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[ Free Reading ] The Daily Ukulele - 365 Songs For Better Living (Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Songbooks)Author Jim Beloff –

Ukulele Strum A Different Song Every Day With Easy Arrangements OfOf Your Favorite Songs In One Big Songbook The Daily Ukulele Features Ukulele Arrangements With Melody, Lyrics And Uke Chord Grids And Are In Ukulele Friendly Keys That Are Particularly Suited For Groups Of One To One Hundred To Play And Sing Includes Favorites By The Beatles, Beach Boys And Bob Dylan, Folk Songs, Pop Songs, Kids Songs, Christmas Carols And Broadway And Hollywood Tunes, All With A Spiral Binding For Ease Of Use Also Features A Tips Techniques Section, Chord Chart, And Vintage Ukulele Themed Photos And Art Throughout The Daily Ukulele Offers Ukulele Fun All Year Long The Daily Ukulele is the one indispensable book for anyone beginning or continuing to play ukulele Not only does contain a lot of songs for the money, but unlike on other fake or real books you may try, there s no fluff here Almost all the songs are timeless classics that either you already knew or will be delighted to know for the first time Just look them up on YouTube and be impressed The Beloffs have translated them painstakingly to the ukulele, changing the key when necessary and simplifying chords to make them easy to play You will be hard pressed to find better chord sets out there Do an Internet search and compare with what you find They also mix the keys so they are not all in C, which is the easiest key for the ukulele, but also many in G next easiest, and most popular in general because it s the easiest key for the guitar , in F challenging because of the abundance of Bb chords , and other keys so you can learn those chords as well almost without noticing.The few pages before the songs are quite amazing too There you ll find a comprehensive chord chart with actual fingerings, which kind of unusual, and quite useful if you are beginning There s a short chapter on the difficult chords and to make them easier, including their famous pitch to try using your pinky as soon as possible to make the G chord and some others they should add Em and B7 as well I haven t found any other material out there, whether printed or online, that gives you such a useful advice.And then, there are several books, not just one These are 1 The original Daily Ukulele, for soprano to tenor tuning This is the book to get if you only want one.2 The Leap Year edition, containing 366songs Most are not so well known, but there are a wealth of famous titles that somehow couldn t fit in the second book.3 The Baritone edition This one you can skip if you already have the original edition since the only difference is the few intro pages and the chord diagrams at the head of each song The key of each song is the same as in the original book, which seems like a wasted opportunity to come up with a fewexceptional chord sets, nuanced for the special characteristics of the baritone uke.Joining the first two titles together there are still a few well known songs that maybe the authors should think of for the third volume of the series Here s my wish list so far, which I ll be editing periodically to make itcomplete Birth of the BluesBig Rock Candy MountainBlue Tail FlyBallad of Bonnie and ClydeHouse of the Rising SunLida RoseMalaikaMan of Constant SorrowMa ana Is Soon Enough for Me O Sole MioSanta LuciaShe Wore a Yellow RibbonSomeone to Lava from Pixar s short Somewhere over the RainbowStormy WeatherTears in HeavenToo Fat PolkaTorna a SurrientoI ll think ofKeep up the good job I am a beginner ukelele player and I m loving this song book There are lots of easy songs to play as well aschallenging ones as I progress There is such a great variety of songs to please everyone Even a few Christian songs I like how the spiral binding lays flat on my music stand It also helps to have the Uke chords displayed at the top and as you play along with the music. This is theeee book to have if you ever play with a group of ukulele players We use it all of the time at our local meet up Tons of songs in many different eras styles of music There s something for everyone Most people just play the chords and sing, but they also have the melody line available if you can read music the treble clef A must have for any ukulele game player.I should warn that a lot of these songs are written for Low G though They sound ok on High G but clearly are intended for Low G just an excuse to get another Uke and tune it Low G. Whether you re a beginner, or an advanced ukulele player, this book is for you 365 classic songs from popular artists like Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, The Monkees, Hank Williams Sr., The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and SO MANY MORE And there are so many beautiful vintage photographs all throughout the book Every ukulele player should own this book I began studing the ukulele about three years ago and later discover this book Most of the chords are easy and the music spans about 1920 to 1995 This book is perfect for Baby Boomers who wish to entertain themselves and others as well as develop a new skill. Perfect Book to start learning ukulele