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Pushed From His Family S Nest By His Older Brother, Barn Owl Soren Is Rescued From Certain Death On The Forest Floor By Agents From A Mysterious School For Orphaned Owls, St Aggie S With A New Friend, Clever And Scrappy Gylfie, He Uncovers A Training Camp For The Leader S Own Nefarious Goal

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    Mum How many stars would you give this LRN I think a solid five It was very good better than the movie even Mum So what happens in this book LRN Soren is pushed out of his hollow by his brother, Kludd.Mum Ugh, that s an ugly name.LRN I know It s a bad name No, two ds Mum So what else LRN Then he s taken off to St Aegolios, academy for orphaned owls And there are six rooms One of them is Pelletireum, which is disgusting, actually.Mum Why is it disgusting LRN They have to pick out bones and stuff from the pellets Owls actually yarp up stuff after they eat it For instance, a mouse It s called a pellet.Mum Gross.LRN Also, another part he meets Gylfie while being taken to St Aegolios He meets Skench, Spoorn, and well, not for spoilers, but he meets another one called Digger Mum Who would you recommend this book to LRN Probably to my best friend Luke He loves to read chapter books.

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    I blush to admit that I had not head of the Lasky s series until the movie brought it to my attention My husband and I had just finished one of Kenneth Oppel s Silverwing books when we saw the trailer for this adorable and very cool looking owl movie So, when I found out it was based on a book, it seemed only natural to transition from reading about bats to owls The Capture was a real surprise for me I was expecting something cute and fun and adventuresome Instead, I got something much weighty and even philosophical at times Parts of it reminded me of The Golden Compass and parts even brought to mind 1984 yeah scary Yeah, there are some adorable owls in this book, but there are also a lot of creepy and evil ones and they want to take over the world by brainwashing young owls Ack The book was also violent than I was expecting with a few owl deaths, orphaned owls and even an owl eating another owl Um, woah Overall, though, it does have some humor and warmth mixed in and I thought the personalities of the owls were very well developed for such a short book It s wonderful to watch Soren s transformation from a scared baby owl to an older owl ready to become a hero since the times call for one I was a little annoyed that the ending was so clearly NOT resolving many of the plot threads, demanding that you read the sequels if you want to know what happens But, even so, it did have a sense of conclusion in terms of Soren s developmental journey and intentions for the future.A note about the cover I usually am not a fan of movie tie in covers, but I just think the owl in the movie is so darn adorable I couldn t resist However, the older cover, brown with the close up of the owl face eye, has really cute illustrations of the main owl characters inside the front and back cover, something the movie tie in is sorely lacking.

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    I wanted to like these books, but I didn t I trudged through three volumes before I told my daughter that we needed to find something else to read A few points 1 The world building is inconsistent and poorly thought out If, in this post human world, stone castles are little than tumbled ruins, how would any barn have survived well enough for barn owls to associate themselves with them And why would they anyway The inexplicable knowledge of the owls regarding human buildings is strange compared to their complete lack of knowledge of humans themselves.2 The narcissistic belief of owl superiority over other birds, the wet poopers on the part of the owls, and the zealous reverence for owls on the part of their servile nest maid snakes, became and creepy with each successive book.3 These books could benefit from a glossary of terms and slang in the back of each That would remove the seeming necessity to give up page space, better reserved for actual plot and character development, in favor of telling the reader what they already know Just how many times does one need to be reminded what plummels are anyway 4 And if I never have to read another story derailing, non scanning, doggerel battle chant again, it will be too soon.

