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Set Adrift By His Wife S Sudden Death And Struggling To Keep A Grip On Reality, Bunny Munro Does The Only Thing He Can Think Of With His Young Son In Tow, He Hits The Road An Epic Chronicle Of One Man S Judgement And Death, The Death Of Bunny Munro Is An Achingly Tender Portrait Of The Relationship Between Father And Son

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    look we are best friends okay now it is time to actually review the book and im having an off day so im not sure what form this review will take, but im writing it and thats what is happening i was trying to remember the other day where i was the first time i encountered nick cave not in person, i remember that quite well before the above picture was taken i had tried, many years ago, to flirt on him and was rebuffed REBUFFED but the first time i heard his music i remember quite well the first time i heard the smiths or leonard cohen or oingo boingo and thats about all the music i know but i cant remember my first nick cave fascinating, right like i said its an off day but so the book i liked it, but not nearly as much as and the ass saw the angel which i love enough to maybe review later, if im feeing saucy this book is very good, and i know a movie is in the works, and i can see how that would be good, maybe but when he was chatting in the green room, maria mentioned the word antihero and nick cave seemed genuinely surprised at this word being used in connection with this book and that, in turn, surprises me because if you read this, theres nothing really to fall in love with, character wise hes a pure, unmitigated asshole and thats great, really, but he is nothing if not an antihero and moments later, he tried to make a call on his cell, but was geting poor reception and kept saying can you hear me now , which makes me cringe, and then said never mind, ill just text you to this technogrouch, that was unforgiveable but still best friends i thank this book for making me realize how close avril lavignes name anagrams to vaginal and i love that when i was reading this outside on the back stoop at work, some lady came by and tried to sell me makeup from her little suitcase, which meshed nicely with what i was reading, but not as nicely or terrifyingly as when i was reading the plague on the jmz subway platform at like 2 in the morning and no one was around and then a rat ran over my foot that was pretty awesome but so thats my review, sortof, and i cant even see what i am typing because is experiencing some kind of annoying glitch that is superimposing formatting tips over my little box here on my display device so i dont even care comment, vote, whatever this day is annoying all round boo.

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    Nick Cave s The Death of Bunny Monro is a novel about a delusional sex addict beauty products salesman and his reserved, thoughtful nine year old son in the fateful days after the suicide of their wife mother The novel s quick 278 pages include without giving away too much, I hope At least a dozen references to Arvil Lavigne s vagina, The same amount of references to Kyle Minogue s vagina and remember, Mr Cave sang with her a few albums back , A sex scene between the main character and the devil I think , A beautiful and cathartic scene in which Bunny interacts with his collective conquests, A lot of talk about fucking housewives um, with the f word as a verb, not an adjective , An encyclopedia, A recurring news story featuring a man with a pitchfork, and A ghost in an orange dress.As someone who would place Mr Cave s music in my top ten, if not top five, on a facebook list of my favorite musicians and on which I d probably spend way too much time at work , I find separating Bunny Munro and the author next to impossible When Bunny looks in the mirror and talks about his hair I picture Nick Cave looking in the mirror and adjusting his black locks And when Bunny rants about the best way to utilize hand cream in the seduction of lonely women I think of Cave on stage in stark white light tearing up From Her to Eternity or talking through Henry Lee I can t help it So maybe there s something to be said for keeping the author in the background, without a personality, and letting the book stand on its own merits Couldn t do it here However, if I m going to be honest, I doubt this book would have reached the shelves if an author without a storied musical history had submitted the manuscript cold to the publishers Cave s first novel, And The Ass Saw The Angel, is better than his sopho effort.That s not to say The Death of Bunny Munro isn t worthwhile Cave, both the author and the musician, is at his best when he raises lyrical and musical drama in order to heighten elemental emotions and amplify central ideas Cave s work has an operatic facet that surfaces here and there in the novel But as opera relies upon huge, broadly drawn characters for projection, The Death of Bunny Monroe lacks complex characters and nuanced storytelling When Cave hits his mark with the big scenes, the just close enough to over the top storytelling, his genius comes forth And when the book reads like a literate version of Tupelo I m willing to speak in tongues at the Church of the Bad Seed But I don t know that any novel pushing 300 pages can maintain that intensity and it s not fair of me to expect Cave s literature to mirror his four minute songs So while I recommend The Death of Bunny Monroe I temper my recommendation with the assertion that the novel is the work of a brilliant musician trying his hand at a second book If you don t know Mr Cave you ll probably approach this book differently than those of us who love his musical catalog Maybe that s a positive This review, by the way, was written under the influence of the super brilliant White Lunar, a collection of Mr Cave s soundtrack collaborations with Warren Ellis I highly recommend White Lunar.

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    Jesus, how is this even a book Its like they grabbed the horniest 15 year old boy they could find, gave him a playboy, and told him to try and right a fiction novel I m no prude, far from it in fact, but saying her tits are nice like peaches or something does NOTHING for me The descriptions are awful, full of or something and or whatever spending long lengths talking about a street FULL of women Tell me about one or two hot chicks their hair, their eyes, their body Literally writing she s hot, they re hot, I can picture her naked is a waste of paper, ink, and time.ugh, oh and him talking about a 15 year old girl s tits is disgusting I finally gave up after 30 pages, when he saw his dead wife and thought that her tits look good.

