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{Pdf} The Man With a Load of Mischief (Richard Jury Mystery, #1)Author Martha Grimes –

At The Man With A Load Of Mischief, They Found The Dead Body Stuck In A Keg Of Beer At The Jack And Hammer, Another Body Was Stuck Out On The Beam Of The Pub S Sign, Replacing The Mechanical Man Who Kept The Time Two Pubs Two Murders One Scotland Yard Inspector Called In To Help Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury Arrives In Long Piddleton And Finds Everyone In The Postcard Village Looking Outside Of Town For The Killer Except For One Melrose Plant A Keen Observer Of Human Nature, He Points Jury In The Right Direction Into The Darkest Parts Of His Neighbors Hearts

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    Look, I am not going to apologize for loving Martha Grimes, especially the Richard Jury novels I am fully willing to admit these are light reading, but that doesn t mean they aren t good I find that while Grimes continues writing for this series and pumps out a book a year, the cast of characters is still just damned entertaining Grimes is good at capturing the same wit that I see in British comedy even though she s an American.However, and this is a big caveat, don t look for realism here Although each novel may seem to take place within current events, it s clear that Grimes England is not meant to be true to the times Richard Jury has also lived remarkably long and is still quite well preserved considering his age if you do the math I urge you not to do the math.The charm in these novels is the characters, the tangential to the actual mystery the better There s Marshall Trueblood, a bisexual antiques dealer Vivian Rivington, who is constantly ribbed about her Italian fiance, who is referred to as a vampire Carole Palutski, a red headed smoking hot babe who constantly tries to seduce Jury, acts up a storm and works as a fortuneteller in Covent Garden Wiggins, a police man addicted to natural remedies and always convinced he is ill Melrose Plant, an earl who has renounced his earlship, but picks it up again constantly to help in investigations and his horrible aunt Agatha who constantly badgers him, steals his things, and tags along after him like a child left out of the fun This is only to name a few of the colourful cast.Certainly, they are Dickensian, as I saw one reviewer mention scathingly on , but that s deliberate They aren t real people, just as Dickens casts of characters are a bit over the top, but they re entertaining and it s possible to overlook the fact that Grimes stories can become somewhat formulaic, especially because in her mystery victims, suspects, witnesses, etc she is attracted to certain types of characters clever young children, eccentric animals, beautiful women who Jury is drawn to or who are drawn to him.In short, the flavour of these novels is irresistable, but if you go picking them apart you won t enjoy them at all.

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    4.5 stars Oh my why has this series escaped me until now A truly engaging and tantalizing British mystery, especially since it has an American author, includes even a grainy sketched map Inspector Jury is an introspective and intelligent detective and I so look forward to the next book, assuming Melrose Plant will complement his detections They are a delightful pair in this delicious sundae of a mystery, the antagonizing relationship between Melrose and his Aunt Agatha is the whipped cream and the sweet children, the Doubles James and his sister James are the little cherry on top

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    It s hard to believe I ve never read a Richard Jury mystery But, this is my first, but won t be my last I loved it This the first book in the series Jury is with Scotland Yard He gets called into a small village after two murders have been committed Jury makes friends with Melrose Plant, who is a big help in the investigation I presume Plant will work with Jury again someday.Grimes sets up a great, keeps you guessing, who done it The author has a great sense of humor as well I loved the banter between Plant and his Aunt Agatha Martha Grimes is American, but writes British mysteries right up there with the heavy hitters.A

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    You know you are in the hands of a master when a mystery is simultaneously complex, lyrically written, character richand hilarious This was Grimes s first in the Jury series and she went on from strength to strength which, given how much time she must have spent in the pubs for which each book is named, is almost miraculous In as sense, Grimes mysteries are character studies, and what a cast of regular characters she creates, from thoughtful and handsome Inspector Richard Jury and his hypochondriac sidekick, Sergeant Wiggins, to the rest of the denizens of the village of Long Piddleton the name alone is a clue and it s resident toff, Melrose Plant who has relinquished his title as Lord Ardry Somehow, he becomes Jury s friend, partner in detection, and handy stand in for Jury at key moments The full range of the quirky characters who hang out at the title pub is too long to mention and indeed they grow as the series continues from this auspicious start But I am always glad to once again make their acquaintance Suffice it to say that surprises, and also chuckles, appear on almost every page As a British murder mystery writer myself, I own every book in the series.

