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EVERYDAY THE SAMERachel Catches The Same Commuter Train Every Morning She Knows It Will Wait At The Same Signal Each Time, Overlooking A Row Of Back Gardens She S Even Started To Feel Like She Knows The People Who Live In One Of The Houses Jess And Jason , She Calls Them Their Life As She Sees It Is Perfect If Only Rachel Could Be That HappyUNTIL TODAYAnd Then She Sees Something Shocking It S Only A Minute Until The Train Moves On, But It S EnoughNow Everything S Changed Now Rachel Has A Chance To Become A Part Of The Lives She S Only Watched From AfarNow They Ll See She S Much Than Just The Girl On The Train

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    I once read a book by a former alcoholic where she described giving oral sex to two different men, men she d just met in a restaurant on a busy London high street I read it and I thought, I m not that bad This is where the bar is set.oh, yeah this one is going to be a must read for those people looking to find their next Gone Girl experience it s an incredibly fast paced and engrossing psychological thriller, and i was on board as soon as i read the editor s bit of ARC copy, even though i know that writing those things is part of the job and not at all unbiased but it s hard not to be swayed when you read Within days of my introducing the manuscript in March, people from every department were regularly pulling me aside to testify to how much they loved the read, how they couldn t put it down At a recent meeting, a colleague who was twelve pages from the end was secretly reading them under the table because she could not stop Another had the manuscript propped up next to her phone so she could read between calls, and last week in the elevator, people around me suddenly started competing over who d read it fastest, and who was surprised by the ending You know you have something special when it becomes watercooler talk for months on would take a very stubbornly cynical person to see that as anything other than genuine enthusiasm and the book definitely delivers it is an absolute page turner with a number of unreliable narrators ranging from the self deluded to the spotty memory of the blackout drunk i am too busy reading on my daily commute to notice my fellow passengers unless they are smelly behaving in an unstable manner frequently , or exceptionally attractive MUCH less frequently , but apparently this is a thing that commuters do notice their fellow travelers, making up stories about their lives, speculating about what they do when they re not in the in between moments of their day and rachel does it than most rachel is blisteringly lonely, drowning the sorrows of her failed marriage with grim determination and canned gin and tonics and endless bottles of wine she has lost her job because of her perpetual drunkenness, but rather than tell her flatmate, she keeps taking the train into london every day, pretending to go to work, but actually just getting drunk in various places, and happily fantasizing about the young couple she watches every day from her train window a couple who live a few doors down from her old house, where her ex husband tom still resides with his new wife and baby girl still reeling from tom s infidelity to her, she nonetheless would love to be back with him, and in this golden couple she observes and imagines, calling them jess and jason, she sees the life she could have had with tom one day, while commuting gazing voyeuristically, she witnesses jess on her front lawn with another man, in what appears to be a romantic clinch she is outraged at this display, as personally offended as if the infidelity were being committed against herself shortly after this episode, she learns that jess, actually named megan, has disappeared, and feeling connected to this couple she has never actually met, she insinuates herself into the investigation, meeting with both the police and megan s husband, actual name scott the story is told from three perspectives rachel s, megan s, and tom s new wife anna, and covers all the traditional viewpoints of the typical domestic drama the jilted lover, the other woman, the cheating wife all three of these women are simultaneously sympathetic and repellent, which is tricky to pull off and as for the mystery of megan s disappearance itself, well that path splits and splits again in a wonderful head spinning journey where not a single character avoids suspicion except MAYBE tom and anna s infant daughter i think there are seven characters in total who appear to be the culprit at one point or another, and each seems as plausible as the next it is a fantastic ride, and hawkins does a great job with both the mystery elements and the character development, with great attention to detail, and fully established backstories and motivations even when you cringe at some of the choices, they completely make sense for the character it is a lot of fun, and terribly addictive much better than a meeting, i kid you not.come to my blog

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    Esssscuse me Is this seat taken Thanks I like to sits bys the wimdow Would you likes a little bit of wine You know what they say, a little vino would be keen o No Mores for me then Oh, check it out BURP WhatwasIsaying Oh, sees that house over there going by That used to be my house True story Me and my husbadand lived there But the ole bastard cheated on me and lefts me and then he marriesss that stupid cow and then he knockeded her up and now they got a stupid cow kid and they lives in my house Can you believes that I means, it s not my house now, but it usesed to be Now he the rottens old bastard lives there with his stupids new wife and their stupid battery.Did I say battery I meant baby I ve hads a few gin tonicsAnd a little wine BURP Anyhows, letsus not talk about my stupid ole ex husband See that other house The ones just a couple a few doors downs from my old one where you can totallys see their deck A beausfiful couple lives there They re just the bestus They s just gorgeous and you can tells that they are for sure in loves 100% You d never catch BURP that guy cheatins on her, I can promise you that I watch them every time I goes by on this here trainy train with my glasses of wine as I ride, and I can just tell that their greatests most happiest couple who ever was Lots better than the my stupid ole ex Seeing them be such a absofantabulous couple rights by where I used to live is the one part of my stupid day I enjoy when I ride this train Wass that you say She s missing Been in all the papers Thattsus just terriblez Geez, I can t imagine how I BURP missed that news Since Saturday, you says I think I was down there last Saturday..Thass right I remembers now I had a couple of drinkies and went to sees my ole husband to tells him that I still love em.Err. I mean that I hate em. Thass right I hate em But I had ones or twos too many, and I blacked out And I had a cut on my head the next day and a feeling that I d seen something terribles Do ya think maybes I saw something I better go BURP tell the cops about this.But first Imma gonna puke all over your shoes Sorry about this That s what this book feels like, that you got stuck sitting next to a sloppy drunk who is telling you this story, and maybe you feel a little bad for her even as you re trying to avoid her spilling her drink on you After listening to her inebriated babblings for a very short while you immediately know about her situation than she does, and you could easily tell her what she missed But then you catch a whiff of her breath so you just try to sneak away when she s not paying attention Seriously, I might have liked this if I hadn t figured out who the culprit was about three minutes into the book.

