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Long Retired, Sherlock Holmes Quietly Pursues His Study Of Honeybee Behavior On The Sussex Downs He Never Imagines He Would Encounter Anyone Whose Intellect Matched His Own, Much Less An Audacious Teenage Girl With A Penchant For Detection Miss Mary Russell Becomes Holmes Pupil And Quickly Hones Her Talent For Deduction, Disguises And Danger But When An Elusive Villain Enters The Picture, Their Partnership Is Put To A Real Test

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    It might have been a matter of timing, or the way I experience the Sherlock Holmes canon, it might even be all Jeremy Brett s fault Or even Hugh Laurie s The fact is I didn t really like The Beekeeper s Apprentice.The three main reasons MaryIt s been a long time since I come across such a Mary Sue Her gifts just keep piling up at an incredible speed from the first moment we and Holmes meet her I got the feeling that King simply chose a favorite literary crush and then projected her wish fulfillment fantasy.Just for fun, I ve made a list of the things Mary excels at beauty, wealth yet knowing the value of money, being loved by everyone almost instantly, slenderness, chess playing, intelligence lots of stuff included here chemistry, maths, theology, etc , good memory, attention to detail, intuition, courage, appeasing ravenous dogs, disguises, running, climbing, aiming and throwing, tarot reading, juggling, card and magic tricks, puzzles and encryptions, accents and languages, following a trail, child psychology, curing post traumatic stress disorder, nice hair, healing changing gauze, applying poultices, knowing what to do in general , driving.She s also meant to be a feminist fighting adversity, but she s never faced with the barriers you d expect a woman detective at the beginning of the 20th century would experience She s an orphan with an evil step mother aunt, but she has amazing freedom She goes to college, where she s taught by a great woman mathematician and quickly becomes surrounded by supportive friends Watson, Mrs Hudson and Mycroft accept her immediately and even when Lestrade dismisses her as a silly little joke, he s awed by her mental skills five seconds later The captain of the boat she and Holmes take un chaperoned to Jerusalem doesn t even blink when Holmes introduces her as his partner.A perfect Mary Sue already has a lot of annoyance potential, but one who flounces said perfection around and treats others in a patronizing way becomes downright unlikable Her condescension of Watson in particular made me cringe.WatsonRight from the start Mary refers to Watson as Uncle John , putting him in the character of the affectionate, goofy companion that Holmes tolerated for want of someone better Holmes at times also slashes at their friendship Six examples Mary Yet another example of the man s Watson s obtuseness, this inability to know a gem unless it be set in gaudy gold.Holmes I work alone I always have Even when Watson was with me, he functioned purely as another pair of hands, not in anything resembling partnership.Mary on the phone with Watson And Uncle, you must not mention this call to anyone, do you understand You are not terribly good at dissimulation, I know, but is terribly important.Mary Watson was not gifted with the ability to lie, and thus could not be trusted to act a part For the first time I became aware of how that knowledge must have pained him, how saddened he must have been over the years at his failure, as he would have seen it, his inability to serve his friend save by unwittingly being manipulated by Holmes clever mind.Mary Holmes, you told me nothing, you ve consulted with me not at all, just pushed me here and there and run roughshod over any plans I might have had and kept me in the dark, as if I were Watson .And the worst one, by Holmes himself, while talking to Mary I do occasionally take the thoughts of others into account, you know Particularly yours I have to admit that you were completely justified in your protest You are an adult, and by your very nature I was quite wrong to treat you as if you were Watson I apologise.This disregard for Dr Watson is especially hurtful because, than your typical sidekick, he s also a great audience surrogate He is us, the readers He s as awed and humbled as we are by Holmes intelligence He asks the questions we want to ask and if he wasn t there we d have no idea what Holmes was doing.In this book Watson is portrayed as mentally feeble, but according to Conan Doyle he s a capable and brave doctor and soldier, whom Holmes trusts above all and does not hesitate to call upon for both moral and physical support Holmes often praises him for his intelligence and resourcefulness.Throughout the original books both men become very close, but in The Beekeeper s Apprentice Holmes even forgets to warn Watson when a killer is out to get anyone he s close with On another occasion, Mary lies to Watson to protect him and mentions how this is also a common practice for Holmes Now, Holmes often doesn t tell Watson about his plans but I cannot remember one instance in which he willfully lied to him maybe you can.SherlockAlthough readers love Sherlock, he s not supposed to be a friendly character He s an arrogant, gynophobic, cocaine addict manic depressive We the normal people are as attracted to his brilliant mind as bunnies to head lights This also makes him one of the most difficult literary characters to write fan fic about.I did not see the original Holmes in King s version Here he becomes just another cozy mystery detective, toned down and similar to so many others.A final side note to say that although I m perfectly fine with romances with an age gap, I had problems with the 38 years difference here Just couldn t accept it as naturally as everyone else seems to Why such a big gap Was it really necessary for the plot There, I ve finished my rant I m now ready to dodge the rotten tomatoes.

