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As If Recovering From Heart Surgery Beneath The Gaze Of His Over Protective Family Wasn T Exasperating Enough, Someone Keeps Trying To Break Into Adrien English S Bookstore What Is This Determined Midnight Intruder Searching For When A Half Century Old Skeleton Tumbles Out Of The Wall In The Midst Of The Cloak And Dagger Bookstore Renovation, Adrien Turns To Hot And Handsome Ex Lover Jake Riordan Now Out Of The Closet And Working As A Private DetectiveJake Is Only Too Happy To Have Reason To Stay In Close Contact With Adrien, But There Are Surprises In Adrien S Past Than Either Of Them Expects And One Of Those Surprises May Prove Hazardous To Jake S Own Heart

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    Gif y review with the help of my boyfriend, Chris Martin, beginning in 3 21Thanks for that intro, Chris, that was spot on The final edition of the series was a Jake sap fest and I, for one, needed that No, Jake was NOT back in my good graces after book 4 and I needed him to suffer a bit, to put his feelings out in the open and on the line I m evil, I know I wanted Jake to show some emotion and I got that in this story.Lots of people were annoyed with Adrien s waffling but I loved that he had Jake by the balls in this book I think Jake needed to sweat it out and get the barest hint of what he put Adrien through during the previous years Adrien had to sort out all of his feelings of abandonment, deception, and betrayal before he could move on with Jake, and I liked that this storyline allowed him to work out his emotions.True that.And DAMN the path to this resolution was hard I felt like I went on a long, exhausting journey with these two men and that isn t even counting all the sickness and murder though I couldn t give two craps about the mystery in this book just couldn t bring myself to care Jake and Adrien s relationship was painful for me to read at times, and I wanted to punch Jake in the nads often, but I ll begrudgingly say that I m happy that they found their way back to each other Good luck with that boysOh, and a final note about the narration Please, all of you audiobook lovers, please get this series on audiobook It is worth all of the money, all of the time It is simply phenomenal The range of distinct voices and the breadth of the emotion in Chris Patton s performance was astounding I truly think that listening to the audiobook is what allowed me to continue with this series when I was ready to throw in the towel at times Au revoir, Adrien and Jake May you find happiness and fewer dead bodies in your future.

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    Review completed January 31, 2013 He smelled like soap and sleep and bare skin He smelled familiar Not the d j vu familiar of Guy or Mel Familiar like the ache in your chest of homesickness, of longing for harbor after weeks of rough seas or craving a fire s warmth after snow or wanting back something you should never have given away. Adrien was sleeping on his sofa when he heard a faint but persistent scratching Someone tried to break into his bookstore Cloak and Dagger. Even though he is calling nine one one they put him on hold at three in the morning That s why he is calling Jake for help and his former lover comes to his rescue immediately Jake who had hidden his homosexuality from his fellow cops as well as his family and friends for nearly twenty years is not in the closet any He resigned from LAPD, came out to his family and view spoiler asked his wife, Kate, for a divorce hide spoiler

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    Did I mention that I m a sucker for scars But an open heart surgery scar, like Adrien s, that s A LOT OF SCAR Especially when it s still fresh, bloody and zipper y I just discovered that Skeet Ulrich had open heart surgery when he was 10 years old though And it hardly shows any, don t you think So Adrien will be just fine in the end and. it s your loss Mel, whuahahayou stupid fuck.Spoilery Now that Adrien s ex lover, who shouldn t have been in the picture in the first place, is out of the way, there s still Guy to deal with Granted, he did a terrific job at bringing in take away Thai food, but other than that he s Good for Gandalf, I m sure he only did it to keep you from doing it yourself Wooo, looks like Jake already took care of him I should get to the point The point being, in The Dark Tide Jake is finally zigging, but what the heck Adrien is zagging When the skeleton of a murder victim is discovered during the renovation of his bookshop, Adrien grabs the opportunity to act out his favorite hobby again playing an amateur sleuth He also uses the cold case as an excuse to hire Jake, now a private detective The mystery really was less interesting in this final installment Tracking down the murderer of a crime that happened half a century ago just doesn t have the same sense of urgency More importantly, my heart broke so many times over the last few books, that I craved some super sweet super glue in The Dark Tide to fix it Instead I got so much mystery I didn t really care for Eventually though, Lanyon included enough beautifully written scenes to make me sigh contentedly after all He said softly, This is the first time you ve let me hold you since It took me time to answer It s not that I don t want it It s that I want it too much That s not the problem you think it is I wish that were true It seemed he had no response to that I was sliding into sleep when his lips brushed my forehead He whispered, I never met a obstinate son of a bitch than you, baby No one says baby quite like Jake.