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    Something bad happened Are you ready for a faster paced, creepier Gone Girl Woah This is one unsettling little thriller and the best bit about it is that no one can be trusted, including the three female narrators who share the storytelling of this book I literally read this entire novel in one sitting and I now need to find the words to convince you to go get your hands on it RIGHT NOW.Between an alcoholic, a liar and a cheat, who can you trust These are the three women at the centre of this book Rachel, Anna and Megan Have you ever sat on the train, glanced at the people around you or out of the window, and made up stories about them Maybe you ve even gone so far as to invent names for these people and imagine their perfect or not so perfect lives Rachel is that girl on the train who takes her mind off her own life by imagining the lives of others Specifically the lives of Jess and Jason who live at the house outside her train window when the train stops at the same red signal every morning But then one morning, things are not as they are supposed to be and Rachel sees something that completely shatters the Jess and Jason image which exists in her head.Now she is pulled into their lives Unsure exactly what she knows but certain she cannot rest until she finds out This book is just full of secrets Everyone has them It s about all the little mysteries that exist just outside of what we see on the surface What goes on behind closed doors How much can you ever really know a person What horrors exist in that black spot of your memory from Saturday night It was fascinating, gripping and oh so very creepy Hawkins has been added to the small group of thriller authors on my must buy list.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    I read this book due to the fact that everyone else read it Yes, mom I would jump off the cliff right behind everyone else These are some fucked up characters I think the new trend in books where every one of the characters is an asshole may be the way to go if you are writing a book that you want to take the world by storm with The thing isIt gets frigging boring I wanted a bus to hit them all Repeatedly May go sorta spoilery You have Rachel Rachel is a drunk, she gets on the 8 04 train every morning and then on again in the afternoon on her way home Pretending to go to work She got fired for drinking and basically acting a damn she goes on that same train every day Sometimes she can t wait to take a drink before she gets home.She sees Jess and Jason everyday Or that s what she calls them in her head They live near her old home Where she lived with her ex husband who cheated on her Coincidence I think not She sees Jess kissing a guy that isn t Jason So her little mind starts to working Then Jess aka Megan goes missing.Rachel then decides to go to the police with what she knows Then the police find out she is not the most reliable of witnesses and tell her to stay out of it Of course, that s not happening Now for the twist That one I saw coming and kept thinking no way it can t be that easy This book wouldn t be so popular I need to stay away from super, duper popular books.Because, I m just calling Bullshit The writing is not bad in this book, so I m not giving it the rating for that I m giving it the rating because I personally hated it trollscankissmyfatass

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    I just sent a 3 page, 3,000 word email about why I didn t like this book to a friend, and I still feel the urge to express myself I suppose that tells you just how much I disliked it.This thing is a hot mess, the writing is clumsy, there are things that don t make any sense, the characters are pathetic and the opposite of complex The women in this book are either defined by the men they are dating married to, or by how they feel about being a mother and by that I mean, do they already have a child, do they want a child, or view spoiler does their character arc end with getting excited about being pregnant hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars Everyone in this book is absolutely terrible, and as a result, this book is a masterpiece in character study and development It s also a well written, precisely plotted psychological thriller, and deftly sketches one unreliable narrator after another I guessed the culprit not too far into the book, but that didn t spoil my reading experience at all, particularly because the author drops so many diverting and convincing red herrings into the story I think it s also interesting that the central character, Rachel, challenges readers to think about how much we assume about and pre judge other people based on our limited knowledge of them To feel pity, disgust, frustration, compassion, and so much for one character is a rare thing Recommended to fans of Before I Go To Sleep, and for YA readers, fans of Dangerous Girls and Nova Ren Suma.

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    Depressing from start to finish Most every single character was a hot mess I have literally no idea why there are so many 5 star ratings It kind of scares me If this kind of garbage is what the masses find appealingI mean..I didn t care at all about the mystery It didn t even feel like there was one It just felt like a tedious glimpse into the messed up lives of people I d rather not know anything about.

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    Good read but the ending fell a little flat for me

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    What a huge disappointment The concept sounded amazing, and it got off to a promisingif slowstart But it quickly turned into this messy, melodramatic story that was neither surprising, or original Much like in Gone Girl, there was not a single likable character in the entire book That wasn t the main problem for me, though I could see the ending coming from a mile away Actually like I figured out who the main villan was within the first 20 pages Never a ringing endorsement.

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    I tried to enjoy it I swear I did The hype told me that I had to I wasn t bad, but it wasn t good either I never really cared about the story and ALL of the characters were unlikeable Sometimes characters are unlikeable in a good way, but not this time.At no point was I excited to be reading this Side note added 4 5 2017 Kinda silly how Girl is in so many titles lately It has to be intentional to ride the coattails of other successful titles I noticed on my library site that there is another popular checkout called Girl on a Train I wonder how many people thought they were getting the other one Update 4 14 2018 Dropped from two to one star because renewed interesting in my review due to a suggested grammar correction reminded me how much I didn t like this book so I couldn t stick with two stars.