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    Sherlock Holmes pastiche continuation fanfic in which Holmes, retired to beekeeping in Sussex, is so impressed by the intelligence of 15 year old feminist Mary Sue Russell that he decides to take her on as his apprentice detective Wacky adventures ensue.Okay There were some good things about this book King s prose is enjoyable enough, and her dialogue is suitably witty The narrative is rather too episodic for my taste, but there are some nice atmospheric touches And I like the idea of Holmes being surprised, being slowly won over by someone However HOWEVER.There were two things I just couldn t get past The first is that Russell really is so very much the epitome of Mary Sue dom she s smart and pretty and everyone likes her and oh Is that a tragic past providing an extra source of sympathetic angst Next it ll be revealed that she has violet eyes and Hogwarts wants her to come join Sparklypoo But you know I could have been generous and gotten past all that for the pleasure of seeing Holmes thrown for a loop.What I couldn t get past, though, was how shittily King Russell treats Watson The bumbling idiot angle is played up A LOT, but even worse, King makes it seem like Holmes doesn t really care about Watson at all And I m talking platonically everyone can be straight in this story for all I care But gone is the Holmes who should be lost without my Boswell King actually has Holmes forget to warn Watson that he s in danger from a bomber who s targeting Holmes friends though he rushed to Mary s side and nearly costs the condescendingly called Uncle John his life Why is this kind of character assassination necessary It s possible to make new friends and find new lovers without shitting all over the old ones, and to insist otherwise seems so amateurish, the worst kind of rookie fic writer mistake.I m actually kind of curious to see where this series goes King, to her credit, takes it suitably slow, and I want to be convinced by the possibility of Holmes falling for someone Who can resist incredibly brilliant but emotionally fucked up people in love Not I But any further reading of this series is going to be at least somewhat masochistic for me goes to read The Adventure of the Devil s Foot which has a great Watson saves Holmes life scene to make herself feel better

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    My friend Veronica Belmont recommended this book and after I watched the first episode of season 2 of the BBC Sherlock OMG IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS I got fixated on Holmes and needed this book.IT S SO GOOD What a great reinterpretation of Holmes and his young apprentice, who grows to become his equal The partnership that is formed between the two of them is so organic and believable, and Mary Russell is a whip smart protagonist that I rooted for on every page It s definitely not a romance book, it s much a character study mystery, so anyone should enjoy this for sure

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    4.0 stars I went through a lot of turmoil both in deciding to read this book and then while I was reading it The Pre read turmoil stems from the fact that while I have always liked the idea of the character of Sherlock Holmes, I have not always enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories that I have read They have been a bit dry for my taste However, I LOVED The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which took the character of Sherlock Holmes and put him in bizarre and unique surroundings i.e., fantasy, SF and horror genre settings I thought this was a perfect marriage and still think that Neil Gaiman s A Study in Emerald is one of the best Sherlock Holmes stories ever written.So when I started looking up the background for this book, I wasn t sure if it was going to be a new, fresh take on Sherlock Holmes or simply another Holmes mystery with Mary Russell acting like a FEMALE Sherlock Holmes, which we have all seen beforecase in point JUST KIDDING, BUT IT WAS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP Well I started the book and was instantly taken with both the character of Mary Russell and the prose and writing style of Laurie King I also found that I really liked the character of Sherlock Holmes who was both instantly recognizable as the singularly brilliant master of deduction, but was also an older, mellower, human individual that made relating to him much easier Now during the course of actually reading the novel, which has the duo of Holmes and Russell investigating several mysteries, I did find parts of it that were dry and plodding and had me leaning towards giving the book a 3 star rating However, the growing relationship between Russell and Holmes, together with the climax of the book and the scenes with the mystery villain were simply OUTSTANDING and worthy of 5 stars Thus, all in all I thought that 4 stars was a pretty accurate representation of how I felt about the book I think the rating of true blue mystery novel fans may be a bit higher and for those that don t generally enjoy the genre, you might rate this a tad lower However, I think most people will agree that the prose is excellent, the characters are very well drawn and the achievement of taking a character like Holmes who is so incredibly well known and show him in a new and fresh light while keeping him completely recognizable was superbly down For that point alone, Ms King gets Recommended

