, but hopefully I will go to the bookstore and buy a new edition of the book soon.

Update: I found a perfectly preserved newer copy of the book inside a box full of discarded books out on the street which included this book and a few others that I liked, so hey I don't have to worry about buying a new copy after all, my what a lucky day!!

Great read nonetheless. A Collection Of Some Of The World's Most Baffling Mysteries Examines The Truth Behind The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb, The Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, And Other Tales Of Hauntings, Strange Phenomena, UFOs, And More.

Introduction: The Lure Of The Unknown (p.1) --
Part 1: People. The Man In The Iron Mask (p.5) --
Nostradamus (p.7) --
Amelia Earhart (p.10) --
D.B. Cooper (p.12) --
Kaspar Hauser (p.15) --
Alchemists (p.18) --
Nicholas Flamel (p.20) --
The Little People (p.22) --
Akhenaton (p.24) --
The Death Of Napoleon (p.26) --
The Druids (p.28) --
The Princes In The Tower (p.29) --
Saint-Germain (p.31) --
Cagliostro (p.33) --
Lizzie Bordon (p.35) --
Anastasia (p.37) --
The Murder Of Sir Edmund (p.39) --
The Unknown Hoaxer (p.41) --
Jack The Ripper (p.43) --
What Happened To Hoffa? (p.46) --
Robin Hood (p.48) --
The Vanishing Earl (p.49) --
Lord Gordon-Gordon (p.51) --
In A Man's World (p.53) --
Mound Builders (p.54). Contents (cont.): Judge Crater (p.55) --
The Missing Mariner (p.58) --
Dorothy Arnold (p.60) --
Shakespeare (p.61) --
Part 2: Places. Atlantis (p.67) --
Lemuria And Mu (p.70) --
The Money Pit (p.72) --
The Sargasso Sea (p.74) --
The Bermuda Triangle (p.75) --
The Great Pyramid (p.78) --
The Realm Of King Arthur (p.81) --
Easter Island (p.83) --
The Empty Grave (p.86) --
Noah's Ark (p.87) --
El Dorado (p.90) --
Nazca Drawings (p.92) --
Stonehenge (p.94) --
The Mystery Tower (p.97) --
The Kingdom Of Prester John (p.98) --
The Canals Of Mars (p.100) --
The Ley Lines (p.102) --
The Flat Earth (p.104) --
The Hollow Earth (p.105) --
King Solomon's Mines (p.108) --
The Real Treasure Island (p.109) --
The Lost Dutchman Mine (p.112) --
The Lost Colony (p.114). Contents (cont.): The Non-rusting Iron Pillar (p.116) --
Toppled Heads (p.117) --
What Happened To The Maya? (p.19) --
The Grave Of The Conqueror (p.121) --
The Fountain Of Youth (p.123) --
City X (p.125) --
Part 3: Things. Crop Circles (p.129) --
The Witch Cult (p.131) --
The Great Siberian Explosion (p.134) --
Ancient Astronauts (p.137) --
Animal Mutilations (p.139) --
Code Or Hoax? (p.141) --
Firewalking (p.142) --
The Doomsday Rock (p.144) --
Dowsing (p.145) --
The Doppelganger (p.148) --
The Sphinx (p.150) --
The Lost Ark (p.152) --
The Illuminati (p.154) --
The Rosicrucians (p.155) --
Spontaneous Human Combustion (p.157) --
Ancient Map Of The Antarctic (p.159) --
The Mary Celeste (p.161) --
The Mummy's Curse (p.164) --
Curse Of The Hope Diamond (p.167) --
An Ancient Computer (p.170) --
The Vineland Map (p.171). Contents (cont.): The Kensington Stone (p.173) --
The Emerald Tablet (p.174) --
The Grimoires (p.176) --
Animals And Earthquakes (p.179) --
Earthquake Weather (p.180) --
Without Wheels (p.182) --
Levitation (p.184) --
The Indian Rope Trick (p.186) --
The Great Dying (p.188) --
The Mysterious Airship (p.190) --
Crashed Saucers (p.193) --
The Philadelphia Experiment (p.195) --
Prehistoric Brain Surgery (p.196) --
The Holy Grail (p.198) --
The Crystal Skull (p.199) --
The Cabala (p.201) --
The Missing Bones (p.203) --
Inca Gold (p.205) --
Things From The Sky (p.206) --
American Elephants (p.208) --
Missing Nazi Gold (p.210) --
The Titanic Prophecy (p.211)