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A thought provoking fast paced addition to AG Riddle's Atlantis Trilogy by the bestselling author of The Perseid Collapse Series and Black Flagged booksThe Centurion CodeWith Dorian Sloane's army advancing unchecked through Western Europe top Orchid Alliance leaders approve a controversial measure to slow the Immari offensive and give Continuity scientists time to stop the Atlantis Plague Uploaded to Alliance soldiers through wireless genetic implants The Centurion Code will even the odds against their genetically evolved Immari enemy at an unthinkable cost Centurion's terminal glitch isn't the only closely held secret at Alliance headquarters General Lawrence Nichols Supreme Orchid Alliance Commander has stumbled upon a unique opportunity to deliver a crippling blow to Dorian Sloane's army There's only one problem His secret plan is an all or nothing gamble with the fate of humanity at stake

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    Definitely needs before and after this book too many holes that need to be filled all in all a decent action thriller though