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    Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of mystery novels I especially love the character of Sherlock Holmes, so I was very excited when I picked up The Beekeeper s Apprentice I really wanted to like this book, and hoped that it would propel me into a new and exciting mystery series.How wrong I was.First of all, Mary Russell, the narrator, may as well have been named Mary Sue Russell This book is nothing but a fanfic that was lucky enough to be published because the main characters are out of copyright The narrator s voice is arrogant, condescending and generally annoying I found her unlikeable in the extreme Since a large part of the novel involves Mary being in danger, it lead me to not really care what happened in the story The narrator is so full of herself that it takes the author about 1 3 of the book to even get into the action of the story The first third is Mary Russell the most wonderful, smart, independent girl in the world who is lucky enough to befriend Sherlock Holmes I love good character development, but it needs to occur within the context of the plot, not have pages upon pages dedicated to it and not allow the story to progress.The writing style of the author is drawn out in such a way that it takes you out of the action What should take a sentence or two to describe seems to take the author at least a page And in the middle of the most exciting part of the book, Holmes and Mary decide to go on holiday in Palistine..EXCUSE ME WHY would you break up the momentum of the story like that When the culprit is finally revealed, it is out of left field There is no way for the reader to be able to go back and see how the enemy did it The author even has the audacity to claim the importance of the culprit to Mary in the final pages of the book If this person wasn t important enough for than the required passing mention, then they really aren t important to the story.Finally, my two biggest grievances The first is the horror that I felt when I realized that Laurie King was gearing up for a full fledged romance to bud between a 17 year old girl and a 60 something year old man That s when it truly became a teenage girl s fanfic I don t understand why King couldn t have let Mary view Sherlock as a father figure Why did the romance have to come into it The second really heinous thing that Ms King has done is completely RUIN the character of Dr Watson I don t know what her beef is, but I do know that anyone writing a book using the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson should do Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the courtesy of actually reading his short stories and novels and not rely on how the characters have been portrayed in the movies and on TV It is obvious that Ms King did not understand the relationship of Watson and Holmes to each other She treated Watson as though he was a dim witted second cousin that is to be pitied Mary continually refers to Uncle John as a doddering old fool, something that made me want to fling the book across the room She had Mary belittle Watson and explain that Holmes just barely tolerated him It was that bad that she had Holmes completely forget about Watson at a critical momemt, choosing to have him be so concerned about Mary s life that it isn t until perfect Mary Sue I mean Mary Russell reminds him of Watson that he even remembers that Watson s life is in danger.Laurie R King do your research before destroying beloved characters I will not be reading any of this series.

