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Cohen The Barbarian He S Been A Legend In His Own LifetimeHe Can Remember The Good Old Days Of High Adventure, When Being A Hero Meant One Didn T Have To Worry About Aching Backs And Lawyers And Civilization But These Days, He Can T Always Remember Just Where He Put His TeethSo Now, With His Ancient Yet Still Trusty Sword And New Walking Stick In Hand, Cohen Gathers A Group Of His Old Very Old Friends To Embark On One Final Quest He S Going To Climb The Highest Mountain Of Discworld And Meet The GodsIt S Time The Last Hero In The World Returns What The First Hero Stole Trouble Is, That Ll Mean The End Of The World, If No One Stops Him In Time

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    Ankh Morpork, we have an orangutan.Only Terry Pratchett could parody Houston, we have a problem with that kind of brazen aplomb While The Last Hero, A Discworld Fable, is Pratchett s 27th Discworld book, the real HERO here is his collaborator Paul Kidby who provides a book full of illustrations.Is it me, or does Cohen look a little like Terry Pratchett Pratchett s original Discworld illustrator Josh Kirby died in 2001, and Kidby has been drawing Rincewind and the Wizards ever since I m an audiobook eBook guy but to fully appreciate this work, a reader must get a copy of the graphic novel sized work that features pages of Kidby s outstanding drawings that give life to the story.Taking aim at heroes and hero worship, Pratchett describes a time when the world needs saving and Rincewind and Carrot are up for the task Also center stage is Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde as well as Blind Io and the small gods of the Discworld Cohen and his band of octogenarian heroes invade the gates of the gods in the mystical city of Dunmanifestin We also get to see the Discworld s answer to Leonardo da Vinci, Leonard da Quirm.Good fun.

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    And the thing isthe big thing about Cohen ishe s contagious You mean he s a plague carrier It s like a mental illness, sir Or magic He s as crazy as a stoat, butonce they ve been around him for a while, people start seeing the world the way he does All big and simple and they want to be part of it This must be how Cohen the Barbarian got his Silver Horde to follow him up the highest mountain in Discworld to return something that was stolen from the Gods BUT for reasons too complicated to go into here, it will mean the end of the world if he succeeds So, it s up to Carrot, Rincewind and Leonard of Quirm to stop him, andOH, YE GODS The stewardess Librarian is flying the plane Ook said the Librarian He says we ll have to land soon, said Carrot Was there some position we re supposed to get into Ook said the Librarian He seemed to be fighting the levers What do you mean, Lie on your back with your arms folded across your chest There s really only enough material here for a short story, Discworld Lite, if you will, but there s still plenty to enjoy Meeting the Gods was fun I LOVE that there is a God of Unnecessary Paperwork and a Goddess of Certain Types of Ice Cream and Short Lengths of String.I rate the story a three It didn t really hold my interest, though to be fair, I am ruled by the Goddess of the Easily Distracted I found myself rushing through the text to get to of the gorgeous artwork Just feast your eyes on some of these beauties There you have it A fun time, loads to look at, but a necessary read only for Discworld completists But do borrow the book JUST to look at the pictures Drool

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    Este es uno de los libros que me ha gustado del mundodisco, por varias razones, no solo tiene al cobarde de Rincewind salvando al mundo una vez mas, aunque el solo quisiera huir y o esconderse sino que tiene una cofrad a de personajes de todo el disco, tenemos a todo El cuadro acad mico de la ilustre universidad invisible, al Patricio de Ankh Morpork Lord Vetinari, al Capit n Zanahoria de la guardia de la ciudad, a La muerte que no podr a faltar y lo mejor de todo a la Horda de plata Este grupo de viejitos cool que sigue a Cohen el b rbaro, quien tiene el plan de una ltima misi n, devolverle lo que le pertenece a los dioses, lo primero que los mortales le robaron, el problema es que se lo quieren pagar con intereses, y debido a esto puede que todo el mundodisco se destruya.Me gustaron las ilustraciones del libro, todas son fant sticas Y una de las cosas que m s me encanto, es que, a pesar de ser una historia cortita, tiene un inicio un desarrollo y un cierre con Pratchett esto no sucede todo el tiempo y ese final fue esplendido, todo un bombazo, de los mejores, as que los invito a acompa ar a Rincewind a otra de sus aventuras peligrosas lo siento Rincewind por m s que no lo quieras como t mismo lo dices as es tu vida

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    This was the the last book on Terry Pratchett re read binge While not as substantial as some of the rest of his books I m pretty sure the wordcount is less than half of his usual this book makes up for it by being beautifully illustrated by Paul Kidby I ve never seen an artist do such spot on interpretations of an author s characters Kidby s work is really amazing.