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    After reading this book I can not think of Avril Lavigne without automatically thinking about what her vagina would look like The Complicated singer s cooter will probably forever be a purple elephant to me, and I ll be 90 years old and Skater boy will come on the Good Times Oldies podcast, or whatever we ll be listening to then, and the question of what her box looked like 60 years ago will jump into my head Sadly that is probably what is going to stick with me long after all the other details of this book have faded from my mind The book itself though is nothing like I expected I knew it wasn t going to be like his first book, I could tell that it wasn t going to be a twisted Australian s distillation of Faulkner and Flannery O Connor but I wasn t expecting him to write a book that would sit comfortably somewhere between the dysfunctional family and relationships of Nick Hornby and the straight out dysfunction of Irvine Welsh Mostly the book was a fun journey with a pretty misanthropic and narcissistic character and his poor son I think I might have missed something in the book, but I m not quite sure what the serial killer with the horns really had to do with anything Was I just a poor reader I also have to admit to getting a little confused at the penultimate scene Well maybe not confused, just surprised at the sharp veer into the fantastical the plot took for a few pages It was kind of like the ending of the bible in that way Ok That s my review, now it s back to writing my thesis research paper thingy.

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    This needs to be said The Death of Bunny Munro is not a misogynistic novel I have been tired of hearing about this book from so many people who have clearly not read it in its entirety since it came out three years ago, and that weariness has now grown into homicidal rage.I am a feminist I m also female I m offended and ashamed to be human on a daily basis due to the inherent sexism that exists rampantly in things I read, see, watch, and hear This novel is not one of those things.Cave crafted his protagonist from definitions of vice put forth by religious and feminist texts to stand as an embodiment of misogynist culture The reality is ugly, and so the attempt to accurately capture it must and should be ugly Bunny Munro was intentionally constructed for the specific purpose of being Valerie Solanas typified evil male In order to fulfill this portrayal, Bunny engages in repulsive and repellent actions throughout the book This is done so that at the book s end he can be killed, raped by the devil, and made to appear on a stage in front of all the women he s ever wronged and apologize to them His death is then seen as a happy ending because it implies to us that his son, Bunny Jr., does not need to inherit the same values that Bunny received from his father The cycle can end.The story is not sympathetic toward Bunny s actions It is sympathetic toward people It is told from Bunny and Bunny Jr s point of view In Bunny s narrative, he does not express shame for his actions If he s meant to be abhorrent and vicious in a primitive, subhuman way, why and how would he be ashamed of himself In Bunny Jr s narrative, he is as enad with his father as any other child his age This is how this kind of attitude toward women transmits from one generation to the next Bunny Jr is oblivious to much of his father s behavior his father can do no wrong because Bunny Jr is still at the age where he views his father as the superhero best dad on the planet figure If this were not the case, there would be no danger of Bunny Jr becoming like Bunny.The shame of what Bunny does is not conscious to the main characters It s obvious to the readers and to the characters affected by his actions in the book It manifests in the novel with the motif of the ghost of Bunny s wife and the devil man.There is nothing in the actual novel that supports the idea of an amoral philosophy justifying and excusing Bunny s actions, and I am baffled to the fullest extent that a human being can experience bafflement every time that I see someone make this assumption We are called to be sympathetic toward Bunny not because what he does is not wrong, but because we aren t sociopaths and because he is still a human being Cave is writing from a Christian perspective he values and chooses to treat all sentient beings with respect and dignity throughout the book This same philosophy that makes it possible for the author to portray what Bunny does as being wrong is also what makes it necessarily follow that he is deserving of sympathy himself This does not necessarily imply redemption, but it does involve forgiveness, consideration for others, and making attempts to understand why people are the way that they are and do the things that they do One of the last things Jesus did on Earth was to invite a prisoner to join him in heaven Jesus loved that criminal I say, he loved that criminal as much as he loved anyone Jesus knew It takes a lot to love a sinner But the sinner, he needs it all the Augustus Hill Oz S05E01, Visitations Gathering this conclusion from the evidence in the text does not take consultation from the inductive talents of either Mr Sherlock Holmes or his real life ex FBI Mindhunter counterpart, John E Douglas, to arrive at I have yet to see one logical argument that sets aside personal biases and pre conceived notions tied almost entirely to cover artwork and instead examines actual parts of the novel, connects them to the work as a whole, and identifies what about it is problematic in regard to gender dynamics, all the while referring to specific quotations and examples to give credible foundation to these conclusions All I ve heard are irrelevant statements on Nick Cave s personal character and how some of the various covers that the book has been printed with are offensive I trust I don t need to remind anyone of a particularly well known idiom regarding cover illustrations and hasty generalizations of written publications.Yes, sex and objectification of women is rampant in this book What grand observational skills many readers have acquired from their respective educational systems That s the point of the book If you don t want to read about some pervert s obsessive train of thought that objectifies nearly every woman that he comes into contact with and draws disturbing sexual narratives from anything and everything around him, then don t read The Death Of Bunny Munro If you don t want to read about some sociopath s obsessive thoughts of murder and objectification of humanity, blood, and death, and the disturbing, ever present narrative of emptiness and morbidity that goes with the territory, don t read American Psycho If you don t get any of that, then maybe you should stick to Grisham, Clancy, and Koontz This is what literature is It uses evocations of particular places, times, events, and people to provide perspective on them and communicate some sort of truths about them Many things in this world are ugly, disturbing, and upsetting This particular male disease, to quote George Carlin, is one of them We SHOULD be aware of it as a society.If you disagree with me on the merits of this novel, that is fine, great, and actually of genuine interest to me I d love to hear your reasoning But only on the conditions that you have read the book in question and you disagree on premises that come from the actual text, not from your emotions, your views of the author as a person, the book s cover art which comes from the publishing company , things that you ve heard others have said about it, the fact that you are shocked by the material, or other such irrelevant details that should have no place in any discussion of a literary work.Stop drawing conclusions about books you have not read You wouldn t venture to do so in a literature class You would not write in an essay as an explanation sufficient for your literature professor that you hold X opinion about the meaning of this text because the cover it was published with looks like this, or you hold X opinion about the meaning of this text because the author seems like this type of person to you from what you know of them Why would you want to be less genuine with the way that you behave and the opinions that you hold in your life than you would be in a staged environment like a classroom Why

