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[[ Audible ]] The Mummy, or Ramses the DamnedAuthor Anne Rice –

Apparently, I never added this, even though I read it ages ago Huh Anyway, re reading now because I got approved for Loved this bookcouldn t put it down once I started it I really wish she would have done a series out of this story. I read a lot of Anne Rice in my late teens I think I was hoping for another Lestat somewhere in her cannon, but alas, there is only one The Mummy interested me because it reminded me of those super cheesy B horror movies la Hammer, but with sex I was 17, cut me some slack Flipping through it now, I can t help but think of how my tastes and standards for books has changed over the last fifteen year The plot is classic creature horror the mummy of Ramses II is brought back to England, where it is accidently brought back to life by virtue of a mysterious elixir of immortality This elixir makes him eternally young, incredibly strong and permanently horny He saves the life of a beautiful, feisty heiress and they fall in love, and decide to go to Egypt together so that he can get some closure on his long and complicated past.Of course Ramses is incredibly handsome and irresistible Of course he learns English in like 5 minutes Of course he can t resist resurrecting Cleopatra when they find her mummified body Of course that turns into a huge, violent mess with sexy interludes It s an Anne Rice novel, for Pete s sake But it s also fun and I do love the kitschy homage to 19th century Egyptomania.Rice apparently wrote a sequel, where Ramses and Cleopatra are reunited, but I don t intend on reading it I m kind of over her emo immortals and bizarre psychosexual relationship dynamics But The Mummy is good and silly Gothic fun. OK, I m giving it one star but I did read it all the way through.I thought this headed towards pulp, not up to the quality of her other books and a bittowards porn lit.Also, I guess I can be nit picky, but Ramses claims that his cells can t die He gives an example of using the elixir on plants hoping that his subjects will be able to eat forever, but the awful thing is that the plants regrow in people s stomachs Awful picture, but I state it just to point out that she s trying to make a point.It seems to me, however, that Anne misses this point when Ramses and the female lead have sex I kept waiting for he woman to get pregnant I mean, his sperm would never die right, so there d be a billion of them waiting in those fallopian tubes for the next egg to come by I pictured her getting pregnant with his children for the rest of her child bearing years.OK, I guess I took it too literally My bad. La vida e historia de Rams s el fara n mezclada con ficci n, tintes oscuros y fantas a de una manera en que solo Anne puede hacerlo, muy creativa y super r pida de leer, un vistazo al antiguo Egipto con un esplendor y decadencia abrumadoras. Before I rant, a little background I ve always enjoyed horror stories, in particular, vampire and mummy stories As a young teen my favorite author was H.P Lovecraft, and one of my most favorite horror stories was The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker which is a mummy story Starting in 1984 I began reading what came to be known as The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice The first book, Interview With the Vampire, was sensuous and atmospheric and rewrote traditional vampire mythology Intrigued, I immediately moved to the second book, The Vampire Lestat, which was a natural continuation of the mythology, and then snapped up the third book, Queen of the Damned, as soon as it hit bookstore shelves in 1988 And that brings us to my thoughts about The Mummy I read The Mummy while waiting for the next installment of the vampire books hoping to find Rice giving mummies the same unique treatment that she d given to vampires Nope The Mummy readlike an outline of a book something she probably pitched to her editor and had published quickly to capitalize on the popularity of the vampire books The premise was compelling but the writing is purely awful Sentence fragments and other bad grammar, cheesy melodramatic scenes, trite dialog, and a tendency to slip into the style of cheap pornography insulted not only my intelligence but my sensibilities throughout Yeah, I read the whole thing hoping it would get better as the story unfolded It didn t. I was stuck in a library waiting and had nothing to read I picked this up thinking Ancient Egypt, the undead, how can it be bad without looking at the author.After first few pages I checked Oh dear.I really do not like Anne Rice.It was in reading this book for a few hours stuck in a library and continuing out of an awful sense of self harm that I realised that Anne Rice wants to be immortal She doesn t care how she manages to do it, she wants to be undead Not in the horror awful monster way either, as she romanticizes the awesome classic villain archetype But in a beautiful way And I m pretty sure she wants to be a gay man. I give you the book the movie The Mummy was SUPPOSED to be based off of In the end they butchered the story so much Anne Rice wouldn t put her name on it Which is a shame, because this book is if not better sexier than the movie.A lot of reviews call it vintage Anne Rice and I couldn t agreeIt gets back to the feel of Interview with the Vampire darkly sexual with the most compelling plot She s seriously one of the best storytellers of all time.A mummy rises, he falls in love, and they journey to Egypt where he misuses his immortal elixer Seems like it would be cheesy or at least silly But nothing about this is like that everything about this book makes sense The way he rises, the way he acts, how long he s lived, he s relationship with Cleopatra, how he learns to operate the modern world Every aspect of the story has a logical explanation laid out clearly within the story In my opinion there s nothing worse than an author having to explain themselves after the book is published coughStephenieMeyercough Just like all of Rice s other works, Ramses is devastatingly perfect The woman he falls in love with is fierce and intelligent without being cliche There s an older man that for some reason you are attracted to, despite his age An adorable innocent young man for you to obsess over, and the quintessential bad boy that you can t help but love Add in a dangerous and alluring female villain and you ve got one of the sexiest cast of characters I ve ever read.The book is fairly long, but Rice is always a fast read I ve always found Anne Rice to be the perfect alternative to a fluff book because even though there s elements of a romance novel, the plot is still the most important part of the story It s fast paced and oh so fun. Ramses The Great Has Reawakened In Opulent Edwardian London Having Drunk The Elixir Of Life, He Is Now Ramses The Damned, Doomed Forever To Wander The Earth, Desperate To Quell Hungers That Can Never Be Satisfied He Becomes The Close Companion Of A Voluptuous Heiress, Julie Stratford, But His Cursed Past Again Propels Him Toward Disaster He Is Tormented By Searing Memories Of His Last Reawakening, At The Behest Of Cleopatra, His Beloved Queen Of Egypt And His Intense Longing For Her, Undiminished Over The Centuries, Will Force Him To Commit An Act That Will Place Everyone Around Him In The Gravest Danger