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    Oh, my dear Sir Terry, how you always delight me.In this rather short but very good 27th volume of the Discworld novels, we follow Conan the Barbarian and his friends heroes horde.Conan and his troupe have been on the Disc for a VERY long time without dying But age is a matter of perspective as anyone trying to kill them finds out very briefly before their very own meeting with Binky and his master.They ve plundered, ravished and done all sorts of other things, ending up quite wealthy and bored.So their plan is to go out on a bang And what would be better for that than returning to the Gods what had been stolen from them by the very first hero Conan style though.Their plan becomes known to the Patrician and he employs the wizards of Unseen University incl a volunteering Rincewind yep, you read correctly , Captain Carrot, as well as his favourite naive inventor in order to stop the end of the world.So we get a madcap ride in a very daring contraption utilizing dragons, lots of hilarity from Rincewind pointing out the obvious death traps, Gods that don t understand sarcasm and much much Oh, and space Yup, this novel had everything.This volume is also one of the special ones illustrated throughout and, I think, the very first volume Paul Kidby was the artist for after the death of Josh Kirby So I enjoyed both the audio version still not as good as Nigel Planer s reading, I can t emphasize this enough as well as my print copy Rincewind, by the way, is depicted too young in my opinion.A wonderful addition to the series that made me chuckle almost non stop and even burst out laughing loudly in public places.

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    The Last Hero has rapidly become one of my favorites out of the whole Discworld series This is funny because I originally gave it a 4 star So, why the change of heart It s the stars, baby It s the stars.Heroism is underrated And wildly misunderstood Good thing we have a huge cast of great characters here to destroy the world for us I mean save it Or do I

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    The Last Hero is the seventh book in the Rincewind subseries It s actually an illustrated novel, the first one I ve read It was only available as an illustrated version unlike Eric which I read in a non illustrated format , and I do think some of the illustrations were important to the story If nothing else, the ending might not make much sense without the corresponding picture The reader could probably guess what it showed if they d been paying attention to the story, though.The story itself is short, but cute Cohen and his horde of heroes are on a quest, and their heroic shenanigans might destroy the entire Discworld A variety of familiar characters get involved in trying to prevent this and, naturally, Rincewind gets dragged into things against his will Sort of.I m not a very visual person, so illustrations don t usually do much for me Despite that, I still enjoyed the pictures in this book I particularly enjoyed seeing illustrations for the various characters I ve read about over the past many books I can t say too many of them actually looked the way I had pictured them in my mind, but they were still fun to see The Rincewind illustrations in particular were great The one on the cover is funny, but not very representative of the others The other Rincewind illustrations throughout the book all show him with this perpetual frown and a dejected look that made me laugh every time he showed up in a picture.I don t normally include pictures with my reviews but, seeing as how this is an illustrated novel, I thought it would be fun to show one of my favorite pictures in the book.

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    I read my copy back in 2001 when first came out This first H B copy not horrible P B one This brilliant story by Sir T but real star of this book is illustrator Paul Kidby who s ills make the story.Old Soldiers never die they just fade away I learned that school in 1960s but this proves that this load of old bullshit Cohen the Barbarian a mean old git, balded wrinkly prune with sword walking stick Mad Hamish in his wooden spiked wheelchair,Granny Vena the Raven Haired very grey Evil Harry Dread who has shrunk, Fat Butcher, Armpit who now smells extra bad, Gak who died but still fights on,HIM,SQUEAK, Calben the Ripper with his wrinkles, oh Blood useless Rincewind the university s worst wizard to save Disc from the old Gods.OH.What you have here is book that is only 176 p but its large book so get 55lines to a page average of 20 words to line thus size changes from 176 to 300 Page normal book full of colour ills This perfect if felling down in the blues as its stuff hankie in your mouth time scream laughing.We miss You Terry.

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    The Late great Sir Terry s Conan tribute to Robert E Howard what happens to super men when they get old there teeth fall out this old man Steptoe with muscles But the extra special illustrations that give this book that WOW

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    , Gran Torino .