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    The first of Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen's wildly popular Magic School Bus series which follows Miss Frizzle's class as they take fantastic field trips in the course of investigating various scientific topics The Magic School Bus At the Waterworks sees teacher and students ascending into the clouds shrinking down to the size of rain drops and experiencing the water cycle up close and personal From falling as rain and racing along in a stream to traveling through a water treatments plant and then into their city's water supply Miss Frizzle's students learn first hand how water moves through various stages and cyclesAlthough I have long been familiar with this picture book series which launched in 1985 I had never actually picked one of them up I'm glad that I finally have as I now understand what all the fuss is about Informative and educational while also entertaining and imaginative the narrative here combines scientific fact with fantastic adventure while the cartoon like illustrations add to the fun The children's dubious initial response to their teacher and their various conversational asides are uite amusing while the topic at hand how cities and towns get their water is one that younger readers may not have considered Highly recommended to all young scientists as well as to those who think that science is dull this book might change their minds

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    This is the first Magic School Bus of the series and this was of the most fun books to read in elementary school It revolves around Ms Frizzle who is wacky red headed teacher that takes her students on fun field trips Little do these students know at first is that this bus can fly and take them anywhere On this first field trip they go to the waterworks where they learn about water purification They learn about how the water is formed purified and where it goes to reach its final destination The coolest thing about this series is that the students in the book are learning about something and the audience gets to learn with then I think this book would be perfect for ages 1st through 3rd grade because it’s a pretty easy read but you get to learn a lot as you go I love this collection

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    I selected my shelves for this book children's science and fantasy Talk about a genre mix Rarely is practical science mixed with fantasy But Joanna Cole and her illustrator Bruce Degen expertly cover the water cycle water supply and water purification in a fun book for grades 5 and upThis is the first one published that I own I'll research to see if there are older ones In this book Ms Frizzle the magical teacher who is a bit of a Mary Poppins type character first appears

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    I always loved The Magic School Bus series when I was a kid It was always fun entertaining and educational You always learned something new with Miss Frizzle and she was someone that I always wanted to have as my teacher I recommend

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    It was fun and cute and informative I really liked all the illustrations There was a section at the end explaining what in the book was a joke not actually factual “for serious students” it was neat

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    The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks is part of a prize winning series of children's non fiction science books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen Awarded the Boston Globe Horn Honor Award it is a perfect way to teach important science concepts and ideas to intermediate readers while keeping their attention and interest The book is presented on a couple of different levels On one level the reader follows the adventures of Ms Frizzle and her science students as they experience the wonders of the world of water on their magic school bus On the other level the reader has the opportunity to learn important facts about the scientific properties and concepts relating to water The author has the uniue ability to weave non fiction content into a fanciful and fun tapestry His use of humor to teach important ideas is creative and powerful The beautiful illustrations demonstrate the illustrator's ability to combine pen and ink watercolor and other artistic mediums in order to create an eye catching book This book is sure to be a favorite of students and teachers alike

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    1 Ms Frizzle takes her students on an exciting field trip on a then special school bus Mr Frizzle and her class explore the water cycle From scuba diving in a river to evaporating into clouds and riding rain drops back to earth Ms Frizzle shows her students the wonders of how water can change from a liuid to a gas As always trouble calls can Ms Frizzle and the class get home safely2 This book would be great fro grade 1 33 I would introduce this book to the class during a science lesson on water or when introducing the forms a liuid can take4 All students could benefit from this book it is a fun entertain book that grabs the attention of young kids5 This would be a great book for students to read and share with their friends6 This would be a fun book to read aloud to the class and ask uestions related to the topic7 There is a collection of magic school bus books8 There are toys cartoons and interactive websites for these books

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    I really liked these books as a kid and how could you not? I mean there is something incongruous about learning science when the school bus is actually magic Disagree with me? It's in the actual title so it's not an opinion as much as it is a fact according to Joanna Cole Though one could argue that uantum physics is involved and those people might be right Eh I'm not that invested so go talk to Sheldon Cooper about it if you really have a problem

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    So this is the first Magic School Bus book and it's not as tongue and cheek as some of the other ones but it's still really fun and cool Starting to think my oldest child wishes the Friz was his mom

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    Cute book great illustrations Teaches children about water that learning can be fun and even the most boring of topics water can be fascinatingLet's just ignore that fluoride sentenceNote I want an octopus dress