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A Friend Has Vanished, A Mummy S Amulet Is Missing, And There S A Weirdo Out There Looking For Human Brains And Hearts The Chicagoland Detective Agency Run By Megan, Raf, And His Talking Dog Bradley Have Than Enough Cases On Their Hands And Paws But Where To Start Megan S Too Busy For Private Detecting Her Haikus Won Her Tickets To Meet The Drop Dead Gorgeous Rock Star Sun D Arc Raf Is Sure That Sun Is Too Good Not To Be Really Bad He Must Be Involved In One Of Their Cases And What About Sun S Suspiciously Familiar Manager Or The Pushy New Girl At School Can Bradley, Dog Genius, Pull His Team Together And Sniff Out What Suspect Goes With Which Case

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    Things have been slow lately for Bradley, hyperintelligent canine head of the Chicagoland Detective Agency and his two friends, computer whiz Raf and poet Megan In fact, they haven t had a case since the one that inaugurated the agency Not that Megan is too disappointed.It seems that Megan has lucked into concert tickets through her journalistic connections she s haiku editor for the school paper to see Sun D Arc, the hottest new pretty boy singer on the market Naturally, Megan immediately thought of taking along her one human friend, Raf.The next day, new girl Jazmin tries to cozy up to Megan to pick up the spare ticket, which only enrages our heroine Then Raf winds up with the flu, which sticks Megan with Raf s goofball friend William as her plus one.Things start getting weird at the concert, as Sun D Arc and his oddly familiar manager are much interested in meeting William than Megan, even though she s the official reporter, or even putting on a concert Jazmin is acting suspiciously, and what does all this have to do with a missing mummy Though the protagonists are in high school, this graphic novelette is aimed at kids from about fourth grade on up Older readers will be way ahead of our heroes in figuring out what s going on, particularly if they also read the first volume That said, there s some amusing side jokes in the newspaper clippings, and the basic plot is engaging There s some mild scares.Kids who liked the first volume should also enjoy this one, but it s not necessary to have read that book to understand this one I just hope the agency gets an actual paying case soon

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    While I enjoyed the first volume to this series, I ll admit that it did have its flaws The only two of note was that the dialogue between our young heroes didn t seem to flow all that well some of the book s messages were a little awkwardly placed I know I wasn t the only one who noticed that The Chicagoland team seem to have listened to what the crowd had to say because not only was the interaction better, but the messages in the book was worked in better Although in this book the message is educational than anything else The artwork also seems to have improved, being playful confident in this volume While I was a bit surprised at some of the stuff mentioned by the story s villain later in the book, parents will be able to show this to their kids without having to worry about any truly objectionable material.Overall this really was a great read one that I truly think kids will love ARC provided by NetGalley

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    I really enjoied it I am not a big fan of comices but this one was so wonderful to read I love the main characters so much You also get to lear that you don t need too many Popular friends to make you feel good becuase you already have your best friends around of you even if one of them if a tlking dog who reads alot

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    Hmmm. this book was on Epic and my kindergarteners clicked to read it and it wasn t appropriate for kindergarteners words like shut up I know thats epics fault not the books.

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    Book two of this series and all I can say isI hope you re having as much fun with it as I am Seriously It s a graphic novel with a LOT of story to spare and characters you can t help but enjoy Megan with her high spirited, haiku writing nature If light were given a personality and spunk to boot, she d be it Raf, her best friend who s pretty much sick in bed through this adventurebut it doesn t mean that he can t help out and leave his mark on the story as well Then we have their pal Bradley Who s he Ohjust a talking dog that they saved in book onenothing strange or anything Did I mention that he narrates the story at times in classic Bogart style Yepsure does Adds a little something extra to it and keeps it fun The rest of the cast is a rather mixed bag that will keep you guessing Let s see you have a little evil, some ancient curses, secret identitiesyep, mixed works well here.As for the story itself, it turns out to be a kid version of the classic book The Maltese Falcon Now that s not to say that adult readers wouldn t enjoy it but I mean how often do we get to see serious threads of a classic worked into a graphic novel..successfully Coming from a non graphic novel enthusiastthat s saying something too In my opinion, this wonderful middle grade work will not only entertain readers of today, but will also garner interest in the original story for additional reading options There s never a bad time to revisit the classics By book s end, the baddies are uncovered and the case is laid to rest hehesmall pun there , leaving readers satisfied for now yet ready for No worries thoughbook three, Night of the Living Dogs, is on the horizon adds to wish list In short, a pictorially on point book with a story that moves things along at a rapid pace which asks readers to uncover the mystery along the wayif you can It s a brief adventure fit for readers young and old, girls and boys, animal and mineral okay, so maybe not mineral but one certainly worth taking.