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    Mary Russell, also known as The Beekeeper s Apprentice , proves to be a wonderful addition to the Sherlock Holmes mythos When 15 year old Mary Russell almost tripped over the peculiar man while he was obsessively studying his bees, she never imagined such an accidental and clumsy encounter would change her life forever But as it turns out, that man was semi retired detective Sherlock Holmes, and when the precocious Mary is able to match wits with him both with her deductive reasoning and her acerbic wit , a friendship begins to bloom After training with Holmes for the next few years, Mary proves to be a valuable enough student that Holmes lets her begin to work with him on cases However, when Mary s contributions manage to thwart the machinations of a rising figure in the criminal underworld, Mary earns a new admirer An admirer who understands exactly how much of a threat Mary can be And now this unseen adversary wants to make sure that Mary s next case is also her lastI shan t tell a lie, I went into this book with some apprehensionit always makes me nervous when an author incorporates a classical character into their own books As it turns out, my fears were for naught Laurie King does such a masterful job writing about Sherlock Holmes and his new apprentice, that I often found myself checking the cover to make absolutely sure it wasn t really written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The book begins with an editor s note from Laurie King, informing us that the following story was not written by her at all, but rather was pieced together from documents written by an M.R.H Laurie claims to have stumbled upon these writings in a mysterious package and has no idea if the events are partially or even at all true Some might see this is a cop out, but upon reading the book, I felt that King s rather odd claim worked beautifully with the story There are times that Mary seems just a little too good at everythingshe can deduce, she can fight, she can drive, she can juggleshe can do just about anything that doesn t require her to have come from the planet Krypton But by giving us this disclaimer, the reader can now choose to believe that if Mary seems just a little too perfect, it may be simply be because she s embellishing things slightly not too hard to believe, considering that Mary often comes across as arrogant, even in her own writings Perhaps this truly was a cop out by Laurie King, but I still felt it managed to enhance the story rather than detract from it.While there are a few characters that come and go, the story is definitely all about Mary Sherlock One thing that really amazed me about Mary was how she managed to be both amazing and flawed Yes, she s brilliant, she s courageousbut she s also snippy at times and snobby pretty much always Mary is very effectively portrayed as some who s just a little too smart for her own good, someone who knows so much about the world but still manages to feel like an outsider in it By developing such a multi faceted character, the author successfully gives Holmes a perfect companion, someone who shares many of his own talents and quirks Another thing I really enjoyed was how the relationship between Mary and Holmes progressed Rather than just throw Mary immediately into the action, King chooses to have Mary work on a couple of much smaller cases first Once Mary proves her mettle, Holmes allows her to join him in his investigation of the kidnapping of an American senator s daughter Throughout that case, Mary again demonstrates what a valuable asset she is to Holmes One of my biggest turn offs in novels is when a relationship develops just a little too quickly not a fan of the insta love plot device, as many of my past reviews will collaborate So imagine my delight when I found that Russell s partnership with Holmes was paced so effectively It really did feel like I was watching a student grow as a detective throughout the novel, rather than watching a character get thrust into the spotlight just a little too quickly As for the story itself, I felt Laurie King knocked it out of the park The mysteries are enthralling, and the dialogue is full of wit The set ups of all the various cases are quite clever, and the way Holmes and Russell solve them, even so In addition, there is a lot in here that will please just about any Sherlock Holmes fan The book almost plays like a greatest hits version of the original Holmes mysteries, with Holmes and now Russell often donning disguises, cracking codes and analyzing clues just like in Doyle s mysteries Also, many significant characters in the Sherlock Holmes mythos are referenced Some actually make an appearance, and others are merely mentioned, but it s than enough to prove Laurie King didn t just slap Holmes in her book to make it sell better King truly has an intimate knowledge of Doyle s work And I must confess, all the nods to the earlier Holmes stories made this Baker Street Irregular smile on many an occasion.King even does a masterful job with her prose When Holmes and Russell make an unexpected side trip to Palestine late in the novel, I feared that King was about to make a huge misstep and was throwing this in merely to prolong the mystery But as it turned out, this act contained one of the most poignant moments between Holmes and Russell, involving a revelation the two sleuths come to after a particularly aggressive game of chess Also, King s descriptions of the surroundings are quite poetic at times and lends an additional layer of beauty to everything Remarkably, King pulls this off while writing this all from the egotistical Mary s point of view There are times when the narrator seems almost cruel to the people she interact with particularly Dr Watson, whom Mary seems to view as a rival who needs to be cut down by her But even in these moments, King pulls off a tremendous balancing act, where it comes off not as if King herself is disrespecting Watson, but rather Mary s own insecurities that are seeping through in her rather harsh observations A magical continuation of the Sherlock Holmes legend If you ve ever read a Sherlock Holmes bookor have even considered reading a Holmes book, you owe it to yourself to investigate this delightful mystery Mary Russell says, I don t know why Mr Green keeps saying I m egotistical, that s simply not true Now if you ll excuse me, I must continue reading my own book and admiring how awesome I am

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    Beautiful and entertaining I m not sure I ll read the next ones in the series, but The Beekeeper s Apprentice was even better than I expected.More detailed comment to follow

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    Ok, I got to page 60 and am calling it quits.The Watson bashing is already in full swing.There is a scene that was basically copied out of Pride and Prejudice.This is all wrong and too disturbing.I m sorry, I am just not compatible with pastiche when it concerns my favourite characters.

