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[eBook] The Crucifix KillerAuthor Chris Carter –

Robert Hunter works for the Robbery Homicide Department in Los Angeles, California and remembers well the serial murders that started two years ago The kills seemed random, but gruesome victims were tortured and left to die with only one clue to tie them all to the same killer an odd double crucifix symbol carved in the back of their necks With clean crime scenes and no other identifying trademarks, the media and police nicknamed the murderer The Crucifix Killer Thinking RHD had caught the right man, a trial was set and a man was found guilty and killed But Hunter and his partner knew better Unable to prove their misgivings despite a confession, the two were forced to move forward with their guilt Hunter suffered nightmares, his partner and wife were soon after killed in a boating accident.With his partner s death and the crucifix killings still fresh, Hunter receives a new partner and together they investigate a new murder scene with familiar repercussions On the victim s neck is the double crucifix mark he remembers well from a couple of years earlier, but is it the same killer or a copycat A phone call and familiar voice bring back chilling memories and confirm Hunter s suspicions the Crucifix Killer is back.Chris Carter s The Crucifix Killer opens to a disturbing scene as Hunter receives a phone tip from what we can only then assume is the killer He rushes to a revealed location and finds his partner, Garcia, tied and hung onto poles and we wonder, will Hunter be able to save him in time The rest of the book fills in the five weeks prior to this moment, but unfortunately do little else.Carter s writing is far from poetic His narrative is instructive and devoid of emotion and character development, as if the entire book was an exercise in showing off Carter s knowledge of criminal psychology He does a lot of the dreaded show, don t tell with numerous character portraits that give away information that s less than crucial to our understanding of them as tools in the story With so much condensed back story for each character, I felt Carter was pushing too hard for the reader to gain any actual insight into their psyche as if we ve all graduated with degrees in criminal psychology and like Hunter can pull pertinent information from someone s hair and eye color, occupation, or childhood Instead their histories were awkward, placed as if Carter couldn t imagine leaving this useless information out of the book however misplaced it looked.The bad dialogue only added to the disappointing caricatures of a cast of characters derived from Hollywood inspired stereotypes One character touts the correctness of using the term Black over anything else, but in this weak effort to promote some type of politically correct agenda, Carter s characters nevertheless fall victim to his own preconceived notions of what it means to be Black or Puerto Rican Since I read a proof copy, I m refraining from using actual quotes, but am particularly confused about the way he portrayed people of color In one scene Hunter and Garcia dismiss the possibility that Cubans or Puerto Ricans could ever listen to anything other than salsa or meringue music He also gives a Puerto Rican free use of the very Mexican slang term ese Blacks Carter s term in this book also frequently use the word nigga as if it s a cultural requirement or makes one appear tougher and so must be used by someone expected to appear so.None of the characters or relationships have any depth to them After going on a couple of dates with Isabella, an awkward construction of sexuality and girlish giggling, Hunter quickly loses interest with her as fast as I lost interest in both him and the plot The writing is choppy and blundering, the men drunkards and the women either prostitutes or wives, and the twist ending was a clich While the cover image was disturbing and the premise intriguing, the overuse of quick and easy dialogue, gestures, and scenarios cheapened what could have been a phenomenally scary read what I was expecting To make matters worse, the most vital pieces of information aren t revealed to the reader in any way throughout the narrative and are instead contrived into the final pages of the book as Hunter works within his and Carter s head to piece together clues the reader would never be able to figure out on their own The presumed insult to the reader, robbing them of not just the satisfaction of figuring it all out on their own, but the ability to do so, is a huge let down.Carter uses a lot of odd phrasing to encompass facial expressions and tones of voice that clearly make sense only to him I m also left confused as to the type of In Out restaurant Carter refers to when he mentions waitresses and a dessert menu I m from California, I have an In Out in my city and it s a fast food joint The only thing available for dessert are smoothies employees do not come out from behind the counter to ask how your meal is going, they clean the tables, seats, floors, and bathrooms They may even bring your bagged or trayed food to your table That is it Maybe someone in LA can let me know if these vastly different chains of In Out actually exist there, leaving the rest of us sorely deprived Before this book, I already knew I wasn t a fan of crime fiction, and I don t recommend this to people who are unless they want a quick clich d read filled with cheap thrills and cardboard characters If you don t mind being preempted in the thought process and having everything laid out before you, this might be the book for you I was disappointed. 