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    Have you ever been a detective and if you haven t would you someday I would guess this book is fiction since some of the characters I thought this book was a little interesting since some characters were talking and weren t even people This book takes place in a museum and a store This is about a singer that actually isn t one and this detective agency is trying to figure out and it turns out that something was hidded from Sun D arc and his manager The conflict in this story is person vs person because of Sun D Arc and the detective agency Sun D arc is a singer ,and Raf is a talking dog Bradley and Megan are two other people in the agency William is another character and finally Vora Schak the manager of Sun D Arc I was surprised when i found out who Sun D arc really was and that Sun D Arc really isn t a human well he was a human but not any Also i think Chicago Land is a good tittle for the book because it takes place in Chicago.If I were to compare this book to my life I would say I would also be dissapinted if my favorite singer turned out to be something else My favorite part was when we figured out who actually Sun D arc is and it turned out be that his manager is actually a mad scientist that brought him back from the death But he went back where he came from and the mad scientist escaped to another city to do another thing.I was surprised when William one of the characters from the story was kidnapped to replace Sun D arc because William had the same weight height and size everything was the same from Sun D Arc And that is how this whole story went and this story was sort of god because of how this whole story happened And if I were to rate this book I would give it a 9 because it was a little intensing and it was sort of a mystery and that is why i gave chicagoland a 9 And that is sort of how a teenage detective would be and if you do wanna be a detective someday i think you should read this book.

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    ARC provided by NetGalley This is the second book in the Chicagoland Detective Agency series and it s a fast paced, adventurous short story Big name superstar Sun D Arc has shown up at Megan s school and all of the kids are awestruck and can t wait to meet him But Sun appears to have a secret, and one of Megan s and Raf s friends go missing after meeting Sun in person What s Sun s secret And why does he manager look so familiar I really liked the premise of the book and was hoping for something like the old Encyclopedia Brown series.but I was left feeling vaguely disappointed It is a fast paced story, but it seems like some of the story got dropped out along the way We jump around so fast that it often seemed confusing to me And honestly I was a bit disappointed in an aspect of the ending I won t provide spoilers, but I ll say it was a lack of reaction to something happening The art work was so so Supposedly the kids are in high school, but Megan looked like she was 10 and Raf looked like he was 20 which was a bit creepy to be honest I can see how elementary school kids might like this book, it seems about the right pace for them, but it really doesn t work well for anyone above the age of say 14.

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    Megan, Raf, and Raf s talking dog, Bradley, run the Chicagoland Detective Agency But Megan is focused on a chance to meet her favorite musician, Sun D Arc While Raf is stuck at home sick, Megan recruits another friend, William to go with her Unfortunately, on the way home from what turned out to be a very short interview, William disappears It is up to Megan and Bradley to find out what has happened to William and how it is connected to the disappearance of a valuable Egyptian artifact.Like many graphic novels, this one starts right in on the plot The book is rather lacking in character development, a common flaw in many graphic novels, but reluctant readers won t care The fast plot, interesting characters, and entertaining artwork are bound to win over even the most reluctant of readers This is one I plan to add to my library s

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    Megan s favorite musician, Sun D arc, turns out to be a mummy brought back to life, and the CDA, with the help of an undercover detective posing as a student in Megan s school, find a disguised Dr Vorshak behind the evil plot to reverse the mummy curse using Raf s friend, William, as a substitute in Sun s sarcophagus The frames are pretty easy to follow, but the black and white illustrations may not hold the reader s attention I think the author was going for a 50 s detective feel A quick read.

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    These are fun books for kids who love the Bone series by Jeff Smith and other comic style stories They are surprisingly full of voice and provide an appealing detective story format for middle readers Despite being in black and white, the graphics by Tyler Page are very well done I love the characters Megan and Raf are funny and totally likable, and Bradley is too cute for words.My 3rd grade son and surprisingly, my 6 year old daughter, enjoyed both books I recommend both this one and The Drained Brains Caper, especially for reluctant readers and comic fans.