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ePUB George W. Barlow Ñ The Cichlid Fishes: Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution Ñ

Cichlid fishes are amazing creatures In terms of sheer number of species they are the most successful of all families of vertebrate animals and the extent and speed with which they have evolved in some African lakes has made them the darlings of evolutionary biologists But what truly captivates biologists like George Barlow not to mention thousands of auarists the world over is the complexity of their social lives and their devotion to family most species of cichlids are monogamous and many pairs share the responsibility of raising offspring In this wonderful book Barlow describes the unusually high intelligence of these fishes their complex mating and parenting rituals their bizarre feeding and fighting habits and the unusual adaptations and explosive rate of speciation that have enabled them to proliferate and flourish A celebration of their diversity The Cichlid Fishes is also a marvelous exploration of how these uniue animals might help resolve the age old puzzle of how species arise and evolve

10 thoughts on “The Cichlid Fishes: Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution

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    Very good book on the science of evolutionary biology and the amazing lake fishes of Africa So much has been altered by humans since its publication and my own initial reading 10 to 15 years ago This article reminded me of this today

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    If I could have given it 35 stars I would have It's extremely informative and well written but he does have some annoying cutesy writing habits that come across as hang in there and I will dumb this down for you They are few and far between but it was grating every time it happened Otherwise a fantastic exploration of evolution using one of my favorite subjects

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    Much on the research of Cichlids and evolution not what I was expecting Took me a while to slug through it

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    The sections of this book on feeding and breeding behaviors were very interesting— but the last section on evolution was a complete drag and I’m trained as a fisheries scientist so it’s a naturally interesting topic for me Still good information for the serious cichlids hobbyist in this book

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    Very interesting read