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10 thoughts on “The Mummy Returns

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    Well, I made it. I finished reading the book in less than a year. :))) Don't get me wrong. The novelization is pretty good, it's just that real life has a way of getting into everything. *sigh*

    So, back to our mummy, the Brendan Fraser first two movies are my favorites. There is adventure, a great looking man, a gorgeous kick-ass woman, and now they have an amazing son. Oh, and let's not forget Jonathan. John Hannah as Jonathan Carnahan is wonderful. He makes me laugh every time, even if I've seen the movie so many times I can't even remember.

    My favorite parts are the flashbacks. I love the two ladies, Evelyn/Nefertiri and Meela/Anck-Su-Namun. Their fight scenes are some of the best, and there is always something magical about seeing old Egypt in all it's glory (the palace and the temples, the costumes and jewelry etc.).

    And I'm sorry for Imhotep. His love got him doomed for all eternity. And, in the end, it was all for nothing. He had to die a few times trying to get back the woman he loved, to realize she wasn't worth it.

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    I think the route of the Scorpion King was the completely wrong route for the film makers to go down, especially introducing the spin off film. Looking back on the CGI of Dawyne Johnson now as the Scorpion King is unbelievable, it's so bad. Thankfully, you don't get any of this in the book.

    Once again, the writing and description from Max Allan Collins is excellent, and he definitely weaves an excellent story, whether you've watched the film or not. There are some minor changes from book to film - this is obviously taken from one of the drafts of the screenplay, before they realised scalping on film probably wouldn't work. (But half-human, half-scorpion would?) There are some changes to the dialogue, with some being described in the book, and spoken by a character in the film.

    I really appreciate that Max Allan Collins' stuck right throughout these novelizations, rather than as I've seen previously, passed from author to author, like you do find in some novelization series. I think he was able to focus much more on the storyline this time, as he has already introduced Rick (who annoyingly gets referred to as Richard more than once) and Evelyn, and we already know the story of Imothep and Anck-su-namun, but we get a different spin on it with this novelization.

    I just really wish they'd gone with something different than the Scorpion King. Although it comes across better in the book, than it does on film, if you've already seen the film and hated the character, you'll still feel the same reading this. It'll be interesting to see if my feelings change with the novelization of the spin off.

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    In my personal opinion, this sequel adaption was better than the original in the sense that I would rather reread the book than rewatch the movie - again, for personal reasons. Simply for the characterization differences between the movie and the novelization, The Mummy Returns novel is more satisfying, to me. I absolutely adore knowing more than the films tell us, and all of the little details that we wouldn't know otherwise just make me incredibly happy.

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    This was a much faster read than the novelization of the previous movie but the quality wasn't there. There were a lot of silly mistakes in the writing which, years later, I talk about more than the actual book or movie.

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    <3 amazing <3

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    Again one of my favorite movies growing up, just had to. And this edition was very short too, only 38 pages.

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    Like the movie alot of fun to read.

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    I kind of pity the mummy

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    I recommend, that this book should be read by an adult.
    This book is about a mummy who is woke in Egypt and wants to rule the world killing all the people and making their own mummy gang!. On the other hand a normal citizen who knows Egyptian language tries to save the world by fighting this mummy and it's gang. They must protect and return the symbol of mummy "The Scorpion" back to the pyramids before it kills every human on earth.

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    If you loved reading The Mummy (and found the film version of the The Mummy Returns a little lacking), you will enjoy getting lost within the ancient annexes of this book. You will find that your imagination paints an even better picture than the film, with the masterful literary guidance of one of the greatest romanciers of our time.