15 , BELL 180 Brilliant start of a series A serial killer roaming L.A and trying to right the wrong of society Clean the filth, wipe the streets clean Totally worth the read Violent Creepy Best read this monthRobert Hunter the detective His nightmare is back The Crucifix Killer strikes again But wasn t he executed a few years ago Robert got a new partner a rookie Carlos His first case What a case to investigate This gruesome serial killer thriller is the perfect way to launch the Robert Hunter series.With the body of a young girl is discovered with the same markings as the infamous Crucifix Killer The problem for Hunter and his newly assigned rookie partner Garcia is that the killer had been caught and executed 2 years ago, are they facing a copycat murder or did they convict the wrong person Hunter is first introduced hungover with no recollection of the beautiful woman his woken up with, the fact that he wonders if she could be a prostitute shows that fragile state that we find the main protagonist in.But it s the bond Hunter forms with Garcia that really helped bring the story to life.The plot is fast paced and with plenty of cliffhanger chapters that keeps you hooked.I really liked the seediness of the story.The identity of the killer certainly had me fooled, it seemed so obvious once it was revealed This is the first in a series, the main character being Detective Robert Hunter He works in Los Angeles in the Robbery and Homicide Division.When a body is discovered Robert soon realises that this case bears similarities to a case he had worked two years before, when a serial killer took the lives of seven people before Robert and his partner caught him, and the killer was executed Now it seems, he s back.The killings are described quite graphically, and at times some of the scenes can be quite hard to read.That being said, I did really enjoy this book It was fast paced, very much plot driven, and I read it quickly I found that I was rooting for the detectives and wanted to keep reading in order to find out what would happen.The writing was perfect for the book Straightforward, no nonsense that was easy for me to digest and keep reading Just the way I like it when I read a thriller.I will read others in this series, and already have the second book from the library. I have read Chris Carter s books in the wrong order This is something I would really rather not do However Chris Carter is a genius, in terms of the horror he creates and the way he builds up humanity with the poor murder victims I had no choice I started with An Evil Mind and I am Death I am now back to beginning to the very first story, The Crucifix Killer.This is very much a debut novel We are introduced to the great Robert Hunter and his methods Hunter is an expert in psychology, who is working within the police and tackling the really horrific crimes on his patch He was a child genius You know the sort a real clever clogs, with letters to his name He is a nice chap though He is joined by a new sidekick, Garcia A man has been executed via the death penalty and it looks like they got the wrong culprit Identical macabre crimes are being committed once again The Crucifix Killer has returned Will Hunter get to the truth this time Although I guessed the identity of the killer fairly easily, I loved it I do read A LOT of crime, which makes me a Miss Marple in the making I am very easily suspicious of characters who behave in certain ways I am being deliberately cryptic here I don t want to give the game away The gore level is high, brutal and sickening At one point, my stomach was in my mouth Chris Carter does that so well I could picture it all Sometimes my imagination needs to be less graphic.This is great, really GREAT Well worth a read, if you haven t encountered Chris Carter yet. 9 10Ein sehr guter Auftakt der Reihe. When The Body Of A Young Woman Is Discovered In A Derelict Cottage In The Middle Of Los Angeles National Forest, Homicide Detective Robert Hunter Finds Himself Entering A Horrific And Recurring Nightmare Naked, Strung From Two Parallel Wooden Posts, The Victim Was Sadistically Tortured Before Meeting An Excruciatingly Painful Death All The Skin Has Been Ripped From Her Face While She Was Still Alive On The Nape Of Her Neck Has Been Carved A Strange Double Cross The Signature Of A Psychopath Known As The Crucifix Killer But That S Impossible Because Two Years Ago, The Crucifix Killer Was Caught And Executed Could This Therefore Be A Copycat Killer Or Could The Unthinkable Be True Is The Real Killer Still Out There, Ready To Embark Once Again On A Vicious And Violent Killing Spree, Selecting His Victims Seemingly At Random, Taunting Robert Hunter With His Inability To Catch Him Hunter And His Rookie Partner Are About To Enter A Nightmare Beyond Imagining This book could have been better.1 I don t think someone killing for revenge would perform such gruesome, torturous, and sadistic acts on their victims.2 I don t think it was necessary to include the killing theme involving the gangster.3 I don t understand the reason why a bet had to be placed on a dog race for victim 2.4 The beginning of Chapter 3 indicates we re going back 5 weeks prior I would have liked additional reminders of the passage of time along the way.5 Hunter was initially written as a prodigy, a gifted child, a genius But he wasn t portrayed as a very smart detective.6 There are basic language problems in this book Padding someone on the back, instead of patting Hire a house Bread dispenser Someone resides in a street instead of on Inappropriate use of gotta, wanna, gonna, ain t In Los Angeles, security camera would have been a better term than CCTV, which I see as a mostly British term. Odmah me podsjetilo na film Sedam , tako da bih rekla da tu nije bilo ne to ekstra novo Radnja je brza, tempo jednoli an na po etku uzbudljiv, a onda ostaje isti Vuklo me doznati tko je glavni krivac, ne mogu re i da nije Motiv i cijelo razotkrivanje je bilo dobro, ak mogu prihvatiti i krivca Ali ne to mi je falilo itati u i dalje dogodov tine detektiva Huntera Ka u da serijal postaje bolji.