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    The first in the Richard Jury series, Man With a Load of Mischief introduces most of the recurring major characters in the series We meet, to our delight, Melrose Plant, his obnoxious aunt, Lady Ardry, and Jury himself, who is not your ordinary Scotland Yard detective return return Alas, Long Piddleton, which could very well pose as the quintessential English village in the snow, is host to a double murder on the eve of Christmas The local constabulary calls in Scotland Yard, and Chief Superintendent Racer, with malice aforethought, sends Jury and Wiggens off to Northants to investigate The locals are agog and are convinced a madman is loose Lady Ardry, who fancies herself a mystery writer, offers and unsolicitedly gives her unique brand of help Melrose Plant and Jury find instant affinity, and Jury makes good use of Plant s keen intelligence and knowlege of the local population return return The plot is pretty straightforward with no major twists, but Grimes strength is not so much in her plots as in her characterizations Jury is off beat enough, but not unique, whereas Plant is a oner His relationship with his aunt is hilarious Other characters, such as Trueblood, are refreshing return return Grimesism No one talked like that any except in the sanctum sanctorum of dusty men s clubs, where rigor mortis seemed a cause rather than an effect of death return return All in all, a lightweight but excellent read Highly recommended.

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    I was surprised to learn a new word before reading this It is me to a tee a completionist It explains how I shop I click into collect every kind mode Over ten years, I filled in all but The Man With A Load Of Mischief , 1981 Having started with the loveable Melrose Plant and Richard Jury, I am keen about the next goodness knowing I own it and expect authors to improve Series aside, it is why I go in order of release By the end of this novel, the construction of Martha Grimes characters pays off.There were hilarious quips I re read to titter over anew When Melrose organizes a theatre scene to show how the pinnacle of crimes started, his Aunt Agatha gripes over her short role and I could hear Melrose retorting We aren t trying for the Royal Shakespeare Company Just do your parts It is the only quip that surpassed his and his butler s explosion over Agatha s mispronounced names Martha proved an excellent plotter All information factored into her mystery The story is original three strangers in different pubs Why kill strangers The motives fit superbly, filled in plausibly when an old employee is searched out There are gratifying clues to explore.With countless series at home I can t guarantee liking, I am making rounds with first novels, to lift that mystery for myself I call Martha a success I ended her d but feeling I could become a fan but can t overlook that it was tedious for quite a while Agatha s prattling received cumbersome airtime and chapters of description were heavy handed to the point of superfluity, at first Vivian was lovely, Richard s interactions with the Double children boosted his endearing personality, and I for one would relish sitting down to the vicar s pub name lore

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    I have been planning on reading this author for years I am very glad I finally did.At first I thought it was going to be the Holmes watson style The genius amateur detective helps the less brilliant Police Inspector This was not the case, both men are intelligent and capable Richard Jury is a fascinating character You learn quickly he is intelligent and very good at his job.Melrose Plant is a very interesting character, someone who is clever and has all the advantageous anyone could hope for.I think my favorite character s were the comic Wiggins, a hypochondriac, and Lady Ardry who is aggravating to the extreme.The murder, who dispatches five victims, was not hard to figure out, but the wonderful characters and style of writing held one interested to the end Highly recommend this book.