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    Changing my rating to 5 stars and tweaking my review a bit to reflect the rating.The buddy reread really helped with bumping my rating Baby, you win There are so many great reviews, nothing to add and since I am too tired to write a proper one I believe this will do 5 for the Audiobook 5 stars for the storyI love it loved it Adrien is one of my favorite character ever He is forever in my heart The writing was good as always He smelled like soap and sleep and bare skin He smelled familiar Not the d j vu familiar of Guy or Mel Familiar like the ache in your chest of homesickness, of longing for harbor after weeks of rough seas or craving a fire s warmth after snow or wanting back something you should never have given away I finally understand Jake and that makes me like him alot The steam level was moderate and i understand it was all about the feels and the conversations I found the mystery part just ok We have a cat and a dog That made me happy Overall i enjoyed it Thank you so much Elena, Linda, Moony, Rosa, Teal and Xia for the amazing buddy read It was fun, eye opening and well, so much fun.

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    Great ending to this series Loved the writing

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    When I have collected my thoughts I will attempt to review, that s if I can do it justice It seriously deserves one even if I have to suffer trying to write it This has been one of the best series I have ever read You get the best of both worlds Fantastic writing, good mystery, killer romance and the wonderful frustrating Adrien English A sorrowful brilliant character who is adored, loved and worshiped Gorgeous and truly loved.

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    Adrien English is by far one of the very best m m series I have ever read In the romance category, it might take some getting used to, though While other series about two guys concentrate on finding each other and building a life together, Adrien and Jake are struggling until the very end before they manage to even be in a relationship.In this last book, construction works reveal a skeleton hidden away under the floor of Adrien s Cloak and Dagger bookstore building a former hotel The dead guy a case as cold as a cold case gets was a musician from the 1950s who vanished and obviously ended up dead in Adrien s floor Curious as always, not even recovering from surgery is preventing Adrien from taking a private interest in the case of his dead body Jake, who finally came to his senses and turned into one of my favorite characters EVER is helping Adrien with his investigation, taking care of his guy even though Adrien constantly pushes him away, afraid that Jake might hurt him again, like he did in the past But Jake needs the money after his view spoiler divorce and resigning from the force hide spoiler

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    Written May 31, 20144.7 Stars the last part in an fantastic series and a big thunderous applause what an AMAZING romantic adventure this wasBook 5Wow, woot, oh yeah Directly to the shelf for all time favorite M M series and high on my list for most loved book couple These last days has this lady, Ingela, or less, being absent from RL and occasionally also completely unreachable I ve not wanted to sacrifice a single free minute for anything but listening to these five, so spellbinding captivating crime mystery romances books I really gave the Adrien English Mystery almost all my waking hours, and finally, all my heart view spoiler Before my next long audio journey I need to acquire ergonomic headphones slight eczema in the ears now hide spoiler