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    This was an easy read, nicely written with some interesting characters but a couple of problems for me Firstly I was uncomfortable with Mary only being fifteen She is a very mature fifteen but it seemed far fetched that she could have had the freedom to do as she does in this story Secondly I struggled with her relationship with Holmes The author tried to explain it as father daughter, partner, associate, friend and towards the end when she has aged a little than just a friend None of these worked for me I wish the story had started with Mary as at least 30 Consequently I quite liked this book but will probably not seek out the rest of the series.

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    Posted at The Literary A Sweeping and Enchanting Tale 4.5 Stars In the past couple of years I have firmly decided that I love a great character driven novel The Beekeeper s Apprentice fits that bill It takes a tried and true character in Sherlock Holmes and adds a spunky young feminist into the mix The result is an excellent novel with nuanced and complex characters If you like your mysteries to be character driven, this one may be right up your alley Plot summary The story is told from the perspective of one Mary Russell It chronicles her meeting with and formation of her partnership with a 54 year old Sherlock Holmes Holmes has been retired for many years now and spends his days tending his beehives, running his experiments and writing his magnum opus on forensic science Mary meets Holmes as a teenaged girl She has a quick wit and is intellectually gifted Her and Holmes come to develop a lasting relationship The stories covers Mary s apprentice years while she learns from Holmes and attends Oxford to study Chemistry and Religion Along the way, the pair deals with some minor crimes and small cases until a bomber forces Mary s training to come to a head and requires that Holmes rely on the skills he has taught Mary The Good The characters are superb I am not a Sherlock Holmes fan In fact, this is the first book I have ever read that had Holmes as a character I cannot say that if fan of Sherlock Holmes will find the portrayal entertaining or sacrilegious The author makes it clear that not everything you have read about Sherlock is true While Holmes is an interesting character, the real focus is Mary Russell She is a complex character with a painful past This first book in this series is really a coming of age story for Mary Russell A young strong headed feminist teenage meets the famous and talented Mr Holmes There is some shared experiences and a wonderful father daughter relationship that forms between these unlikely friends and partners.The novel was beautifully situation in its historical setting Much of the story was set against the backdrop of World War I and the novel dealt in part with the realities in Britain during that period of time The story s historical resonance added another layer to this complex novel The Bad From time to time, the internal logic of the story did not make sense and the characters would occasionally give mixed messages For example, Mary Russell begins the story with a narrative of Holmes and Watson and is rather disparaging of the later and his mental acuity Later on in the story, she indicates how incredibly fond she is of Watson and refers to him as Uncle John There were several such incidents which took away from the overall story.The biggest fault, in my opinion, was the final confrontation with the ultimate villain It came off as rather stereotypical and was somewhat anticlimactic after the long cat and mouse game I was disappointed that the pair did not discover the motivation of the villain and pass it along to the reader The author instead chose to use the gloating villain who info dumps the entire plan and motivation The final confrontation did not live up to what I would expect from Holmes and Russell Can this Book Stand Alone Definitely This is the first in the series and is self contained Final Thoughts Overall, this was an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable historical mystery The characters made the novel and I look forward to continuing the series If you are looking for a story that deals with the later years of Sherlock Holmes or paints him is a bit of a different light, you will enjoy this story Audiobook Notes Jenny Sterlin gives a five star performance She is one of the best female narrators I have heard She does an excellent job with the male voices and especially that of Sherlock Holmes The writing and language in the novel is quite proper and period specific English She handled it deftly and it was a pleasant listening experience Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sex violence language content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations.Scale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 1.5 There is very little sexual content There are rumours that insinuate Holmes and Russell are in an inappropriate relationship and a couple of scenes of awkward tension where one party needs to change or clean in front of someone of the opposite sex Overall, it is appropriate for all ages Language 2 Minor obscenities and language specific to the date and time Appropriate for all ages Violence 2.5 There are various scenes of violence but no one scene is graphic There are physical injuries from bombings and injuries from beatings There are several deaths after struggles and there is some psychological violence from kidnappings and hostage situations.