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    Wow Death is too good for this breed of megalomaniac sociopath. and his ilk most of the people who should read this book, probably won t.Well done Mr Cave, I like a book that really pisses me off.One hand is clapping, I guess it s my feminine side The other one is busy wanking off.

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    If you can listen to this audiobook, then please do Nick Cave and Warren Ellis redefined the concept of audiobooks and set the standard up high It is a hallucinatory audio experience with a soundtrack, perfect sound engineering and a very expressive narration by Cave The book is a horrific merry go round in a sexual predator s sociopath mind but it happens that he sits in the same merry go round with his 9 year old son and that makes the situation complicated and emotional grandpa comes for a round or two as well and things get apoplectic at that point You can take the narration literally and be disgusted by it, or you can use it as a tool to highlight how personal experience and inner world doesn t always correspond to reality or how other people see you The moments that Bunny Monro s persona realizes that crack between himself and reality, great psychoanalytical explosions occur and he turns into a frenzy When guilt ensues, he sees ghosts His subconscious won t let him out of this situation alive and you already know that by the title He is a character you don t like but his humanity is exposed and you should empathize with that We all host little or larger Bunny Monros inside us.The audiobook experience gets a 5 star because I can t give stars The book was a 4 star for me, I m personally uncomfortable when the prose gets too purple and I also would have preferred for the scope of this book to be outward stretched from the individual to the universal Not recommended for people who want to like characters and for people that expect a book to give you instructions about what to think, you need to do some work with this one, otherwise you ll only get Avril Lavigne s vagina and Kylie Minogue s hot pants, literally, in your face.

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    This book was really sad It s the story of an aggrieved man who recently lost his wife and wants to find peace with his son, going on a road trip in the process.

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    Nick Cave s second novel The Death of Bunny Munro is really something One, it s a tight piece of work that is extremely moving about a middle aged widow who is a traveling door to door cosmetic salesman who has a passion forpussy Not really women, but just the old in and out and then to the next female customer The main character Bunny is a man totally out of control with his life and surroundings And Cave captures the down spiral in nice strokes on the page The main drift and it is sort of a drift in a Situationist sense is a road trip to sell his wares with his very disturbed son And Pop is even worse With grief over his wife s suicide, Bunny goes on a road to the entrance of Hell In many ways it sort of reminds me of The Road, except that this is a better book and the total disaster is all made by Bunny.Nick Cave is one extremely talented guy, and I am hoping that there will be novels in the near future.

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    I have both the book and the audio book read by the author himself , and I ended up listening to the audio book while completing a repetitive manual task.I m glad I did Nick Cave s voice and delivery are perfect for the twisted events during the last few days of Bunny Munro s life Also, the many music interludes are fantastic, and really add to the atmosphere.About the novel itself Nick Cave is at his best The man is a genius in creating incredibly compelling and flawed characters and Bunny Munro is no exception Bunny is as disgusting a human being as it gets, and the juxtaposition with his 9 year old son couldn t be greater But Bunny Jr loves his dad uncompromisingly, and with an earnestness that constantly broke my heart through the entire novel.As I kept listening, looking forward to the end of Bunny s miserable life, so that Bunny Jr would be free of his poisonous presence before it s too late, gradually I started reconsidering the titular character Is Bunny Munro just a colossal asshole and a sex addict who brought his misery on himself or it was inevitable, given his past Or, in other words, am I allowed to feel sorry for him, giving myself whatever justification I need The great thing is that I m not really sure even now, after I finished the book The David Lynchian ending, as it should, doesn t really answer my question If, as I suspect, Cave wanted to leave the answer to each one of us, he succeeds Great book, just shy of the 5 stars mark, because of a little too much self indulgence in some of the sex scenes and pop culture references.