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    January 2018 reread Heavily disappointed by Death in a Difficult Position, a book written under the author s real name, I was in despair Did I reach my fill of M M romances as well Even with Josh Lanyon, whose writing style can do no wrong I am in complete denial about The Curse of the Blue Scarab, by the way But I digressThe Dark Tide begins right after Adrien s escape from the family home For those of you looking for the ninja like crawling, along with the sliding beneath the laser beams, remember that Adrien s still recovering from open heart surgery An event he s been hoping to deflect for most of his adult life, but specifically for the readers, since the beginning of the series.Everyone s favorite detective, Jake Riordan, has been turning his life around He quit the police force, came out to his family, got divorced, and set up a P.I business but things are not looking up for him All in all, moving seems like a much viable option Unless, there s a certain someone who d want him to staaaay Adrien is undecided He should really let Jake go which is why the very minute there is a suspicious break in at the bookstore, he asks for Riordan s help And true to his reputation of a knight in shining armor, Jake races to Adrien s side reviewer sloooowly slides to the floor in a puddle Objectively speaking, the mystery is not that interesting Heck even Jake has his doubts about it after a while, even though he s paid to care about it But, you know after the 6th 7th reread, it s not the 50s era murder that keeps bringing me back to this book It s Jake who finally says things, and my thumping heart that gets synchronized with Adrien s as a direct result And I m not recovering after surgery Cryptically, she added, But there s no question Jake Riordan is mad about you I blinked There isn t Although I suppose it s beside the point It is Of course Was I drunk on one glass of wine and of course, the humorous parts are still as funny as hell How are you Pretty civil given the fact that I hadn t spoken to him for nearly two weeks and was choosing three in the morning to reopen the lines of communication It s kind of a long story, I said vaguely The cat got mauled by a dog I m not keeping him, though He s only staying here until he s healed After that he goes back to the alley Uh huh Did you name him Tomkins John Tomkins I felt it necessary to explain I had to name him for the vet He was a pirate Only you would have a pirate for a vet Score 3.8 5 starsI had initially rated it 3 stars, but given that after the 6th 7th reread it can still wake all the butterflies in my stomach, AND have me laugh out loud on occasion, the book deserves an additional star about my initial question No I am DEFINITELY not yet over M M romance or Josh Lanyon PHEW review of book 1 Fatal Shadowsreview of book 2 A Dangerous Thingreview of book 3 The Hell You Sayreview of book 4 Death of a Pirate Kingreview of book 5.5 So This is Christmasreview of Stranger Things Have Happened An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story

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    Series reviewWhat a ride that was I have to tell you, I did not expect to love this series as much as I did I m not a big mystery fan and I think that was why I put off reading this series and Josh Lanyon as long as I did But let me just say this I m so glad I finally gave in and tried it Josh Lanyon has an amazing ability to create characters that are so believable so fleshed out that you feel as if you know them personally They are so complex and alive These characters are nowhere near perfect, which makes them that much real.Adrien held my heart throughout all five books He s quirky and funny and so brave He s also stubborn and snarky and annoying And he can sometimes be a big ole pain in the butt And I loved him all the because of it even though some of the stunts he pulled and the decisions he made had me wanting to give him a good, swift kick in the rear end.Now Jake Jake is well How should I put this I didn t really like Jake in the first book but I didn t really know him all that well either In the second book I got to know him a lot better and I grew fond of him Then I read book three and I HATED him with the fire of a thousand suns I didn t feel that he was in any way redeemable Book four wasn t much better but by the end of it he was starting to grow on me again But with this last book I really got to know him and you know what He s still gruff He still has issues He s not perfect and never will be But I ADORE him I adore him for his patience and his honesty and his caring and his love I read on someone s review no one says Baby quite like Jake Yeah, so true.All of the plots in each of these stories flowed well and seamlessly into each other I discovered no plot holes or inconsistencies The writing was smart and beautiful The secondary characters were as well fleshed out as the MC s My eyes did gloss over a bit with all the classic movie and music references but hey, they re just not my cuppa No big deal They didn t hurt the storyline in the least.And that one scene after Adrien finally pulls his head out of his ass Guh It was breathtaking It was perfect in every way I was irrevocably smitten by the time I finished reading it.I had the best time reading this series and I will definitely be checking out all of Mr Lanyon s other works very, very soon I also had a blast with my status updates and I thank each and every one of my Goodreads friends for putting up with them and me while I spewed my thoughts and emotions onto you.