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    OH MY GOSH This book is so cool If you like owls you have to read this Its about a barn owl called SOREN who gets kidnapped and gets taken to an orphanage.Then he meets a friend called GYLFIE In their memories they meet a fully mature owl who has pretended to be kidnapped to save baby egg owls HORTENSE, the mature owl sits at the highest point of the orphanage and rolls owl eggs to eagles The eagles take the eggs back to the owl kingdom where they will hatch and be safe But when HORTENSE gets caught and SOREN and GYLFIE decide to escape but the only problem is, they don t know how to fly On their journey to the library they meet an owl called GRIMBLE who teaches them how to fly On the night of the bloody bats and the moon hypnotism they decide to leave so no one will know they are gone They escape Along the way they meet TWILIGHT and DIGGER They return to their kingdom and try to stop this horrible orphanage.Brilliant book, really cool A bit confusing at the start but becaomes very clear and gripping.Special thanks to CARDINAL MCKEEFRY LIBRARY for having these books.and to Katherine Lasky for writing this series

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    A traditional kids against the world story done in a very original way The characters in this story are all owls They start off very young and innocent and are forced to grow up very quickly when some evil owls take advantage of them It turns into the beginning of an epic adventure which takes another 14 books to complete.The book is a nice stepping stone between first readers and young adult fiction in reading difficulty, as well as in plot complexity and concepts I think older grade school students and tweens would enjoy reading it themselves and slightly younger kids would enjoy having it read to them I showed it to my 7 year old and he didn t quite feel like he was up to tackling it on his own There are some pretty serious ideas in this story, but they are introduced with minimum of fuss so I don t think kids will be disturbed Rather, it seems like a great way for kids to start thinking about ideas like good vs evil, overcoming fear, loyalty and even death There is also a small amount of religious symbolism or allusion, enough to lend some grandeur to the tale but not so much as to spark that conversation unless an adult points it out.The friend who recommended these books to me said that they d prompted her son into doing additional research about owls and that it s become a real area of interest for him This book did the same for me, to some degree at least I don t have quite the obsessive nature that an 8 year old has about his favorite topic But I did enjoy learning about the various owl species in the book and was prompted to do some extra research to verify some of the information and see additional photos about these fascinating creatures I love books that are as educational as they are fun.

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    So these series weren t like AMAZING but they were worth reading They actually made me come to have a love for owls and have a big owl fetish haha Some may think it s weird with a world of talking owls cough um, you do know people there s other books I may not have read, have read or maybe not ever read that I know of that there s talking animals like Redwall And there s Narnia Same with Disney Little mermaid, Cinderella, lion king, dumbo, Fox and the Hound I could go on My point is who cares if it s a world of talking owls don t give weird looks Do you do that while watching Disney or Narnia or whatever No So don t judge it before you actually read it I did like these series and see the main little owl Soren come out of his comfort zone and become a great warrior when fighting for his new friends and loved ones Even when he fell in love with another owl and had owlets he was still strong and his trusty friends he had met in the first book were ALWAYS there by his side The only reason I did pick them up years back was 1 mom got them on book orders 2 it was before I REALLY came to have a love for reading in my sopho year I believe 9 10 years ago Lost count haha and 3 why not I thought the first few out sounded good and ever since they had been released we d get them and my love for owls became bigger Looking back they re a quick read and actually worth reading and fun for the middle grade level But if you like owls anyway then read these But overall, this is my review for the whole series and saying they re worth reading at least once PS movie was okay but I did prefer the book series D

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    I picked this book, even though it is a children s novel because I saw a preview for the movie, Guardians of Ga Hoole The movie has the most amazing animation, I know I ll want to see it Often the book for these children s movies are so much better than the movie, so I decided I d give it a whirl After getting past the reader s various owl voices, some of which are quite overdone, I really enjoyed the book.It truly is a social commentary on the world and the evil in itand the good Much it of it reminds me of the Afghan and Iraq wars, of the Holocaust, of the Civil Rights Movement, of those we hear about on the nightly news who do evil to others and those who do good Because of this, it is a vastly disturbing book I know children in third, fourth, and fifth grade would love it and not be disturbed by it They would see the courage, the bravery, the adventure, the scientific detail that makes the book exciting The message of overcoming evil with courage is important and would be understood by students It could easily lead to discussions of how to deal with bullying in schools I love the times when, despite their obvious differences, the good owls band together, accepting the strengths of each of them and helping overcome the disabilities of each The good owls seek to dissolve differences of class and background in order to work for the greater good.I ll listen to in this series.

