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[[ eBook ]] The Little Black Songbook: Leonard Cohen: Chords/LyricsAuthor Leonard Cohen –

The Little Black Songbook This Is A Pocket Sized Collection Of OverLeonard Cohen Hits, With Complete Lyrics, Guitar Chord Symbols, And Chord Diagrams Perfect For Fitting Into Gig Bags Songs Include Ain T No Cure For Love Bird On The Wire Bird On A Wire Closing Time Death Of A Ladies Man First We Take Manhattan Hallelujah Lady Midnight Lover Lover Lover So Long Marianne Winter Lady And Many

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    I have the little black books of both Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and can just toss them in my purse with no problem This one is packed with the best of Cohen and the chords are beautifully placed and easy to follow.My one gripe is that the print had to be made so small to fit into this little gem, it s barely readable I m old It wouldn t have bothered me at an earlier time in my life.If you love Cohen as much as I do, and want to take his music with you, this is the book and I own several that goes with me.

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    I bought this book to see if I can find particular chords, progressions, or patterns in Leonard s songs He is a favorite of mine I only went through a few songs that I know.For non guitar players, the book does a fair job of explaining how to read the chords at the beginning I never played guitar I did some piano though and it was pretty clear to me.

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    A few ignorant friends in the 70s said when I recommended Leonards music OH THAT GUY YOU SLIT YOUR WRISTS TO huh These little black books are a great buyYou get all the vocals and the chordsI have bought the Tom Waits AND the Bob Dylan as wellAll three are among the finest poets of our time for rock blues folk LIFE and LOVE and HATE lol All are wordsmiths taking much effort and time to secure the EXACT appropriate words and feeling for their songs no matter how long it tookI know it is a clich BUTThey have written the soundtrack of my life and many others as well I m sureAnd at around 20 a piece great valueRecommended Even if just to see how a great songs with beautiful lyrics came aboutGOLDLeonard is still packing stadiums at 75 probably in numbers than in earlier years I know I have helped him with his retirement fund AND enjoyed EVERY minute of it

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    This songbook is wonderful It holds a broad collection of Leonard Cohen songs, many not available in his anthology sheet music collection The book fits perfectly in my guitar case for quick reference on a song I m not completely familiar with playing The book spans his albums, giving chords and lyrics for Bird on the Wire to A Thousand Kisses Deep, and everything in between The only song that I wish had been included that wasn t is Boogie Street It is a near perfect collection, and a must for any Leonard Cohen fanatic.

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    Almost every word and absolute correct chords to the maestros works one could ever expect in a pocket sizeRecommended for anyone who loves Leonard Cohen