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    This is the first novel in Martha Grimes long running British police procedural series featuring Richard Jury and Melrose Plant The book was originally published in 1981 so the reader must realize from the outset that there will be no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet and no pocket sized personal cameras to aid in solving the murder It will be an eyes, ears, brain and door to door investigation.And, the author makes than the identity of the murderer a mystery.First, she gives us a day and date on which our story begins, but she does not provide us with the year Based on the structure of the dialog in the first few chapters, this story could be taking place anytime since the turn into the twentieth century However, she does give us clues to narrow it down and a not so quick trip or two through Google helped me out there, a trick that readers back in 1981 could not execute But, then again, those clues would have been far familiar to a reader of that time anyway.Secondly, the author describes all the suspects and secondary characters in fine detail but fails to provide us with much of anything in the way of a physical description for our two protagonists It took the entirety of the first three chapters just to glean that Plant wears gold rimmed spectacles on a fine nose, is in his early 40 s, has green eyes, is single and is not terribly handsome, but handsome enough, not terribly tall but tall enough And as far as Jury, our main protagonist, is concerned, there is nothing beyond the fact that he is in his early 40 s, single and childless no hair color, no eye color, no body build, nothing Thirdly, the author gives us very little backstory for either Plant or Jury We seem to encounter them in the 40th year of their lives, fully made, with just the barest hints of painful events in each of their pasts The intimations are presented just often enough to make the reader believe that will be revealed as the series needs it to be revealed.And fourthly and most importantly the author provides our story in the form of dual first person POV s, those of our two main protagonists, Jury and Plant If they don t see it, hear it, read it or think it, we don t know it Therefore, we must pay close attention to not only find the clues but to attach them to a suspect.The author s writing style is descriptive and full but not overly wordy And, yes, an American reader may need a dictionary at times The dialog is tailored to fit each character s implied personality and ranges from witty to serious to sarcastic to tongue in cheek The internal monologues of Plant are often hilarious and full of double entendre, but fully illustrate his intelligence and comprehension And Jury s internal monologues are filled not only with logic but perception and compassion The author has created DCI Richard Jury as an honest, hard working CID detective with good insight into the machinations of human nature, work place politics, and command dynamics She has created a believable character who should be a delight to follow into further mysteries, particularly as she adds Melrose Plant in again as his unofficial investigative partner.

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    The Man With a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes is the first book in the Inspector Richard Jury mystery series I ve previously read 5 other books in the series but that was 3 or 4 years ago I was glad to finally read the first book, especially glad as it introduced the core of characters who appear in many of the other books in the series at least those that I ve read Chief Inspector Jury of Scotland Yard has been assigned to a case in the town of Long Piddleton, where two murders are being investigated Both bodies have been discovered in local pubs, The Man with a Load of Mischief and The Jack and Hammer During the course of his investigation, Jury is accompanied by his hypondriac Sgt Wiggins, bodies are discovered Jury s investigation introduces an intriguing cast of witnesses suspects from wealthy Melrose Plant, his precocious aunt Lady Agatha, antique dealer Marshall Trueblood, lovely poetess Vivian Rivington, and many others I particularly enjoyed Jury s interactions with the Double children they added a nice gentle touch to this murder mystery.Set during the Xmas period, we get a nice feel for Jury s nature, personality and his manner of investigation The case was intriguing and we continue to be fed new clues and information Was the murder perpertrated by a stranger or someone local The journey makes the solution even enjoyable and satisfying Having read some of the other books previously, but still many years ago, it was nice to meet those characters who appear in future books and often assist Jury with his investigations Excellent story and mystery Now to find book 2 The Old Fox Deceiv d As an aside, if you are not aware of this, the titles of each book refer to pubs in the area of the particular mystery 4 stars

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    The Man With a Load of Mischief is book one in The Richard Jury Mysteries Scotland Yard Inspector Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury was called to help find the murder of two men in a small English village called Long Piddleton However, everyone in Long Piddleton except Melrose Plant was looking for the killer outside the town With the help of Melrose Plant Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury started to investigate The readers will continue to follow Melrose Plant and Detective Chief Inspector Richard Jury investigation into the death of the two men The Man With a Load of Mischief is the first book I have read of Martha Grimes, and I enjoyed it I love Martha Grimes portrayal her characters and the way they interact with each other Martha Grimes does a fantastic job of describing her sittings that allow me to image setting in the gardens of Jack and Hammer having a beer The Man With a Load of Mischief is well written and researched by Martha Grimes The readers of The Man With a Load of Mischief will learn about living in a small English village Also, the readers of The Man With a Load of Mischief will start to understand the role of Scotland Yard in law enforcement investigation I recommend this book.