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Irresistible Even Vampires Need A Vacation But Decker Argeneau S Ends Abruptly When He S Asked To Help Hunt The Group Of Rogue Vampires Targeting Mortals One That Might Include A Defector In His Own Family Before He Can Worry About That, Though, He S Got To Rescue The Latest Victim It S All Part Of The Job, Including Taking A Bullet For A Beautiful Doctor Insatiable Dr Danielle McGill Doesn T Know If She Can Trust The Man Who Just Saved Her Life There Are Too Many Questions, Such As What Is The Secret Organization He Says He S Part Of, And Why Do His Wounds Hardly Bleed However, With Her Sister In The Hands Of Some Dangerous Men, She Doesn T Have Much Choice But To Trust Him Immortal Except Now Decker S Talking About Life Mates And Awakening A Passion That S Taking Dani Beyond Anything She S Ever Known Being Undead May Not Be Half Badespecially If It Means Spending Forever With A Man Who Would Love Her With His Mind, Body, And Immortal Soul 4,4 von 5 SternenMir hat dieser Teil wieder sehr gut gefallen Das P rchen hat gut zusammengepasst und mich hat die ganze Interaktion zwischen den Beiden und auch zwischen den ganzen anderen sehr unteralten Luciens trockene und harte Art fand ich wieder klasse und hab mich gefreut, dass er wieder von der Partie war berhaupt mag ich es, dass man immer so viele, aus den anderen Teilen, bereits liebgewonnene Charaktere wieder trifft In diesem Band kam ein neuer Aspekt der Vampirwelt hinzu und ich denke ab jetzt werden die Schlitzer wohl eine entscheidende Rolle spielen.Einziges Manko dieses Teils waren die wirklich extremen Pannen, die bei der Suche nach dem Opfer bzw der Schlitzer passierten Daf r, dass so viele Vampire und ja angeblich so gut ausgebildete Vampire hier eine Handvoll Abtrpnniger jagen und gingen die Schlitzer ihnen viel zu oft und einfach durch die Lappen Das wirkte auf mich wirklich gestellt und unrealistisch und hat mich etwas genervt. You all know how much I hate the Alpha Asshole man There is nothing that will get my hackles raised quicker than some AA pushing a girl around for her own good , or ignoring her when she say s no but it s okay because her body betrays her and she really does want him This guy, Decker, triggered me faster than a mansplainer Yeah, I m gonna need a gun over hereDecker treats his life mate worse than any of the previous vamp guys ever have, and they are all a lot older than him, so he can t blame old fashioned ideas about women as an excuse He grabs her by the arm so many times to force her to do something that she is going to start looking like one of those old Stretch Armstrong dolls that has been overused Okay, maybe the long arms will be beneficial sometimes At least he won t have to be the douche with the selfie stick.You know how many times my husband has grabbed me by the arm to stop me from walking here or there, or to spin me around to force me to listen to him, or to force intimacy NONE That s right, he has done that zero times in our almost 30 years of knowing each other Because it is disrespectful, rude, a bully tactic not to mention dangerous for him Yeah, a man trying that shit on me would lose an appendage Aww, now I m less angry Thank you, bears You always fix everything.Decker also keeps saying that she s cute when she s angry That s another thing that I hate When a man is angry, he is never cute He is dangerous or scary He is taken seriously But, when an AA sees his woman get angry for serious reasons , he smiles or chuckles because she is so cute Isn t that just the cutest face she makes when she s freaking out about her sister possibly being tortured and raped by a madman Aww, she s adorable Look at her little face getting all red Look at her cute little huffy expression I m so glad she is my property now Let me just grab her arm and order her to stay out of the way while the big strong men take care of everything She needs to go get all prettied up for when I get back from my man work and want food and sex from her Not you too, Superman Which brings up the next point as to why this book was a suck fest This couple is humping like bunnies all over the place, every second, while her teenage sister is in the hands of a raping, torturing, murderer Is this really the best way to use their time Could they possibly be doing something actually useful towards saving the kid Not to mention the fact that maybe it s disrespectful to act like a cat in heat right now AND, I would think that knowing what her sister is going through would be a slight buzz kill in the terms of sex I know that when I hear a story of some poor girl being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed on the news, all I want to do is jump my husband s bones And, I don t even know those girls Just think how horny it would make me if it was a relative Yup.So, basically, I didn t like anything about this book And, I m not even mentioning the fact that, once again, there isn t an actual ending to the story So, here s how I will wrap up my review.Decker WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE I really do I enjoy this series, it always like a little home coming for me I know these characters and love them Moreover, it s like having vamps in my backyard, all these vampires on the streets of Toronto is never a bad thing This book is the 2nd in the Rogue Hunter series and the 11th book in the Argeneau series, and why would I stop now.Anything new and exciting to report not really It s the same whole concept, man finds life mate she is human and once again the explanation of the whole vampire thing has to be explained I keep going back, because it is funny and this family of vampires is just one of a kind, and in this series the Argeneau s rule the bloody world.So woman in distress, sexy vamp man to the rescue, mind blowing sex that causes blackouts, the same old, same old.New development and I am not sure whether I like it or not Fangless vampires Yeh I said Fangless, am I the only one who just doesn t find that very sexy Its all about the bite and cutting your victim to drink from them brings up some serious issues Its no wonder most fang free vamps are crazy, I would be crazy too, if I wanted to bring my vamp street cred, and then disappoint with oh my, I m really sorry, but I need to make a small incision to drink from you Yep, not sexy at all.Overall, I really did like this one, the characters are safe and this one doesn t have the normal HEA, and ends with a bit of cliff hanger and I am just dying to know what s gonna happen next This is pure happy fluff, and if you like happy fluff then this series is the one for you With so many books, it s quite clear that some are better than others, and this is one of the better ones. This is book number 11 in Lyndsay Sand s Argeneau Vampire series This series does not HAVE to be read in order, however, for this book, I at least recommend reading book 10 The Rogue Hunter because it continues some of the plot from that previous book As for why this book only got 3 stars when Ms Sands usually writes 4 or 5 star quality books There are a few reasons why First, the book s plot is continued YET again Yes, there is a satisfactory conclusion with the hero Decker and the heroine Danielle However, the rogue vampires have gotten away again Second, Ms Sands brings in a different race of vampires, of whom she has NEVER, EVER mentioned before the no fangers And there are the dreaded evil crazy no fangers and good non crazy no fangers that have a fancy schmansy name, I cannot think of it off the top of my head let alone spell it If these no fangers are so bad then why haven t we heard of them EVER before Why Well, because Ms Sands needs some fresh ideas to re vamp pun intended her vamp series Ehhhhhh, I know a series needs to be freshened up a little bit now and again, but could you have at least come up with something a little believable The chemistry between the Decker and Danielle was okay Certainly nothing like her other books Danielle s sister Stephanie was kidnapped by one of the members of the no fangers rogue vampire group The group originally had Danielle too, but Decker and his enforcer partner, Justin surprised the group and saved Danielle, but unfortunately, one of the no fangers got away with Stephanie So, the romance takes place while Decker and Danielle try to follow Stephanie and the rogue no fanger I won t give the rest away, but I can tell you that the rest of the book was pretty predictable except for the no fangers of course.