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I d heard a lot about these books The Disc World series is huge and even has a few movies to its name I decided it had to be good right Well, to be honest, I was very disappointed in this book It wasn t near what I expected from all the hype that accompanied Pratchett s books.The Colour of Magic is the first book in the series, although I ve heard that they can mostly be read as stand alones Which is probably a good thing since I believe there are over thirty novels in the series This one involved two main characters of Rincewood the incompetent wizard and Twoflower, a bumbling tourist They encounter a myriad of characters along the way, including Death Coerced into keeping Twoflower safe, Rincewood encounters all sorts of hazards and people trying to kill them Especially since Death himself is interested in Rincewood They travel and meet dragons, edge worlders Discworld is of course a disc, balanced on the backs of four elephants who in turn stand on a turtle , trolls, and other strange beasts, most of whom are not very friendly.Rincewood and Twoflower are not very exciting characters They don t have a lot of development and their conversations are not very intriguing Rincewood especially I just found annoying There is only so far you can make someone inept and he didn t really seem to have any redeeming qualities Just a lot of luck Twoflower is little better, but at least he has some interesting background compared to Rincewood.The writing was very jumpy So many characters and and places were introduced in the beginning that I never got them sorted out in my head before having to move on to the next thing in the plot The story also jumped around a lot I d no sooner get to one point in the novel then it seemed that they were already on a new adventure without resolving the last I just wasn t a big fan of the way it flowed There were a few funny moments, but it wasn t enough to make up for the majority of the book.I do hope these books get better I m going to try a few because there s got to be a reason the series is so popular I have heard that the writing and plots get better so I am somewhat excited to read Here s hoping that I can leap into Discworld with further novels.The Colour of MagicCopyright 1983210 pages extrasReview by M Reynard 2010 A fantastic read with an adventure that will make you laugh out loud in a room full of people from time to time I have no idea how the author managed to come up with such fantastic characters and interesting world It s definitely inspiring The characters were all so different and well executed Still am in love with the idea of an imp inside the camera, drawing all the photographs Ahah Wonderful story. Together In One Volume, Here Are The First Two Discworld Novels, Featuring Rincewind The Wizard And His Luggage, Twoflower And Innocent Tourist And Cohen The Barbarian, The World S Oldest And Greatest Hero And Not To Mention Death, Who S Not So Bad Once You Get To Know Him An odd world, with odd characters, and an odd sense of humour, though oddly this all works For instance, in this world, the logic we know has been thrown out the window, and is considered illogical, like harnessing the power of lightning, aka electricity In some ways Rincewind is like us, and is therefore an apt narrator for us to follow, as he represents the viewer, and questions things like the viewer would Rincewind s attempts to figure out words are funny, and technically incorrect, and yet are blunt realities of what they describe This author is unbelievably good at stringing together random coincidences, in most books they would be frowned upon, but considering the nature of this odd world, they turn out humourous. I bought this combined hardcover edition to replace my worn paperbacks The stories, of course, are wonderful This is Pratchett, after all Rereading these earliest Discworld books after having read all the others reminds us of how the setting and characters evolved from their beginnings as comparatively simple comic fantasy They ended up being much than that.My one issue with this edition is the editing It appears as though the text was digitized by an optical character reader, and no one verified the accuracy of the outcome There are several errors Commas turned into periods, letters were misread, in one the letter m was turned into in , for example This is very shoddy and, I felt, an insult to the story and to the memory of the author Bad job, Colin Smythe Limited It s not like the copy I bought is a first edition It s at least the fourth reprint You ve had time to fix this stuff. Not one of Pratchett s best, but it certainly has its moments of embarrassment which always occur when someone reads Pratchett in public transportation and suddenly bursts out laughing like hell plus the incredible duo Rincewind Twoflower and the Luggage. I again find myself wishing that Goodreads offered me a half star option In the instance of this story I will grant it the higher of the options between three and four but I would prefer to diagnose it with a three and a half.It was great, it was okay, it was weak, it was strong It ebbed and flowed still holding onto Terry Pratchett s unique tone Like Douglas Adams this tone is a blend of random detail and wit, utilizing deus ex machina elements at times for the sake of comedy On the whole it was an enjoyable fantasy and those who like a clever enough plot that serves the humor of the writer should enjoy this And what is it in short A tale of a wizard who tries to escape death and the naive tourist in a dangerous land who he leads around Only problem is there s a spell stuck in his headIf that sounds interesting enough read it I can t adequately describe the book in my review suffice to say it was enjoyable. great book everyone should read Took me a while to get into it, but as I became accustomed to the style I began to enjoy the bizarre humour The story takes second place to the funny aspects, but is still intriguing enough to keep the pages turning. My goodness, that Terry Pratchett has a gift for twisting language in a way that makes one s insides tickle irresistibly The characters are amazingly well drawn, the plotlines are thoroughly engaging, and there is nothing like laughing your head off while your spouse looks up enviously from the papers he s grading In these first 2 Discworld books, the society of Ankh Morpork is introduced to reflected sound of underground spirits, Death fails, multiple times, to collect a not quite wizard, the Discworld s first tourist finds the most decrepit structures quaint and charming, and a sapient pearwood trunk repeatedly saves the day and disposes of the body Ingenious.One comment on this particular edition it s terrible It seems that they scanned the text of a previous edition, and it didn t all get scanned correctly It did not negatively affect my considerable enjoyment of the book, but, if you have a choice, get a different edition.