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The Frog Princess is one of my sister s favourite comfort reads, so it was the first thing she thought to recommend when I had a reading challenge prompt to read something recommended by a family member It takes a generic medieval ish setting castles, royalty, witches , and the usual Frog Prince story, and gives it a little twist to complicate it If you ve seen Disney s The Princess and the Frog, you know the basic twist apparently, the film was somewhat based on this book, though my sister disagrees about the whole idea Setting is different, characters different, etc, etc It s fun enough, though because it s aimed at well, I m not good at judging middle grade, perhaps Whatever that means in British terms anyway, say middle grade, it s pretty slight It has a fairly clever and strong minded heroine, who is not the perfect sort of princess a princess who laughs in entirely the wrong way, and is clumsy about everything she does That s an okay role model for kids, even if the whole story basically rushes her towards adulthood and romance, whether she likes it or not.The main male character is mostly insufferable Randomly demanding kisses, acting as entitled as they come, boastful The romance itself, though it has some cute moments, fails to enchant me.In terms of other characters, there s some interesting and funny stuff going on in the background, like the character of the snake and the bat All in all, cute enough, though it s not something I ll come back to the way my sister does wrong point in my life entirely for it to become charmingly nostalgic.Originally posted here. Rating late review The Frog Princess is one of those books that I read at the library just because I found it, loved, and then picked up every other book by the author High recommendation for middle elementary schoolers who love witty fantasy books Princess Emeralda Aka Emma Isn T Exactly An Ideal Princess Her Laugh Is Like A Donkey S Bray Than Tinkling Bells, She Trips Over Her Own Feet And She Does Not Like Prince Jorge, Whom Her Mother Hopes She Will Marry But If Emma Ever Thought To Escape Her Troubles, She Never Expected It To Happen By Turning Into A Frog When Convinced To Kiss A Frog So He Might Return To Being A Prince, Somehow The Spell Is Reversed And Emma Turns Into A Frog Herself Thus Begins Their Adventure A Quest To Return To Human FormFascinating And Hilarious Characters Ranging From A Self Conscious But Friendly Bat To A Surprisingly Loyal Snake And A Wise Green Witch Confirm That Readers Won T Soon Forget This Madcap Story A Fantastic Debut From The Talented ED Baker 2.5 This book has a great idea behind it It s a shame that the writing is so clumsy, and that its characters range from blah to toxically unlikeable This, I d have to blame on the stilted, impressively awful dialogue.I find it mystifying that some people have said that the vocabulary seems above or beyond the target audience Maybe I m a genius of vocabulary or something, but I thought that it was below the level of other books such as Redwall or even Fablehaven Nothing against those people who did feel this way, it just strikes me as odd.Perhaps my biggest problem with this book was that it didn t seem dedicated to its own setting Descriptive asides were out of place and clearly meant to dazzle without contributing much else The main character didn t act like even a castle pet, let alone a princess Her first person narrative just sounded like an obnoxious brat from a contemporary setting I would not have been surprised if she had mentioned Justin Bieber or Twilight A good deal of behaviours and reactions struck against my logic shield and fried, such as her early insistence that an unseen character is totally icky when we only ever have her word for it.In fact, her voice was so pervasive throughout that it rendered some characters female or genderless to me, as they merely sounded like her.I had had this book recommended to me from a reliable source Maybe I just demand too much after reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles fifty times This book, and likely this series, does not compare. Princess Emerelda is not an ordinary princess at all Her lagh islike a croak, she is clumbsy, and dislikes being a princess Her role model is her Aunt Grassina who is currently THE GREEN WITCH so she is also a witch in training On one of her walks to the river she comes across a talking otter who is supposibly a prince of cource you know how it goes she gives him a kiss to turn him back into a prince, but what you don t know is that instead of turning the frog into a prince she turns into a frog So the venture to find the witch who cast the spell on him in the first place meeting dragons, hungry birds who like eating frogs, and bats Fantastic 3.8 5this was my favorite series in late elementary school, so when the new editions were put on book outlet i couldn t pass up i m so glad that i genuinely enjoyed this book the second time around, instead of being irritated bored embarrassed i ever liked it this book is cute and smart and fun, and such a unique andgirl powery twist on a traditional fairytale i m very glad i read these books in elementary school, though i m not sure if i want to reread the rest of the series it is still for nine year olds after all, and that can reflect A twist on the classic Frog Prince fairy tale I had slight issues with the weirdness going on in The Frog Princess I think the author took the humor a little too far My Rating 3 stars We ve heard it before A princess kisses a frog, and it turns into a handsome prince But what if, instead, she turns into a frog Spoiler Alertthat s what happens So now Emma and Eadric are both amphibians although, of course, they retain all of their moral principles and do not perform that act of which frogs arefond than anything apart from croaking and eating flies What follows is a fascinating tale, as they seek to turn back into humans again The Frog Princess has all the magical elements of a classic fairy tale and while a happy ending is predictable, E.D Baker manages to make the trials and tribulations that come before the ending quite enjoyable Add in the Shakespearean style of comedy, and you get an entertaining narrative that can be read by adults and children alike This is the first novel of The Tales of the Frog Princess They are very clean in every way, easy and fun reads. I like children s books and I am not even going to invent an excuse for reading this one I read it because I wanted to There.I read it because I wanted to read a story about a princess who kisses a frog Things went slighlty wrong and the frog prince didn t turn into a human prince, instead the princess turn into a frog.And then they have a lot of adventures and epiphanies.I liked how the frog prince was bent on saving and protecting the princess but somehow was always either asleep or not around when the danger struck, and the princess had to take care of herself Bella, you look and learn There was a lot of humour in the book a pretend witch was called Vannabe and no one was exceptionally pretty, people were short, had big noses, etc And definitely no one sparkled in the sun.On the other hand, there was a lot of bestiality in this book I mean, human on frog action, then human and otter, there was also a hint of frog on snake thing Apart from that, there was a prince who liked wearing women s shoes and apparently had really small feet wink, wink My, oh, my, just what exactly are we teaching our children Don t get me started on the naked nymph.