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    As the Mom of a seven year old girl, I struggle to find appropriate books for us to read together She reads her own books, geared toward her reading level, but we always try to have a book that I read to her on the our plate These books are typically for older kids, but I feel exposing her to ideas and words beyond her reading level can only do her good My struggle is I am tired of princesses and fairies She would never admit to it, but I have a sneaking suspicion she is tired of them too.The Capture is the perfect compromise A book about kids owlets facing extreme danger and trying to solve a mystery with no help from adults grown up owls If fits in with my daughters need for identifiable characters and an exciting story line I worried, at times, when I was reading this book to her, that she didn t really understand what was happening I would finish the chapter and ask her if she still liked the book Almost every night Her answer was always, YES She asked questions about the characters, wondered what certain words were, and became righteously angry at a few plot points Soren and Gylfie became friends to her What could I ask Well, I could actually ask for a book that I, as an adult, would enjoy at the same time Is that so hard From the choices I have seen out there, apparently it is But The Capture, pun intended, captured my interest and made me want to read each night We are looking forward to the next book, which I hope will enthrall my daughter as much as this one has.

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    Set in a fierce fantasy world where owls gather, battle and take to the sky, The Capture is drenched inimagination and natural wonders.

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    In anticipation of the upcoming movie based on Kathryn Lasky s GUARDIANS OF GA HOOLE series, Scholastic has re released the first book in the series, The Capture Being an owl fan, I of course had to give it a try Lasky is clearly following in Richard Adams footsteps here, what with her invented owl words and the mixture of animal behavior and very human social commentary The Capture is less intense than Watership Down in terms of both reading level and violence level, however, and would be suited for readers who might be too young for Adams book.Soren, our protagonist, is growing up in a loving, comfortable barn owl family Lasky incorporates a great deal of information about owl behavior and translates it into the customs of a culture The owls have rituals for their first bites of different types of food, for example, and for the stages of learning to fly Lasky is skilled at depicting the intricacies of a social structure, as is evident both here and in last year s Hannah The rituals of Soren s family create a sense of warmth and community, even if they do sometimes focus on owls digestive processes a little too much for me Kids will probably love it Especially if they ve done the examine the owl pellet thing in school One day, though, Soren tumbles from the nest and is kidnapped by several other owls He is taken to St Aggie s, which claims to be a school for orphaned owls But Soren isn t really an orphan, and this isn t really a school It s of a cross between a totalitarian state and a cult Now, Soren and his new friend Gylfie need to resist brainwashing, find allies, and escape St Aggie s The St Aggie s scenes are creepy enough to get under even an adult s skin, while still keeping the violence level appropriate for the target audience There are a few deaths, but the details are mostly glossed over.Soren and Gylfie are inspired to heroism, in part, by the legends of Ga Hoole, which are kind of like the owl equivalent of the Arthurian cycle I really like the idea behind The Capture, which is that one should be brave in the face of tyranny and that stories can help build that courage The book would have been stronger, though, if a few of the legends had actually been worked into the story We often read that one character is telling the Ga Hoole stories to another, but not what s actually in those stories I ve been a mythology geek for at least twenty years, so it s pretty easy for me to imagine what the stories are probably like, but I wouldn t necessarily expect a child to have the same knowledge base One of the things that worked well about Watership Down was that some of the El ahrairah stories were included in the novel It helped build the world the rabbits lived in, and including the stories could have done the same thing here, and it would have lent even weight to a touching scene where Soren and Gylfie make up their own legend to honor a friend.Other issues include an unlikely coincidence, songs that don t scan, and an abrupt ending It s not a cliffhanger, but it leaves much unresolved presumably to be addressed in the subsequent books This was an issue in Hannah as well, and maybe this is just a quirk of Lasky s style that I ll have to get used to if I continue reading her books.Nonetheless, The Capture is enjoyable for the most part, and suspenseful The prose veers toward the textbooky a bit when describing owl biology and behavior, but it s beautiful at other moments, and the story has a good message without beating you over the head with it I m looking forward to the movie This review originally published at Fantasy Literature s Kathryn Lasky page.