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This Is The Complete Story Of Robin Bartlett, The Eldest Of The Three Half Sisters Readers Around The World Have Come To Know And Love And Antonio Tony Viscolli, The Man She Is Destined To Marry Sapphire Ice Is A Story Of Redemption And Transformation That Ultimately Leads To A Love That Will Span All Eternity Robin S Heart Is As Ice Cold As Her Sapphire Blue Eyes After A Terrifying Childhood, She Trusts Neither God Nor Men With Kindness And Faith, Tony Viscolli Prays For The Opportunity To Shatter The Wall Of Ice Around Her Heart What Is A Good Wife Worth In Greater Than Rubies, Robin Plans A Dream Come True Wedding Anxiety Arises When She Starts To Realize The Magnitude Of Change Marriage Will Involve Forgotten Nightmares Resurface Reminding Robin Of The Horrors Of Her Past She Gives In To Her Insecurities And Cancels Boston S Royal Wedding With God S Guidance, Will Her Bridegroom Convince Her Of Her True Worth Sapphire Ice, The Complete Contemporary Christian Romance Novel And Book Of The Critically Acclaimed Jewel Trilogy, Is Bundled With The Novella Inspired By The Jewels Greater Than Rubies For The First Time Ever Sapphire Ice Greater Than Rubies, the Jewel Trilogy Bundle 1 by Hallee BridgemanSapphire Ice introduces Robin Bartlett as the oldest of the three half sisters She is a hard worker, working two jobs to support her sisters and put them through college They have all had a hard childhood, from being raised by a drug addict to being home when her mother and her boyfriend were murdered Robin has hardened her heart toward God and everyone else, until she falls for Tony Viscolli Both Robin and Tony grew up dirt poor But Tony has managed to go from a hooligan to a wealthy businessman with a love for Christ and giving back Tony struggles to win Robins trust and lead her to a relationship with Christ Greater than Rubies finds Robin planning her wedding to Tony It is to be Boston s Royal Wedding The she plans the overwhelmed she becomes Her old insecurities come to life and nightmares of the past resurface Can her new found faith and love for Tony bring her enough redemption and transformation to overcome a life of trials Read the Jewel Trilogy Bundle to find out This book is well written and will pull at your heart strings The author Hallee Bridgeman did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life She intertwined faith into all aspects of these books Showing that with God s love and obedience you cane overcome the many obstacles before you Thanks to The Book Club Network Inc for this book And thanks to the author Hallee Bridgeman and Olivia Kimbrell Press for writing and bring good clean Christian books to readers like me. I have to say that if I saw this book on a shelf, I probably would not have picked it up The cover just does not appeal to me But I received this book from for reviewing purposes Boy was I pleasantly surprised This was one of the best books I have read in a while It is basically a modern retelling of Cinderella Robin Bartlett is working herself to death with 2 jobs She waits tables at Benedict s, a high scale Boston restaurant by day and tends bar at Hank s place at night Only 2 years and her younger sister Sarah will be done with college, then Robin can think about herself The three sisters live together in a cheap apartment Maxine has graduated but Robin refuses her help Tony Viscolli has pulled himself up from poverty and homelessness He is a selfmade millionaire.Now he notices the beautiful Robin Bartlett and decides she is the one This is the story of their courtship I really enjoyed this tale and look forward to the next book in the series Hallee did a wonderful job of revealing the depth of Robin s fears and the awesome wonder of G d s desires for us I found myself cheering Tony on and at times wanting to shake Robin Sapphire Ice and Greater Than Rubies will bring out many emotions and leave you wanting I received a complimentary copy of this book for review These thoughts are my own. Jewel TrilogySapphire Eyes and Grater than RubiesBelieving in a man is not what Robin would call safe, especially after experiencing a harsh childhood with her two sisters Fighting hard against God, love, and against what she thinks is right, Robin is stuck In her journey of love Robin helps you discover that true love is not about a handsome man, money, or all that but about God, Loyalty, Faith and much Unlike many other books I have read this one stands out and I am sure it will leave you with so much than a typical love story Tony is playing a huge role in Robin s life by helping her rediscover God and realize her true worth I loved him for his patience with her straggles and insecurities His caliber is rare find I truly enjoyed this book It is so much than just a fun romance, it is an example of love and much of it needs to be taken as a lesson.I want to thank Hallee Bridgeman for a signed copy Hallee, keep on writing, your stories touch heart strings and make a melody of life worth living even after all odds.Disclaimer I got a signed copy of this bundle after meeting Hallee Bridget through our book club at thank you Fred for the privilege of being part of your fun group. I was riveted to this story by the prologue I had to find out what happened to these frightened girls The story was so real to life I look forward to reading the rest of their story.This book begins the story of Robin Bartlett and her two half sisters They were taken from an abusive home as children, and the youngest was adopted while the other two stayed in the foster system When Robin left the system because of abuse, Hank befriended her and gave her a job He helped her gain custody of her sister Maxine When she learned that her sister Sarah s adoptive parents could not afford to send her to college, Robin took over She worked two jobs to support all of them and to pay for her sisters college education She was not trusting anyone for help, God or man Robin was wearing herself out, but then she met Tony Viscolli He fell in love with her, showered her with gifts and introduced her to God Through Tony s love and learning to know his church friends, Robin is finally able to trust God Can she trust Tony, too And what about the future for her and her sisters I received this book from in return for my honest review.