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Prime The Curse of the Mummy's TombAuthor R.L. Stine –

Something Dead Has Been HereGabe Just Got Lost In A Pyramid One Minute, His Crazy Cousin Sari Was Right Ahead Of Him In The Pyramid Tunnel The Next Minute, She D DisappearedBut Gabe Isn T Alone Someone Else Is In The Pyramid, TooSomeone Or Some ThingGabe Doesn T Believe In The Curse Of The Mummy S Tomb But That Doesn T Mean That The Curse Isn T RealDoes It

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    Gabe can t wait to explore the Great Pyramid with his Uncle Ben, but once he gets inside to search for mummies and treasure, Gabe discovers he may never get out Uncle Ben woke us up early the next morning and drove to the pyramids outside al Jizah The air was already hot and sticky The sun seemed to hang low over the desert like an orange balloon There it is Sari declared, pointing out the window And I saw the Great Pyramid rising up from the yellow sand like some kind of mirage. This is the first book in the series that seems to slip beyond the borders of the formula used to write the preceding Goosebumps books The horror isn t quite as horrifying The threat to Gabe, while dangerous, isn t what the reader anticipates given the title of the book and its alluring cover art There are several instances where this book reads an action adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones rather than a horror novel, thanks to the ever present sense of exploration and discovery Once again, the sour smell invaded my nose I held my breath to keep myself from gagging It was the smell of four thousand year old bodies, I realized A smell that had been bottled up in this ancient hidden chamber until now. Where most Goosebumps books leave the reader with a chilling sense that monsters may yet be hiding under the bed, The Curse of the Mummy s Tomb reaches a conclusion that s a little too buttoned up It is, nonetheless, an enjoyable read packed with mummified bodies, unexplored tunnels, and ancient secrets.

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    5 What will wake the dead Gabe is stuck with his annoying cousin and his uncle in Egypt His uncle is an archaeologist working on a new chamber inside the Great Pyramid When Gabe and his cousin go exploring things they learn a terrible secret But when Gabe gets lost inside the pyramid chambers, things take a dangerous turn Is the curse of the Mummy real Is Gabe being pursued by something supernatural Was okay but it was a little too cloak and dagger for me.

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    This was one book in the Goosebumps series which, even when I was a kid, failed to impress Back in elementary school it was that one poor lonely neglected title in the series on the back of the school library bookshelf, and re reading it now, I can see why, although it s unfortunate because it s not an altogether bad novel The Curse of the Mummy s Tomb suffers from very cliche Ancient Egypt tropes and stereotypes, and the story is a very thinly veiled look at 1990 s American family drama beneath the eerie veneer of a creepy mummy story The characters are also mostly obnoxious and annoying, especially Sari, who comes off as quite the spoiled brat there s one in every Goosebumps novel These issues are too bad, because in spite of it all the book is a fun read and it has its little thrilling moments here and there I think this had been an example of one of the earlier books after Stine had been told by publishers to tone down the gory factor after Welcome to Dead House, and he was just still carving out an audience for his new series as a writer It s hard to know what fans want, and even harder to know what their parents approve of, but the generic plot of a mummy in Egypt is fairly safe territory and I think a way to entice new readers with a figure familiar to parents and not too risque Not a bad move, and many of Stine s later works became hugely popular so it may have been one of the best choices to keep Goosebumps afloat, although part of its appeal when I was a kid was that it was the series mom and dad told us not to read hell, my parents let me read Stephen King novels when I was nine years old so the rebel thing never really worked on me.

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    I saw that the audiobook of this was on Hoopla, so I decided to revisit it I love a good mummy story, after all Turns out I don t think I ever read this one as a kid I remember the TV episode based on the sequel Return of the Mummy, but this book was totally new to me Regardless, I really enjoyed it The early Goosebumps are definitely the best in terms of characters and writing I mean, they re still nothing than trashy fun, but it was clear that Stine wasn t phoning in on these earlier stories like he did off and on throughout the later half of the series The Curse of the Mummy s Tomb was a spooky blast that wasn t afraid to push boundaries and get a little dark view spoiler The child characters in this book were genuinely in danger of being murdered and mummified hide spoiler

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    Gabe is a whiny little brat His cousin Sari is a know it all who enjoys watching Gabe suffer Both of these unlikable characters are in Egypt Gabe is on vacation and Sari lives there with her dad, Ben the archeologist.At first, Gabe is really excited to spend time with his cool Uncle Ben He loves the idea of exploring a new tomb and takes great delight in telling Sari exactly how mummies are made in gruesome detail.But then things get a little strange The Egyptian man Ahmed who works for Ben, is convinced that there is a curse on the tomb And then some of Ben s workers start to get sick And some vanish permanently.Is there really a curse on the mummy s tomb Or is another sinister thing entirely taking place Stine really pulled no stops with making his two main characters unlikeable A bold choice, but I was annoyed with them Both are petty, selfish, whiny, and stuck up I mean, I didn t want anything bad to happen to either of them, but I didn t enjoy spending time with them either.I liked Stine s twist on the traditional mummy tale view spoiler There is no real curse Ahmed is a devotee of the Priestess Khala He and all his ancestors have been keep her curse on the tomb alive by turning any violators of the chamber into mummies while still alive shiver When Gabe finds the hidden chamber stuffed full of mummies, Sari quickly follows But then Ahmed shows up to kill them Ben comes down, and no one is able to fight Ahmed off because he has a dagger, a torch and he s insane I think Ben should have made of an effort especially considering that the kids are there, but oh well The nice twist at the end is that it turns out that the tiny mummy hand that Gabe bought at a garage sale in the States for a buck is really the true mummified hand of the Priestess Khala Gabe ends up using it to raise the mummies in the chamber from the dead and they come to his aid So there are living mummies after all hide spoiler

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    3.5 Cool mummy adventure with a dangerous curse TW Fire Where was the twist ending though A bit flat than usual but still a fun time.

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    I really enjoyed this book I actually learnt things about pyramids and mummies that I didn t know The book had a lot of suspense in it, which made me happy.

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    The Curse of the Mummy was the fifth book in the Goosebumps book series.This was an alright story because the concept is very common I ve seen stories similar like this from various sources.Well, this is how story goes Gabe Hassard is spending Christmas vacation in Egypt with his parents Gabe s parents own a company, so they are in Egypt for business However, Gave s Uncle Ben is working at the pyramids and so they take the opportunity to see him They visited Uncle Ben in Giza and then the story goes on and a mummy appeared to take them all out that s it _